Turning his attention towards the half-broken tower in the distance, Shun Long flew towards it without any hesitation, before placing his right hand on the tower ’s walls!

His golden eyes had a serious look inside them as he stared at the spot where his hand was touching, before he mumbled to himself in a low, almost inaudible voice

’ ’Time…
reversal. ’ ’

As soon as his voice left his mouth, the bright blue light coming from his hand immediately expanded, quickly covering the entire tower in just a few moments!

Shun Long could feel more than 10 percent of his own qi being sapped in an instant, as the half-broken tower was being ’restored ’ back to its previous condition at a speed visible in the naked eye.

Just a few moments later, Shun Long retracted his hand from the tower ’s wall, and despite the tower still being in a half-broken state, it was in a much better condition than the rest of the buildings around it.

This was one of the moves that Shun Long had comprehended by himself upon breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage, ’Time Reversal ’!

In a sense, the ’Time Prison ’ that he had comprehended in the past, the ’Eternal Banishment ’, and this ’Time Reversal ’, were no different than self-created martial skills.

Using his qi, Shun Long could reverse the time around an item, bringing it back to its original condition.

Of course, if Shun Long wanted to, he could restore this tower back to perfect condition in just a few moments, but more than half of his qi was required for such an action.

Reversing time and restoring an item ’s condition back to who knew how many years ago, even if it was an inanimate thing like a half-broken tower, still required an enormous amount of qi expenditure!

Looking at the receding blue glow in his hands that was returning back to his body, Shun Long didn ’t move immediately from the spot he was standing on, as various thoughts flashed through his mind one after the other

’ ’Although ’Time Reversal ’ doesn ’t seem to be too useful in a fight at first glance, in a sense, it is no different than turning back time!

Even though it is impossible for it to allow me to travel back in time, it has more than simply one use in the end.

I wonder if I can use it to repair cauldrons or formations this way.
Hehe, that would be no different than a quack formation master.

The only problem with it is, that the effects of the passage of time are too obvious, making it too easy for others to understand that it involves the Dao of Time…

At the same time, I wonder…
now that I have broken through to the early rank 1 of the Nascent Soul stage, perhaps my Eternal Banishment will be able to affect even peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

Although it requires so much of my qi, it is still an instant-kill move that leaves behind no traces in the end.

This is definitely the best skill if I want to stealthily kill someone…
even opening a space tear and crushing someone ’s heart pales in comparison to it.

The only problem is, that it can ’t affect enemies whose cultivation is higher than mine by an entire rank.

even if I can ’t fully control it well enough now, upon breaking through to the late-stages of the Nascent Soul stage or even the Dao King realm, my control over it will definitely advance by many times. ’ ’

After sorting out his thoughts, Shun Long took a deep breath before he decided to put the memories that had appeared in his mind aside for now, as he decided to stir his soul sense for the first time.

After all, this was still the Holy sect ’s test, and he could not afford to delay obtaining the Holy sect ’s token any longer.

Closing his eyes, Shun Long stirred the energy inside his spiritual sea, before an invisible green ball that contained his soul sense exploded out from his body.

He could feel his short black hair raising upwards in the process as if a gust of wind had appeared around his body, while the green ball started to expand even further away from his location.

Shun Long decided to not hold back, curious to see how far his soul sense could extend.

Even before breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage, his spirit sense could still leave his body and extend a few meters around him.

Now that he had broken through to the Nascent Soul stage however, this effect had surely been augmented by many times!

The green ball containing Shun Long ’s soul sense continued to expand, as more and more scenes of empty and half-broken buildings that were on the brink of collapse appeared in his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, the green ball had already expanded in a radius of nearly 3 miles!

Although 3 miles was only a tenth compared to Little Black who could use his soul sense while he was still a peak rank 3 magic beast and could cover an area of 30 miles around Shun Long, Little Black ’s soul was only weakened after he had entered the ’Stone of Time ’ and had to restart his cultivation, and wasn ’t fractured into different pieces like Shun Long ’s.

For a cultivator who had just broken through to the Nascent Soul stage to be able to extend their soul sense for 3 miles, this was already an unbelievable feat!

As his soul sense had covered more than half of the city, Shun Long immediately spotted a group of 7 people fighting almost 2 miles away from him, towards the north of the city.

Although it was practically impossible to see the faces of the people who were fighting since they covered by dense amounts of overflowing qi, Shun Long was certain that it was the golden-robed young man ’s group fighting against the black-robed young woman ’s.

At the same time, Shun Long clearly remembered that the golden-robed young man had seemed certain that the black-robed young woman was the one who had the Holy sect ’s token, while she hadn ’t directly denied this either.

Thus, after thinking about it for a while, Shun Long shot towards the north of the city without any hesitation!

Now that he had already advanced to the Nascent Soul stage as well, he could certainly match up against the golden-robed young man, the black-robed old man as well as the black-robed young woman!

As for who would obtain the Holy sect ’s token, that still remained to be seen.

At the same time that Shun Long was flying towards the north of the city, heading towards the place where the golden-robed young man was fighting against the black-robed young woman ’s group, in the outskirts of another small city in this world, a white-robed Liu Mei was leading an enormous army of undead creatures as they marched towards the city ’s gates!

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