Seeing that there wasn ’t any direct hostility coming from this person, Shun Long who had already guessed what was going on in his mind, calmly waited to see what this person ’s intention was!

As soon as he arrived just a couple of meters away from Shun Long, the silver-robed young man smiled brightly as he looked at him, before he said in a warm tone

’ ’This brother, my name is Qiu Lei and I am from the Northern region!

Since you are here, then that means that you have also managed to pass the second test as well!

As you can see, there are 176 more people like you and me in this place, and we have all gathered together to pass the third test! ’ ’

Shun Long ’s lips curved up when he heard the last part of this sentence, as he stared at the young man who called himself Qiu Lei without interrupting him.

Qiu Lei smiled even brighter when he saw Shun Long ’s smile, as he then continued with what seemed to be a genuine expression on his face

’ ’It looks like this brother has already realized the reason why I am here.

Indeed, it is to invite you to fight alongside us as we attack that city! ’ ’

Pointing at the small city in the distance that had more than 1000 experts at the peak of rank 9 of the Spirit realm, as well as early rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivators in its walls, Qiu Lei then continued with a serious look in his eyes

’ ’There are more than 1000 cultivators stationed on the city walls, and as you can very likely guess, this is definitely not going to be that city ’s full strength! There are definitely bound to be rank 2, and even rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators inside the city and they are waiting for us to attack!

Otherwise, if it was just those 1000 people, even a middle rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivator wouldn ’t have too much trouble to destroy this city, let alone peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts!

Since it ’s almost impossible for even rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts to storm the city by themselves, we are planning to wait here until the end of the day, and see if there are any more people who pass the second test as well and come here!

By the time night falls, regardless if it is just us or if more people come, we will definitely make our move!

As for the token of the Holy sect inside the city, we will leave that to fate! After all, there is only one token inside that city, and there are almost 180 of us here. ’ ’

As he finished speaking, Qiu Lei looked at Shun Long with that same warm smile on his face as he waited for his answer.

Shun Long however, thought seriously for a while, without answering straight away.

He first looked at Qiu Lei, before he turned his gaze towards the small city in the distance.

Based on what Qiu Lei had said, this indeed sounded like a situation where everyone would only gain to benefit from it.

After all, Shun Long wouldn ’t say that he was definitely stronger than a peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage expert right now and he could storm the city by himself!

’ ’Although I am confident enough in taking care of this city if it was really just those 1000 people on the city walls, the situation is definitely not going to be that simple.

Teaming up with these people to take care of the powerful rank 2 and rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators inside the city and find the Holy sect ’s token, is indeed a much better and safer choice.

However, the problem lies in this matter as well! 

Everyone will be paying attention to find the token as well! Without having advanced to the Nascent Soul stage, I won ’t be able to locate the strongest person inside the city and find the token first. ’ ’

It only took a moment for Shun Long to realize the crux of the matter behind this alliance. 

After all, although all of these disciples seemed to have grouped together at first glance, once they entered the city, everyone would look to find the strongest person and obtain the token of the Holy sect!

In that case, it was more apt to call it a temporary alliance instead! After all, the moment that someone obtained the token, the other disciples around him would definitely pounce on him like a pack of wolves! Since there were only 1000 disciples who could obtain the tokens and pass the third test, there was no way that anyone here would allow someone else to just take the token and leave in the end!

After thinking about it seriously for a few more moments, Shun Long looked at Qiu Lei, before he nodded his head and said with a calm smile as well

’ ’In that case, let ’s enter this city together. ’ ’

Seemingly as if he had expected this answer, the smile in the silver-robed man ’s, Qiu Lei ’s face widened even further, as he pointed towards the group behind him and said to Shun Long

’ ’Let ’s wait until night falls! Then we will all move together at the same time as we attack the city! ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long followed Qiu Lei as he walked towards the group of disciples in the distance.

Shun Long was surprised to see, that there were only 10 Spirit realm cultivators among this group, and just like him, they were all at the peak of rank 9 in the Spirit realm!

As for the rest of these disciples, they were all at the Nascent Soul stage, while most of them were even at the early or the middle of rank 2 in the Nascent Soul stage!

Shun Long ’s appearance attracted many looks from the disciples in this group, as the time to attack the city was getting near, but since he wasn ’t hiding his aura and was only a peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator, many people quickly ignored him after a precursory glance!

After all, there was no way for a peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator to even think of obtaining the Holy sect ’s token and passing the test!

Even the other peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators only threw a few more glances at Shun Long, before they closed their eyes and did their best to bring themselves to peak condition, since there were only a few hours left until they attacked the city!

At the same time, every single one of these disciples here knew, that the third test of the Holy sect wasn ’t a place to make friends! If they were inside the sect, it would be a completely different matter, but here…
despite being in an alliance, they were all competing against the others as well!

Shun Long wasn ’t expecting a warm reception in the first place, and after finding an empty patch of grass to sit down, he closed his eyes as he waited for night to fall.

Half a day quickly passed and by the time that night had fallen, Shun Long only saw 2 more people joining the ’temporary alliance ’ in the end.

Seeing that it was already time to move, Shun Long saw Qiu Lei, as well as 6 young men and 3 young women next to him, all standing up at the same time, as they looked at everyone else with serious looks in their eyes.

From Qiu Lei ’s group, a young man dressed in luxurious golden robes was the first one to take a step forward, and facing the rest of the disciples who had joined the temporary alliance and were now looking at him, he said in a commanding voice 

’ ’There is no reason to wait any further! We will now attack this city that is filled with criminal sc.u.m! 

Remember, that although this may be an alliance, but at the same time, it ’s every man for himself!

The goal is to take the Holy sect ’s token and pass the third test, not to help each other! The only common goal that we have, is that we are all looking for the Holy sect ’s token while we eradicate the sc.u.m inside that city!

Now, if you are ready…
follow behind me! ’ ’

Without waiting for a response, the golden-robed young man led Qiu Lei and the other people around him, as he turned around and headed towards the small city in the distance!

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