’ ’Death ’s Chant! A Saint low-grade martial skill that allows its user to freely control their qi and use it to coat their weapon or armor, similar to that of a protective qi barrier.
A weapon or armor that is covered by ’Death Chant ’ will become increasingly stronger and more resilient, while it will also exude the decaying aura of death.
Any enemy touched by death chant will find their life-force being corroded at an extremely rapid rate, and will have to use their own qi to get rid of its effects!

Only cultivators who have comprehended the Dao of Death can train this martial skill!

Only the first part of the martial skill is available. ’ ’

As Shun Long read the description of this martial skill, his eyes immediately widened in surprise.

This martial skill seemed like it had been tailor-made for Liu Mei!

’ ’No, it is more apt to say that this martial skill has been tailor-made for cultivators who have comprehended the Dao of Death instead.

I wonder if Mei ’er has already advanced to the second test by now as well.. ’ ’

Shun Long had guessed that it was very unlikely that there would be another person who had comprehended the Dao of Death during this selection exam of the Holy sect! According to Little Black ’s words, not even one in 10 million cultivators may be able to comprehend the Dao of Death and survive, due to its extraordinarily strict and dangerous condition.

As this thought flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, he threw one final glance towards the ’Death ’s Chant ’, before he continued to look at more martial skills in front of him, in hopes that he would find something suitable for him.

As for cultivation techniques, Shun Long decided to ignore them.

Since he had the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’, training in another cultivation technique would most likely be a waste! Although the ’Stone of Time ’ would more often than not put Shun Long in situations of extreme danger, both the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ as well as the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ were extremely important parts of his strength that Shun Long wasn ’t willing to replace.

As Shun Long continued to sweep his gaze over the barrier of knowledge, his eyes lit up as he stared at the name of a certain martial skill that had instantly attracted his attention

’ ’Thundergod ’s slash! A Saint low-grade martial skill, suitable for cultivators who wield a sword! It allows a cultivator to gather their qi on their sword, and send out a powerful slash filled with lightning element qi, that will obliterate everything in its path!

Cultivators who have comprehended the ’Dao of Thunder ’ or the ’Dao of Lightning ’ are extremely suitable to train in this martial skill, increasing the martial skill ’s power even further!

Only the first part of the martial skill is available. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes instantly lit up when he read the description of this martial skill.

He had already found more than 50 martial skills related to either swords or sabers already, but this was the first time that a technique also involved the ’Dao of Thunder ’ or the ’Dao of Lightning ’! As for the star-rank sword inside the ’Stone of Time ’, that was clearly a weapon infused with the ’Dao of Lightning ’. 

Although Shun Long himself wasn ’t proficient in either of these 2 Daos, since the sword itself had a small part of the Dao of Lightning inside it that its wielder could use, this martial skill was highly suitable for Shun Long who had no martial skills related to a sword!

’ ’I shouldn ’t be rash.
Perhaps there will be a martial skill related to the ’Dao of Time ’ or the ’Dao of Space ’ among them! I shouldn ’t be in a hurry to choose just yet. ’ ’

After calming himself down, Shun Long continued to stare at the rest of the cultivation techniques and martial skills on the barrier of knowledge.

Although there were ten thousand skills and cultivation techniques in front of him, an hour later, Shun Long was slightly disappointed when he realized that none of them were related to the ’Dao of Time ’ or the ’Dao of Space ’.

However, he had already expected this result as well. 

After all, rarer Daos will have even fewer people who had comprehended them, and in turn created cultivation techniques or martial skills related to those Daos in the end! 

Even for the ’Dao of Death ’ which Shun Long had assumed that it was just slightly easier to comprehend than his ’Dao of Space ’, aside from ’Death ’s Chant ’, Shun Long didn ’t find any other martial skill or cultivation technique.

As for other related martial skills, although Shun Long did find a movement technique that seemed to be very suitable to him, in the end, he still decided to choose the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’.

’ ’After all, now that the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ is becoming obsolete when faced against with everyone else who all have at least rank 2 and rank 3 gold grade weapons, a martial skill that can enhance the power of the black sword is extremely important. ’ ’

After he had taken his decision, Shun Long closed his eyes and allowed his spirit sense to enter the barrier of knowledge, and touch the golden words of the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’.

The moment that his spirit sense touched the golden words, Shun Long felt a stream of information coming from the barrier of knowledge in front of him, as it entered his mind.

However, he didn ’t feel any discomfort, and simply allowed his mind to absorb the information related to the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’.

6 hours later, Shun Long opened his eyes and saw the bright blue wall in front of him that was now empty of any other words!

All other cultivation techniques and martial skills had disappeared.

Aside from the azure light that was still coming from the barrier, as well as the palm imprint that was still present, there was nothing else on the barrier of knowledge.

Shun Long ’s lips curved up when he saw the sight in front of him, and ignoring the empty barrier of light in front of him, he suddenly closed his eyes, as a black sword with strange patterns appeared in his right hand.

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