The spacious hall of the Holy sect had fallen completely silent, as the yellow-robed disciples and even the white-robed Elder Zhuan, were all staring at Shun Long ’s results with eyes filled with shock!

They couldn ’t believe the scene that they were seeing!

The words that had appeared on the barrier of knowledge in front of Shun Long weren ’t gold in color, but instead, they were shining with the brilliance of stars in the middle of a starry night.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-rules_52594584479396572 for visiting.

They were filled with a pure white color that had a goldish hue inside it, while their content had left the Elder of the Holy sect and the yellow-robed disciples completely dumbfounded!

’ ’Saint low-grade martial skill, ’Thundergod ’s slash ’!

Level of comprehension: 92 percent!

Pass! ’ ’

A deathly silence had filled the spacious hall for a few moments, before a young man in yellow robes was the first one to speak, as he could no longer restrain his shocked voice

’ ’Did the barrier of knowledge make a mistake? ’ ’

The rest of the disciples around this young man seemed to have been brought back to reality after hearing his words, as a flurry of discussions erupted in the previously dead-silent hall

’ ’Could it really be that the barrier of knowledge made a mistake? Or perhaps…
this person already knew of the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’ beforehand, and he simply comprehended it further in these 4 days! ’ ’

’ ’This is impossible! The barrier of knowledge in the second test, will not allow someone to pick a skill that they already knew before taking the test, and it will only react to the skill that that person has chosen.

In other words, if this person already knew of the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’, the barrier wouldn ’t have allowed him to pick it, and neither would it have reacted just now! ’ ’

The person who had said these words, had obviously said them with absolute confidence in his voice, but he still turned his head at the same time to look at the white-robed Elder Zhuan, almost as if he was waiting for the elder ’s confirmation.

Seeing that every disciple inside the hall seemed to have turned their attention towards him, Elder Zhuan nodded his head somewhat absent-mindedly, while his eyes were still staring at the handsome blue-robed young man in the screen of light in front of him.

’ ’What kind of monster is this? This is the first time that I am seeing someone reach above 90 percent during the second test! Just how high is his comprehension of the ’Dao of Lightning ’? ’ ’

Although Elder Zhuan ’s voice wasn ’t loud, and it was actually suppressed quite a bit, in the dead silent hall, every single disciple could hear it clearly in their ears.

Of course, as one of the Elders who was supervising the tests of the Holy sect and was responsible to pay attention to any abnormalities, it wasn ’t rare for Elder Zhuan to see people comprehend 50, 60, or even 70 percent within 4-5 days.

However, seeing that someone had managed to comprehend a Saint low-grade martial skill to more than 90 percent during this period of time, was indeed shocking to the Elder!

One could only imagine the Elder ’s reaction if he knew that, not only had Shun Long not comprehended the ’Dao of Lightning ’ before, but it was also the first time that he was coming in contact with a Saint low-grade martial skill as well.

Of course, due to the ’Dao of Lightning ’ inside the star-rank sword that was at an extremely high-level and could aid Shun Long when he was learning martial skills related to the ’Dao of Lightning ’, as well as the fact that during the past 2 years that he had been comprehending the ’Dao of Time ’ Shun Long had also felt his own level of comprehension rising as well, learning the first move of a Saint low-grade martial skill was no longer as difficult for Shun Long as it had been in the past.

’ ’Isn ’t this level of talent and comprehension, at the same level as an inner disciple ’s? ’ ’

It was unknown who had spoken this time, but it had instantly caused everyone in the hall to stare at Shun Long ’s figure with even more serious looks in their eyes.

After all, even when compared to Liu Mei ’s or Xie Xingyi ’s results, Shun Long ’s was indeed even more shocking!

Completely oblivious to the commotion that the results of his second test had caused, Shun Long had turned his attention to the azure-colored barrier in front of him, when suddenly, a bright white light shot out from the barrier ’s surface like a bolt of lightning, as it completely enveloped his body like a white membrane.

The moment that the white light covered his body, Shun Long could feel his vision blur, as a feeling similar to that of spatial fluctuations appeared from the white membrane around him.

The darkness of the cave and the light of the azure-colored barrier in front of him slowly disappeared as the light of the sun once again illuminated Shun Long ’s surroundings.

As his vision slowly returned, Shun Long found himself standing at the foot of a small mountain, while trees of different sizes had filled the forest around the mountain.

However, before Shun Long could completely take in the scene in front of his eyes, the same powerful voice that he had heard during the first test, suddenly boomed inside his mind like a sudden bolt of lightning

’ ’Welcome, to the third test of the Holy sect, the World of the one-thousand cities!

The rules of this test are simple.

There are one-thousand cities spread throughout this world, and each city has an army of Spirit realm and Nascent Soul stage cultivators inside it!

Every single one of those cultivators has been apprehended by our Holy sect, and they have either r.a.p.ed men, women, or children, or have committed other heinous acts that exiled them into this place.

Inside every single city, there will be a single yellow-colored token of my Holy sect.

Of course, a token may be hidden somewhere inside the city, or it may be held by the strongest person in there!

All you have to do is obtain one of those tokens, and make sure not to lose it.

You have 25 days left!

If you don ’t manage to find a token within these 25 days and hold on to it, you will be instantly eliminated! ’ ’

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