’ ’Death ’s Chant? ’ ’

The white-robed old man mumbled in a voice filled with disbelief as he stared at Liu Mei ’s hand that was covered with black strands of death qi.

As for the yellow-robed disciples, they had all fallen silent as they heard the old man ’s voice that reverberated throughout the spacious hall.

A few seconds later, a young man looked at the elder who was dressed in white robes, before he asked in a hesitant voice

’ ’Elder Zhuan…
weren ’t the requirements for a disciple to train in ’Death ’s Chant ’, that they first had to comprehend the Dao of Death? ’ ’

The white-robed elder turned his eyes to look at the young man who had just spoken and nodded his head with a serious look in his eyes, before he once again turned his gaze towards the screen of light at the center of the hall, at Liu Mei ’s figure that had already started to disappear.

Seeing the thoughtful look on Elder Zhuan ’s face, a young woman took a deep breath before she asked curiously

’ ’Elder Zhuan, is the ’Dao of Death ’ that powerful? Is it even more powerful than senior brother Huang ’s ’Dao of Eternal Night ’? ’ ’

Serious looks immediately appeared on the faces of the disciples around the young woman when they heard her question, as they all then turned their attention towards Elder Zhuan as they waited for his answer.

Elder Zhuan however didn ’t reply right away, and instead, he kept staring at the gigantic screen of light at the center of the hall.

Without moving his gaze, the white-robed elder shook his head a few moments later, before he said seriously

’ ’I can ’t be certain whether that girl ’s ’Dao of Death ’ or if inner disciple Huang ’s ’Dao of Eternal Night ’ is actually stronger if both of them were at the same level, but I do know one thing.

The ’Dao of Death ’ is definitely much more dangerous to comprehend than the ’Dao of Eternal Night ’!

Although both of these Daos have a high degree of danger to start comprehending them, the ’Dao of Death ’ actually requires a cultivator to peer through the Abyss of Death and live.

However, the one similarity that the ’Dao of Death ’ has with the ’Dao of Eternal Night ’, is that cultivators who train in these Daos need to kill hundreds and thousands of cultivators in order to advance!

Of course, this can be both a boon and a bane… ’ ’

The young woman who had asked the previous question seemed like she had wanted to ask some more things the moment that she heard this answer, but seeing that Elder Zhuan wasn ’t willing to reveal anything else, she suppressed her curiosity as she turned her eyes towards Liu Mei at the gigantic screen of light once again.

Liu Mei ’s body was covered by a bright white light, as her silhouette that had already started to fade, finally disappeared from the dark cave.

As Liu Mei disappeared, the third day soon came to an end as well.

Inside his own cave, Shun Long was completely oblivious to the commotion that Liu Mei ’s results had caused, as well as the revelation that she had comprehended the Dao of Death, causing plenty of disciples of the Holy sect to pay attention to her.

Instead, he kept sitting cross-legged on the ground, as he continued to comprehend the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’.

At times, Shun Long would occasionally inject part of his qi inside the black sword, and make the strange patterns on its surface lit up, while at other times he would simply continue sit inside the cave silently without even circulating his qi.

During this time, Shun Long also felt himself coming a step closer towards the ’Dao of Lightning ’.

However, comprehending a Dao, even in its initial stages was never easy.

As the fourth day came to an end and the fifth day started, the disciples of the Holy sect who were watching the remaining participants of the second test in the gigantic screen of light in front of them, seemed to have exhaled a sigh of relief, as they started to chat between themselves in light-hearted tones

’ ’It ’s probably pointless to wait another day for the second test to finish! Those that were strong enough to pass and advance to the third test have already done so! There is no point in waiting! Let ’s see the third test already! ’ ’

’ ’Junior brother Mu is wrong.
It ’s possible that there are still some people who are hiding themselves and are still trying to comprehend the cultivation technique or the martial skill that they have chosen as much as they can, before they test themselves in the barrier of knowledge. ’ ’

’ ’Senior brother, what ’s the point of waiting instead of competing with the rest about who is fastest? Isn ’t that a more accurate representation of their talent? Besides, it ’s not like the third test will wait for them either! I am sure those kids have already started! ’ ’Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-slash!_52577154713568063 for visiting.

’ ’Hehe, there really were some terrifying brats among them! I wonder how many of them will manage to enter the test and become our junior brothers and sisters.
However, let alone entering the sect, the third test itself is already terrifying enough to eliminate most of them! ’ ’

At the same time that the disciples of the Holy sect were chatting between themselves, Shun Long who had been sitting cross-legged on the ground for the past 3 days finally opened his eyes.

His golden-colored eyes had a sharp and serious look inside them, while his gaze resembled that of a sharp sword that was finally leaving its sheath!

As he slowly stood up from the ground, Shun Long focused his gaze on the azure-colored barrier in front of him, as he mumbled to himself in a curious voice

’ ’Let ’s see the true power of a Saint low-grade martial skill ’. ’ ’

Holding the black, star-rank sword in his hand, Shun Long started to inject large amounts of his qi inside it, lighting up the strange patterns on the sword ’s surface!

At the same time, sparks of lightning appeared on the sword ’s surface as the golden-colored patterns started to light up, as Shun Long steadily raised the black sword in the air.

Using his spirit sense, Shun Long guided the lightning around the sword ’s surface towards the sword ’s edge, practically forcing the berserk ’Dao of Lightning ’ to follow his will.

Staring at the azure-colored barrier of knowledge, Shun Long narrowed his eyes as he slashed the star-rank sword forward at full force while he roared in his mind

’ ’Thundergod ’s slash! ’ ’

Almost 80 percent of his qi had been sapped from the 81 balls of qi above his head in a single instant, before a terrifying black-colored slash filled with berserk lightning left the black sword ’s edge, and flew towards the azure barrier of knowledge in front of him like a wild magic beast!

This scene instantly attracted the attention of the disciples of the Holy sect in the spacious hall, as they saw the powerful black-colored slash collide with the barrier of knowledge!

The scene in front of Shun Long ’s eyes, was completely different from the first time that he had used the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’!

Crackling sounds could be heard from the sparks of lightning that were mixed in the powerful slash, as they kept trying to destroy the azure-colored barrier! 

Shun Long saw the enormous ’barrier of knowledge ’ in front of him ripple a few times, before the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’ lost its remaining strength and slowly disappeared.

Shun Long ’s lips curved up into a smile when he saw the power of the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’, and without any hesitation, he took a few steps forward, as he stretched out his right hand and placed it on the palm imprint of the azure-colored barrier!

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