As soon as Rock ’s eyes met the stone, the stone immediately plunged itself right into the space between his eyebrows bringing a pain so unbearable, that if you could compare the pain he felt previously to a small stream of ice slowly entering and chilling his brain, then this one felt like an entire ice mountain that was about to crush him wholly.

Not a single person in the entirety of Blue Forest-city noticed that everything was in a frozen state a few moments ago and that their lives had returned back to normal only when the triangular shaped stone had entered Rock ’s glabella.

However the most miraculous thing wasn ’t, that there was not even a single drop of blood when the stone pierced Rock ’s head or that it disappeared without leaving behind the slightest sign or even a single scar, but that the body which was full of injuries moments ago, was now magically healing itself.

The broken bones on his arms and legs were being glued together by the blue-like glow that was now emitted from the triangular shaped stone inside Rock ’s body, easing the pain his mind was feeling and nourishing his body while it was healing all of his injuries.
Even 3 badly fractured ribs of his were rapidly healing along with that horrible injury on his chest.
The flesh on his chest was healing and mending itself so fast that the whole process was clearly visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye in one moment and almost over in the next.
Anyone seeing this spectacle would be left with their mouths gaping as all they would think would be that the gods themselves had come to personally fix that badly broken body to perfection.

Even the best alchemist of Blue Forest-city Master Lu couldn ’t produce a medicine that could heal an injury like that in the blink of an eye.

Forget about healing it in the blink of an eye, even if Master Lu concocted his best medicines, it would still require at least 1 and a half months for an injury like that to heal, don ’t even mention the internal injuries or Rock ’s broken bones as it would be unknown when and if they could be completely healed by such a medicine.

Perhaps only an alchemist superior to even Master Lu could possibly bring them back in perfect condition.

An incense stick of time went by and although Rock ’s injuries be they internal or external were fully healed he had yet to open his eyes.

The first time he opened them was when the pain had just started subsiding and a new set of memories started to integrate themselves into his mind.

Only then did Rock come to understand that this body of his wasn ’t the same as the one he had back on Earth.

He could ’see ’ in this new set of memories inside his brain, his own face and body.

He didn ’t have a malnourished body anymore and although it wasn ’t burly it was paired perfectly with his own face and height.

His body was 173cm (5.7ft) tall with a pretty handsome face and sharp defined features.

He fully understood everything about his current body and where this new set of memories that appeared in his mind and merged together with his old memories came from when his headache finally subsided.

This body originally belonged to Shun Long and Shun Long ’s father is Shun Fang a strong formation master of the Sky Fortune Kingdom and the strongest one in the entirety of Blue Forest-city.

Rock was currently lying on the ground, his face pointed towards the sky as more and more memories were flooding in his brain.

His current position was now almost 3 miles away from Blue Forest the famous place which Blue Forest-city took its name from.

The Blue Forest was a very famous place within the Sky Fortune Kingdom.
It was the only place in the entire Sky Fortune Kingdom that could be considered both heaven and hell at the same time.

It was extraordinary in the sense that a lot of treasures could be found inside it.

Medicinal ingredients, rare materials that formation masters needed, treasures to increase your cultivation, everything could be found inside if you were lucky enough.

But not just anyone could waltz in and take these things, people usually formed strong teams before even thinking of going inside the Blue Forest and even then…
the death rate was above 50%.

How could treasures be so easy to pick up? People would have swept the entire place clean long ago if it was that easy to take these things from the Blue Forest.

Blue Forest wasn ’t only filled with treasures but also powerful magic beasts that lived there, so if you wanted to become rich by adventuring in there and seeking your fortune, you first had to be strong enough.

Powerful magic beasts that could kill even the strongest warriors of the Sky Fortune kingdom were lying in wait deep inside the Blue Forest having formed their own territories, but some treasures were enticing enough for those people to risk their lives so they can get their hands on them.
After all the most commonly shared thought was ’if I can find a priceless treasure and sell it off, wouldn ’t I be able to live comfortably and luxuriously for the rest of my life? ’

Shun Long had 2 bodyguards with him that had been assigned by his father to protect him at all times and he took them along with him this time as he traveled towards the Blue Forest.

Normally Shun Long would never do something so foolish, as to go to the Blue Forest himself since that was simply asking for death, but this time it was different as rumors circulated in Blue Forest-city of a precious treasure that could potentially help him open up his blocked meridians and allow him to start cultivating.

However, on their way to the Blue Forest, Shun Long ’s group was attacked by 5 people dressed in black robes and masks, and in the end both of Shun Long ’s bodyguards and their horses were killed and even he himself was almost beaten to death, when the lightning storm appeared in the sky and scared off his attackers…
but in the end Shun Long still died to his injuries.

However before his soul could completely dissipate, Rock ’s soul entered his body and inherited his life memories along with his feelings before he died.

Rock finally moved his new body as he sat up from the ground and slowly organized his thoughts properly.

After that he took a deep breath, and then exhaled before saying, unknown whether he was talking to himself or someone else ’ ’Your soul died but your memories and your feelings all live inside me.
I am me but I am also you.
I have lived nearly 20 years full of misery and pain and you have lived 16 years of scorn from your peers. ’ ’ His voice was growing louder each passing second as he continued:

’ ’From today onwards I SHUN LONG will live to become rich so i will never feel hunger again, never to feel the pain from my past life, THIS IS MY OATH TO THE PAST ME.

I SHUN LONG swear to live to become strong enough to soar free and unrestrained by anyone or anything, never to be bound and constrained by others.
SO WHAT if i can ’t cultivate because of these blocked meridians, I REFUSE to allow myself to be killed again.
From this day on, I AM SHUN LONG and this is my oath with both the heavens and the earth as my witnesses. ’ ’

As soon as Shun Long finished his words, the triangular stone inside him started vibrating intensely as if influenced by Shun Long ’s words and a shocking set of images appeared in his mind.

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