The golden-robed young man looked at Qiu Lei ’s lifeless body that had crashed on the ground, having lost its remaining vitality, before he turned his eyes towards the black-robed old man who was standing in the sky just a few meters away from him.

The old man however didn ’t seem afraid of the young man in golden robes despite seeing the murderous look in his eyes, or the crimson flames around his body that had increased in intensity and were looking like they were about to swallow everything in sight, and after flashing him a ghastly smile that revealed his crooked teeth, the old man ’s body quickly disappeared, looking like it had blended in the surrounding darkness.

At the same time, the golden-robed young man narrowed his eyes, before he gathered his qi in his arms and punched forward, towards the old man ’s disappearing figure.

This time though, it wasn ’t a flame fist that had appeared from his arms, but a pillar of crimson flames instead.

The scorching hot flames that flew towards the black-robed old man looked like they were about to expand and engulf the entire city, razing down everything in sight, while even from a distance of nearly a mile away, Shun Long could still feel the hot temperature in the city that was rapidly rising.

It was obvious that the golden-robed young man was going all out this time, and wasn ’t willing to give the old man a chance to escape!

The pillar of flame accurately struck the old man ’s disappearing figure, before it continued flying further into the distance, before it landed on a small house 3 miles away, instantly reducing it into molten rocks.

In fact, the buildings that the pillar of flames had flew above, clearly showed signs of melting as well, despite being barely grazed by this crimson pillar!

The golden-robed man however didn ’t seem to be satisfied with the result, as he turned his gaze back towards the young woman, who seemed to be leisurely staring at him with an expressionless look on her face.

By her side, the figure of the black-robed old man started to quickly materialize, revealing his body that was devoid of injuries.

Only the edge of his right sleeve had barely been grazed by the scorching red flames, but that was a small price to pay, considering that he had managed to easily kill Qiu Lei amidst 3 other rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts!

At the same time, Shun Long was also stunned by the old man ’s powers, as well as the strength of the flame pillar from the golden-robed young man.

It had instantly destroyed more than a dozen buildings, while at the same time, it had also raised the temperature of its surroundings, affecting more than one-fourth of the city in a single instant!

This made Shun Long remember, just how powerful Nascent Soul stage cultivators really were!

During the past 3 years that he and Liu Mei were traveling through the Night star continent, thanks to Little Black ’s enormous strength as well as the poison that he had concocted from the ’Soul Poisoning hell grass ’, the times that Shun Long had to directly face Nascent Soul stage experts or rank 5 magic beasts were actually very few.

This had caused Shun Long to effectively not place too much attention to the previous cultivation realms, making the Dao King realm his next direct goal.
After all, he already knew that once someone became a Dao King, their Dao would experience a qualitative change. 

However, seeing the fight in front of him right now made Shun Long suddenly recall the ever-growing progress that he had experienced in the last 4 years, nearly causing himself to fall in a daze in the process, as he stared at the black-robed young woman ’s group which was now confronting the golden-robed young man ’s.

Unknowingly, Shun Long had actually entered a state of sudden enlightenment as countless thoughts flashed through his mind one by one, while scenes of himself slowly advancing in his cultivation flooded his head!

’ ’Qi condensation cultivators are those who have just stepped a foot in the world of cultivation and are barely stronger than average mortals.
Nevertheless, since they can absorb the qi around them inside their bodies and can train in cultivation techniques, they are still considered cultivators.

As for earth grade cultivators…
the moment that a cultivator manages to break through to the earth grade, they will experience an immense increase in the amount of qi that they can store in their dantian, and they will even be able to start training in martial skills that allow them to control their qi outside of their bodies.

Even without the use of martial skills however, an earth grade cultivator can ’t be compared to a Qi condensation one in terms of pure strength! After all, a single earth grade cultivator can easily take care of dozens of Qi condensation cultivators without any problem.

The most noticeable increase however, comes when one of them breaks through to the Heaven grade.
After all, earth grade cultivators are still stronger than normal humans, but unless they have comprehended a martial skill, they are still nothing more than very strong humans in the end.

However, the moment that someone breaks through to the Heaven grade, they will see an enormous increase in their strength.

After all, Heaven grade cultivators have not only gained an enormous increase in the purity and the quantity of their qi, but they can also freely control it outside of their bodies as well, even allowing them to fly.

However, the biggest benefit in their strength comes from the fact that a Heaven grade cultivator has obtained an initial comprehension of their Dao!

The power of the Daos is simply the biggest difference between a Heaven grade cultivator and an earth grade one! No matter what, even a thousand earth-grade cultivators may not necessarily be able to defeat a Heaven-grade expert in the end, unless they manage to exhaust all of his strength first.

And above the Heaven grade is the Spirit realm…

Finally, once a cultivator reaches the Spirit realm they can be considered a powerful cultivator.
Even in the Night star continent, one needs to be at least at the Spirit realm to safely roam throughout the continent.

After all, not only will the comprehension of the Dao experience a big increase once a cultivator breaks through to the Spirit realm, but so will their spirit sense as well as the amount of qi that they have.

At the same time, once a cultivator manages to breakthrough to the Spirit realm, their strength will also multiply by many times!

If an average Spirit realm cultivator exploded with their full strength, their attacks could probably flatten a sect like the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ in a matter of minutes.
Unless there is another Spirit realm cultivator to fight them off, Heaven grade cultivators are like ants in front of a powerful Spirit realm expert! 

And yet…
the Spirit realm is in reality, nothing more than just preparations before the breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage! ’ ’

As Shun Long ’s thoughts reached this point, a bright blue light started to appear from his body, covering him from head to toe.

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