Inside the alchemy bottle was a single, light blue-colored pill with pale green lines on its surface.

This was a top-grade rank 5 ’Icicle soul pill ’ that Shun Long had refined for himself and Liu Mei using the ’icicle soul grass ’ that he had obtained from the rank 5 ’Snow apes ’ in the Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range.

The value of this pill even exceeded that of a raw ’icicle soul grass ’ by almost 10 times, allowing a cultivator at the peak of rank 9 of the Spirit realm to condense their soul inside their spiritual space during the breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage even more perfectly.

To refine this pill, Shun Long had used half a dozen of rank 5 medicinal herbs as supplementary medicinal ingredients, as well as the blood essence of the rank 5 ’snow apes ’.

Every magic beast that had reached the rank 5 or above, had a special type of blood inside their hearts called ’blood essence ’.

The value of the blood essence was only inferior to a magic beast ’s beast core, and sometimes, depending on the magic beasts, the blood essence may be even more valuable than the beast core itself!

Using the blood essence of the early rank 5 and the middle rank 5 snow apes to refine these pills increased the efficiency of the ’icicle soul pills ’ by at least 30 percent than a normal top-grade rank 5 ’icicle soul pill ’.

Holding the light blue-colored pill in his hand, Shun Long could feel a frosty feeling permeating his body, almost as if he had dove into a frozen lake that was trying to directly freeze his soul.

With his ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ that had already reached the peak of the fourth stage long ago, Shun Long clearly understood, that this feeling that came from the ’icicle soul pill ’ in his hands wasn ’t something that was affecting his body, but instead, something that was directly affecting his soul.

The moment that he placed the ’icicle soul pill ’ in his mouth, Shun Long could feel his thoughts slowing down, almost as if his soul was suddenly placed inside a lake of ice.

And yet, Shun Long knew, that if he wanted to successfully complete his breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage, he had to get past this stage of condensing his soul inside his spiritual space that would then transform into a spiritual sea!

In the spacious hall inside the luxurious white palace that pierced the clouds, the disciples of the Holy sect were staring at the scene inside the screen of light with eyes filled with curiosity and shock.

The enormous black vortex above Shun Long ’s head had already covered the entire city, and was only now starting to decrease in size.

Although this was only one city among the one thousand cities of the third test, how could a black vortex that had covered an entire city fail to be noticed by the disciples of the Holy sect!?

Looking at the white-robed Elder Zhuan whose eyes were also staring at this scene as well, a young man turned his head to look at him before he asked curiously

’ ’Elder Zhuan, could this actually be a Nascent Soul vortex? ’ ’

The moment that this question left the young man ’s mouth, the entire hall descended into silence, as everyone turned their gazes towards the white-robed Elder as they waited for his answer.

Elder Zhuan seemed to have instinctively wanted to shake his head in response, but at the same time, he wasn ’t confident enough to deny this either!

The reason was because the enormous black vortex did indeed resemble a Nascent Soul vortex!

After a few moments of silence, Elder Zhuan who was still staring at the gigantic screen of light slowly shook his head, before he said in a thoughtful tone

’ ’It is impossible for a Nascent Soul vortex to be this big, but in this world, nothing is truly impossible…

the possibility of this vortex being created by an immortal-grade cultivation technique isn ’t impossible either…

In any case, as long as this person manages to pass the fourth test, we will definitely know the answer. ’ ’

Elder Zhuan ’s words were like a sudden bolt of lightning that brought shock to the hearts of the disciples inside the hall.

Although they had guessed that there was probably something extraordinary about this black vortex, Elder Zhuan ’s guess wasn ’t something that could be easily accepted, causing hushed discussions to fill the hall!

’ ’Immortal grade cultivation technique? Can there possibly be immortal grade cultivation techniques outside of the central region? ’ ’

’ ’I don ’t think so! This is just a guess in the end. ’ ’

’ ’Even Elder Zhuan doesn ’t seem confident in this matter.
After all, aside from senior brother Chen who had a fortuitous encounter, I don ’t think that even inner disciples have immortal grade cultivation techniques! ’ ’

As the disciples of the Holy sect continued to debate over this matter, rumbling sounds could be heard inside Shun Long ’s spiritual space, as an illusionary sea had started to form itself.

Shun Long could feel that below his soul that was on the verge of condensing itself inside his spiritual space, his spiritual strength was rapidly transforming itself into an enormous sea!

Shun Long immediately understood that this was the creation of his spiritual sea!

He had already heard from Little Black, that the moment that a cultivator entered the Nascent Soul stage, their spiritual strength would entirely transform into a spiritual sea.

The power of a person ’s soul sense was also directly related to the purity of their soul, as well as their spiritual sea!

An hour quickly passed, and at the same moment that the enormous black vortex above his head disappeared back inside his body, Shun Long who was already just a step away from entering the Nascent Soul stage, could feel the ’icicle soul pill ’ providing enormous amounts of energy to his soul, before his spiritual space violently shook!

At the same moment that he could feel his Nascent soul successfully condensing itself and becoming hundreds of times more powerful than before, Shun Long could feel that a vast spiritual sea had also formed itself inside his spiritual space.

And right above this spiritual sea the ’Stone of Time ’ was calmly floating in the air, almost as if it was overlooking the changes in its own home!

At this moment, Shun Long knew that he had finally entered the Nascent Soul stage!

However, just when Shun Long thought that his breakthrough was over and he was about to open his eyes, he suddenly felt his blood churning inside his body, like a volcano that was about to explode!

His arms and legs started to grow protective black scales that resembled black armor while immense amounts of energy started to fill his body, making Shun Long feel as if something had finally woken up inside him after thousands of years of slumber!

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