’ ’Saint low-grade martial skill, Creeping shadows!

Level of comprehension: 31 percent!

Pass! ’ ’

As these silver-colored words appeared on the surface of the barrier of knowledge, surprised expressions quickly appeared on the faces of the young men and women who were staring at the screen of light in the center of the hall.

Even the white-robed elder raised his eyebrows as he stared at the beautiful young woman in green robes on the screen in front of him.

After all, the words on the screen would only turn silver, once someone had managed to comprehend more than 30 percent of the cultivation technique or the martial skill that they had chosen.

Although comprehending 30 percent wasn ’t something rare to see during the Holy sect ’s second test, doing so in less than 2 days showed the affinity that this young woman had with the martial skill that she had chosen, as well as how high her level of comprehension as well as her talent really were.

At the very least her level of comprehension regarding martial skills was probably at least a level higher compared to the black-robed person from earlier, as well as the young white lord, Bai Longtian, and the spiky-haired young man.

A few moments later, a young man in yellow robes was the first one to break the silence in the hall, as he looked at Xie Xingyi inside the screen of light and said with a bright smile on his face

’ ’Hehe, not only is that junior sister talented, but she is also extremely beautiful! Once she joins the sect, I would be very happy to teach her as her senior brother! ’ ’

A pretty young woman in yellow robes was the first one to react once she heard these words, as she looked at the young man who had just spoken with her eyes narrowed, before she asked him in a mocking tone

’ ’Jin Ming, you want to teach her personally? What makes you think that she would want you to teach her anything in the first place?

Besides, don ’t you think that it ’s too early to say that she will certainly pass the test and join the sect? Although the level of comprehension is important during the second test, it has absolutely nothing to do with the third test. ’ ’

Another young man nodded when he heard this, and with a serious look on his face, he looked at the young man named Jin Ming before he also added in

’ ’Indeed, junior sister Hu is right! Although the second test values someone ’s talent and comprehension ability, it ’s still too early to say that this girl will definitely pass the third test…
let alone the fourth one! ’ ’

The young man named Jin Ming who had originally spoken in Xie Xingyi ’s favor snorted when he heard this, but he didn ’t say anything else in response, as he kept staring at the screen of light at the center of the hall.

Xie Xingyi ’s body that was covered by shadows, was suddenly enveloped by a white light that came from the azure barrier in front of her, before her figure slowly faded away until it disappeared from the cave.

In the next 12 hours that followed, only one other person aside from Xie Xingyi had managed to light up the silver words on the barrier of knowledge, but with Xie Xingyi as a precedent, the yellow-robed disciples of the Holy sect didn ’t seem to have paid too much attention to that person.

The second day soon came to an end, and the third day quickly took its place.

However, during the last 2 days, Shun Long didn ’t seem to have moved at all, as he kept sitting cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed.

His right hand was still holding on the hilt of the star-rank black sword, but he didn ’t take any further action.

Occasionally, sparks of lightning would appear on the black sword ’s surface, but they would only last for a moment before they would recede back inside the sword.

As the third day slowly came to its end, thousands and thousands of people would place their hands on the barrier of knowledge in front of them at the same time.

After all, the third day was usually the benchmark, where most of the people would start to successfully pass the test or they would fail.

At the same time, people who had comprehended 30 percent weren ’t too rare anymore either.

By the end of the third day, there had been at least a thousand people who had managed to comprehend 30 percent of the cultivation techniques and martial skills that they had chosen from the barrier of knowledge.

However, just before the third day could completely come to its end, in an isolated cave that was similar to Shun Long ’s, Liu Mei stood up from her meditative cushion that she had placed on the ground, and took a few steps forward, as she stood in front of the azure barrier at the center of the cave.

After hesitating for a moment, her beautiful black eyes behind the white veil had turned serious, as she took a deep breath, and placed her lithe white palm on the palm imprint on the barrier of knowledge in front of her.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-shocking-results_52571094497941265 for visiting.

Strands of death qi flowed around her hand at the same time, before a series of eye-catching golden-colored words started to appear on the azure barrier ’s surface.

Although there were tens of thousands of people who were placing their hands on the azure barrier in front of them at the same time as Liu Mei, the golden-colored words had instantly attracted the attention of the disciples of the Holy sect, who were now staring at the screen of light with wide-open eyes.

Even the white-robed elder who had only reacted a few times after he had seen Xie Xingyi ’s results earlier, had now placed his attention on Liu Mei ’s scene, as he saw a series of shocking golden-colored words, which made him almost lose his composure

’ ’Saint low-grade martial skill, Death ’s Chant!

Level of comprehension: 52 percent!

Pass! ’ ’

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