Although the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts had nonchalant looks on their faces, the killing intent coming from their bodies showed that they weren ’t planning on giving Liu Mei any chance to escape from this place.

However, Liu Mei didn ’t seem too surprised by the 3 criminals ’ sudden appearance.

Despite sensing the aura coming from their bodies which made it obvious that they were all peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts, Liu Mei still had a calm expression on her face behind her white veil, as she continued to sit on the Death eater ’s back, almost if she had already expected their arrival just now.

As for the Death eater, despite having its strength augmented thanks to Liu Mei ’s ’Death chant ’ which made it equal to a middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, and despite it certainly not being a match for the 3 people around it, it still didn ’t seem to be afraid of the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts that had already surrounded it.
However, due to Liu Mei ’s soul sense suppressing it naturally, unless it was allowed to attack, the 30m(100ft) tall enormous black beast wouldn ’t move an inch!

At the same time, Liu Mei ’s skeletons and her undead knights also stopped fighting with the rest of the criminals around them, as they quickly surrounded the Death eater, looking like they were protecting the enormous beast!

The old man in black robes didn ’t seem to mind the fact that Liu Mei was gathering her skeletons and her undead knights around the Death eater, and with a sinister look on his face, he revealed his crooked teeth as he then asked with a smile

’ ’Little girl, are you in such a hurry to die? Don ’t you see those idiotic brats over there who don ’t even dare to step foot within 5 miles from this city? Don ’t tell me that you don ’t understand the reason behind that!? Hehe, or do you perhaps think that you are even stronger than all of them combined? ’ ’

The moment that the black-robed old man finished his words, ugly looks appeared on the faces of the disciples in the alliance 5 miles away from the city.

It was almost as if that person was inviting them to step foot into the city if they had the guts.

However, since the red-robed young man in their group didn ’t speak and chose to remain silent while watching this scene, no one else dared to rebut the old man ’s words.

After all, it was true that they had already tried to enter the city once, but they had already suffered a catastrophic defeat!

From their original group of 170 people, 40 disciples ended up losing their lives, completely unable to put up any resistance!

Additionally, if it wasn ’t because the old man ’s group didn ’t chase after them the moment that they left the city, the red-robed young man was certain that more than half of the members of his alliance would have died back then, while the rest of them would most likely be forced to scatter in the wild before regrouping in the future.

Without waiting for Liu Mei ’s response, the old woman in red armor narrowed her eyes when she heard the old man ’s words, before she said in an ice-cold voice

’ ’What ’s the point of chatting with a dead person? Just kill her and get this over with! ’ ’

The middle-aged man with vertical irises that resembled a snake ’s nodded his head in agreement, while his eyes stared at Liu Mei without any change in his expression, almost as if he was looking at a corpse.

’ ’Hahaha, alright.
Let me have the honors then.
After all, I love fresh meat the most! ’ ’

The black-robed old man said as he stared at Liu Mei on the Death eater ’s back, before licking his lips in excitement, ready to make his move.

Seeing that the peak rank 3 Nascent Soul old man was just about to attack, in the alliance of disciples 5 miles away from the city, the young woman at the peak rank 2 of the Nascent Soul stage looked at the red-robed young man next to her, before she asked in a curious voice

’ ’Senior brother, should we try and help her? Although she is only at the early rank 1 of the Nascent Soul, perhaps she can be useful to us the next time we attack the city.

As long as she can do the same thing as today and fight against those scum in the city walls by herself, it should be more than enough! ’ ’

The red-robed young man who was still staring at the Death Eater in the distance seemed to have fallen into deep thoughts for a few moments, but he eventually shook his head before he said in a disappointed tone

’ ’The risk is not worth it.
The moment that we enter the vicinity of the city, neither that snake-eyed man or that disgusting old hag will let us get close to her easily.
And even if they did, it ’s very likely that I will suffer some injuries in that case.
It is definitely not worth it!

If she wasn ’t too rash and had simply joined our alliance, we could definitely wait for one more person at the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul to arrive before we attacked the city.
By then, we would have more than a just 50 percent chance of success if we fought together!

However, being rash has already sealed her fate! Since she chose to attack the city by herself, she can only pay the price for this. ’ ’

Although the red-robed young man seemed calm when he said these words, it was obvious that he was extremely disappointed!

After all, adding a thousand peak rank 9 Spirit realm skeletons to his alliance, 50 undead knights and that enormous monster that could probably fight against a middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage expert without a problem, could have proven to be an immense help.

At the same time, the young man was also interested in the type of Dao Liu Mei had comprehended to be able to summon such immensely powerful creatures, practically at the same level of cultivation as herself!

the Death Eater that she had summoned alone, was definitely much stronger than most rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivators since it could obviously fight above its level.

Even without Liu Mei ’s Death chant that had augmented its strength, it could probably fight against a peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivator head-on without necessarily losing!

Looking at the old man at the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul stage that was about to make his move, Liu Mei actually didn ’t choose to try and escape.

Instead, there was a resolute look in her beautiful black eyes behind her white veil, as she then waved her hand, taking out a pill bottle from her spatial ring with a single red-colored pill stored inside it.

Seeing the pill bottle that had appeared in Liu Mei ’s hands, a sinister and at the same time mocking smile was formed on the old man ’s lips, before he asked her in a mocking tone, almost as if he was a hyena that was looking at a small, defenseless rabbit that was trying its hardest to survive

’ ’Hehehe, is that your trump card? A single pill? Hahaha! ’ ’

The moment that he finished his words, the old man didn ’t wait for Liu Mei ’s response nor did he wait for her to consume the pill in her hands, as he suddenly shot towards her with that same mocking look on his face.

No matter what that pill was, he was certain that there was no way for a peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage expert like himself to be harmed by Liu Mei ’s pill, unless it was an extraordinarily powerful poison pill.

However, even if it was a poison pill that could somehow harm late-stage Nascent Soul experts, the old man still had a peak rank 5 anti-toxin pill in his spatial ring.

No matter what that woman in front of him was intending to do, she was bound to die here today.

Despite the mocking tone in the old man ’s voice Liu Mei ’s lips actually curved up, forming a dazzling smile on her peerlessly beautiful face, as she then said in a nearly inaudible voice

’ ’Right.
This is the trump card that Long-ge prepared for me.

Although it was meant to save my life when I ’m in danger, this is the only way to pass this third test! ’ ’

As she finished her words, Liu Mei raised her white veil revealing her alluring red lips, before she placed the red-colored pill in her mouth!

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