Shun Long could sense the changes that were taking place in his body even without opening his eyes, as more and more energy was filling his body without stop.

He could feel as if an unending sea of qi had appeared inside him, while even his muscles, bones and tendons, were also being empowered by this strange energy as well.

This was the first time that Shun Long had met something that could empower both his qi and his body at the same time!

And yet, this unending stream of energy had only appeared for a single moment before it instantly disappeared.

At the same time, Shun Long could feel his burning blood that had started to calm down as well, while the black scales that had appeared on his body had also started to vanish, leaving behind no traces in the process, almost as if they had never existed in the first place!

At that moment, 2 words appeared in Shun Long ’s mind, as he then mumbled to himself in an uncertain voice

’ ’Dragon Bloodline? ’ ’

Opening his eyes, Shun Long immediately turned his gaze towards his hands, but there were no traces of any scales anywhere on his body.

And yet, based on his memories, how could Shun Long not understand, that the thing inside his soul that seemed to have woken up after his breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage, was precisely this bloodline?!

Although he knew that his memories weren ’t complete, Shun Long could clearly understand the meaning behind having a bloodline, especially one that came from a powerful king of magic beasts like a dragon!

Cultivators with special bloodlines could activate their bloodline ’s effect, augmenting their strength and obtaining different benefits according to the level of their bloodline as well as their level of purity.

At the same time, Shun Long also knew that there were only 2 ways of obtaining a bloodline.

The first way, was for a cultivator to have had an ancestor in their family who was extremely powerful in the past and had a special bloodline of his own, allowing his descendants to inherit it as well in the future!

This was the most common way of inheriting a bloodline, but it was also the one with the weakest effects as well, as the purity of the bloodline that a descendant would inherit would be up to luck.

If someone was lucky or was born with extreme talent and had inherited their ancestor ’s genes, they could inherit 90 or even 100 percent of their ancestor ’s bloodline purity, but if they were unlucky, they would only be able to inherit 10 percent of it, or in some cases not even 1 percent!

As for the second way, it could actually guarantee that a cultivator could obtain a bloodline with 100 percent purity, but it was almost impossible to achieve in reality.

It was by having a powerful magic beast to willingly offer some of its blood essence, thus absorbing it and obtaining its bloodline effects as well!

However, magic beasts by nature were extremely unwilling to offer even a single drop of their blood essence, as that could weaken them for hundreds, and in some cases even for thousands of years!

Even magic beasts that had a master were often unwilling to offer their blood essence to their master.

Of course, even if a magic beast was willing to offer their blood, it didn ’t necessarily mean that a cultivator would successfully obtain its bloodline at the first try either.

A single attempt may require a single drop of blood essence, but it could also require dozens, hundreds, and some cases even thousands of drops depending on the strength of the bloodline and the magic beast!

At the same time, activating a bloodline didn ’t come without a cost.

Although a cultivator could obtain the bloodline ’s effects for a limited amount of time after burning a part of their blood, once the bloodline ’s effects were over if they had expended too much of their blood essence they would be greatly weakened, and would have to wait for a long period of time until their blood essence was replenished! 

At that moment, a myriad of different emotions appeared in Shun Long ’s heart as he realized one vital point!

’ ’This isn ’t just any Dragon ’s Bloodline, but Little Black ’s own bloodline! ’ ’

As this thought appeared in his mind, Shun Long wanted to instinctively enter the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ where Little Black was, but remembering that this was still the Holy sect ’s test, as well as the fact that Little Black was still absorbing the dragonstone and could very likely be woken up after sensing that Shun Long had awakened his bloodline, made him instantly discard this idea!

After staring at his hands in a daze for a few more moments, Shun Long calmed himself down, before he turned his attention towards his surroundings.

After all, this was still the Holy sect ’s test, and obtaining the Holy sect ’s token was a top priority if he wanted to pass the test.

The moment that he raised his head to look at his surroundings however, Shun Long saw a baffling scene appear in his vision.

The old and half-destroyed buildings around him were actually no longer as damaged as they previously were, and instead, they seemed to have been restored back to a much better condition!

Even the half-destroyed broken tower that the golden-robed young man had turned into a pile of ash with that enormous flame fist earlier, seemed as if it had been brought back to how it was before that attack!

It was almost as if time had been reversed in this place, restoring everything in this place back to its original appearance! 

Closing his eyes, Shun Long stayed silent for a few moments, before a bright blue light suddenly appeared in his right hand.

With a deep look in his eyes, Shun Long activated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ causing his eyes to turn golden, while at the same time a single, silver-colored ball of qi appeared inside the invisible figure of the hourglass.

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