After an hour of walking, Shun Long had arrived in front of a huge arena.

The line that the crowd had formed in front of the arena was so long that it took more than 30 minutes until Shun Long finally entered.

When Shun Long entered and found a seat to spectate the incoming match, he actually noticed a pair of familiar faces staring at him from a few seats away from him.

This pair was Xiao Shitou and Lin Wu.

When Xiao Shitou noticed Shun Long who had just seated himself to spectate the match, he walked over at his side as he said

’ ’HAHA, Shun Long, what a small world we live in. ’ ’

Then Xiao Shitou lowered his voice as he whispered to Shun Long

’ ’I have not forgotten the humiliation from our fight in the ’Imperial Palace ’, and I will definitely make sure to pay you back now that I ’ve advanced into rank 7. ’ ’

Shun Long looked at Xiao Shitou mockingly and didn ’t even bother lowering his voice as he said

’ ’It ’s fine, if you won ’t learn your lesson, I ’ll make sure to slap you harder this time. ’ ’

When Xiao Shitou heard Shun Long ’s words, a humiliating memory resurfaced as his eyes brimmed with anger.

Just then Lin Wu stepped forward as she said in a loud voice, almost as if she wanted everyone here to hear her

’ ’Shun Long, let ’s see how much longer you can act arrogant for.
Brother Shitou ’s elder brother is senior brother Xiao Juyan and he is ranked 100th on the arena rankings.
Brother Shitou is no longer a person that someone like you can offend. ’ ’

People were startled to find that this young man was actually Xiao Juyan ’s younger brother.

Xiao Shitou ’s spirits were lifted when he saw everyone around him looking towards them in shock and with his renewed confidence he said

’ ’Shun Long, if you kneel in front of me now and ask me to spare you, I may put a good word for you in front of my elder brother later.
But if you refuse..
hmph, don ’t think that the second young master of the Lu family can protect you forever. ’ ’

’ ’Haha, you must think that your elder brother is really powerful huh? ’ ’

Suddenly a voice was heard from behind Xiao Shitou and Lin Wu.

When Xiao Shitou turned his head, he saw Lu Wen and fatty Fu, along with another young man with a burly build and bald head standing behind them.

The one who had spoken just now was obviously fatty Fu.
As they all looked at Xiao Shitou and Lin Wu, the burly man next to fatty Fu spoke up as he asked Xiao Shitou in a disdainful tone

’ ’Do you think that your brother is invincible in the arena? He is barely scraping at the 100th rank ’ ’

Xiao Shitou was enraged at this man who dared to belittle his brother and he asked in a furious voice

’ ’Who do you think you are to dare talk about my elder brother like that? ’ ’

Just then, some of the spectators had started whispering between each other

’ ’Hey, isn ’t that Fu Peizhi? ’ ’

’ ’What? The one who is ranked 17th in the arena rankings? ’ ’

’ ’Yes, I saw him when he challenged the 15th person on the rankings, Li Shuchun, one month ago. ’ ’

When Xiao Shitou heard who this burly man was, his courage was instantly deflated as he now resembled a popped balloon.

Even his brother wasn ’t a match for Fu Peizhi, let alone he who was just at the early rank 7 in qi condensation.

’ ’Why is Fu Peizhi here to watch a match that is going to determine the top 100? ’ ’

’ ’Ah, you don ’t know this? I heard from my cousin who works at the ’Administration Building ’s ’ mission section, that Fu Peizhi and Lei Pong are good friends. ’ ’

Lu Wen ’s group ignored the conversations around them as they introduced Fu Peizhi to Shun Long.

’ ’Brother Shun, this is my cousin Fu Peizhi, and he is at the top20 in the arena rankings. ’ ’

’ ’Greetings brother Fu ’ ’ Shun Long greeted Fu Peizhi, but Fu Peizhi didn ’t even nod his head in response, not bothering to really talk to Shun Long as he sat on his seat with his eyes closed.

Let alone Shun Long, even fatty Fu and Lu Wen frowned at Fu Peizhi ’s behavior but Shun Long waved his hand, indicating that he didn ’t really care as they instead started chatting between the 3 of them.

Fu Peizhi didn ’t understand why his cousin would associate with this weak country bumpkin who came from the ’Mortal world ’, but he didn ’t spare Shun Long a second look as he waited for the match in the arena to start.

Shun Long was the first to speak

’ ’Brothers, why are there so many people here for a match that is just going to determine the 100th spot in the arena rankings? ’ ’

Shun Long had already heard this from the discussions around him, but he couldn ’t wrap his head as to why there were so many people gathered to spectate this match

Fatty Fu then sighed as he said

’ ’In the future, you must definitely enter the top100 ranks of the arena, if you ever want to become an inner disciple. ’ ’

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