At the same time that Liu Mei disappeared from the white platform, Shun Long who had walked for more than 10 minutes inside the dark cave, had finally arrived at the source of light in the distance ahead!

However, contrary to Shun Long ’s expectations, the source of light wasn ’t coming from the sunlight that led to the exit of the cave.

Instead, it was coming from an enormous barrier of light that was erected right in the middle of the cave itself.

This barrier was shining with a bright azure color that resembled the clear sky.

And yet, it was this same barrier that was barring Shun Long ’s path, preventing him from walking further forward.

After taking a look around him and examining his surroundings, Shun Long noticed two major details.

The first was that there was nothing else in this place aside from this barrier of light.

It seemed to have been set up in such a way that completely blocked Shun Long ’s path forward.

The second detail was, that in the center of the barrier, there was the outline of a palm print.

Shun Long immediately thought that this must be related to the second test of the Holy sect.

Otherwise, it wouldn ’t make sense for him to suddenly arrive in this place after passing the first test, only to see this bizarre sight!

After hesitating for a moment, he decided against using his Dao of Space and tearing the space in front of him open, to arrive at the other side of the cave.

Since this was the test of the Holy sect, it was very likely that there were supervisors who were paying attention to this test, and they would most likely be alerted if someone tried to ’cheat ’.

Shun Long took a few moments to verify that there was nothing else in this place, before he slowly walked up to the azure barrier in front of him, and placed his hand on the empty spot with the outline of a palm.

The moment that his hand touched the barrier of light, Shun Long felt his vision blur for the second time today, as the melodic voice of a woman suddenly appeared in his mind

’ ’Welcome to the barrier of knowledge.

This is also the second test of the Holy sect!

Unlike the first test, this test won ’t test your resolve to be cultivators or your luck.

Instead, this time it will be your talent as well as your comprehension ability that will be tested!

After all, talent and comprehension ability are equally as important to a cultivator as their own resolve and will to become stronger!

At the same time, this test can also be considered a gift from my Holy sect, to all of you who passed the first test. ’ ’

As the voice finished speaking, Shun Long could see the enormous barrier of light in front of him change as various symbols started to appear on its surface one after the other, before the melodic voice of the woman then continued

’ ’You will be allowed to choose a single Saint low-grade cultivation technique or martial skill from the barrier of knowledge!

You have 5 days to get a preliminary understanding of the cultivation technique or the martial skill that you choose!

If you fail to comprehend even the preliminary stages of that technique during the 5 days, then you can only be considered to have failed the test!

Once you finish comprehending that technique, you only need to place your hand on the barrier of knowledge and circulate the technique that you chose.

The barrier will judge your results and will choose whether you have failed or succeeded! ’ ’

As the voice disappeared from Shun Long ’s head, he saw the various symbols on the azure-colored barrier in front of him converge into different letters, before they formed the names of cultivation techniques or martial skills.

’ ’What?? ’ ’

Shun Long was unable to believe his eyes for a second, as he stared at the endless converging words that filled the so-called ’barrier of knowledge ’!

Almost ten thousand cultivation techniques and martial skills had appeared in his eyes, and all of them were at the Saint low-grade!

The only Saint grade cultivation technique that Shun Long had previously seen, was the ’Moonlight Sigil ’ that he had obtained from Cui Guoliang ’s collection, and Shun Long had assumed that even that was on the weaker spectrum of Saint low-grade cultivation techniques since it only allowed its user to practice it at night.

Of course, that was if Shun Long excluded his own ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ which was most likely far above the Saint grade, as well as Liu Mei ’s ’Blood Absorption art ’.

As for Saint low-grade martial skills, Shun Long had never seen any of them before!

Even in the contribution hall of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ in the Heaven ’s Dome city where alchemists were allowed to trade their contribution points for cultivation techniques, martial skills or medicinal ingredients that they needed, Shun Long had only seen one Saint low-grade cultivation technique, and even that was inferior to the ’Moonlight Sigil ’ as well!

As for martial skills that alchemists were allowed to trade for, the highest among them was only at the Mystic high-grade!

Of course, Shun Long had also believed, that it was very possible for the higher echelons of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ to have at least a few more Saint low-grade cultivation techniques or martial skills, but they would definitely reserve those for themselves and wouldn ’t allow them to be traded for contribution points.

After all, Jin Wenling had already told Shun Long, that behind their ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ was the Feng family of the central region.

’ ’A family that was able to spread the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ throughout the entire ’Night star continent ’ as well as the Desolate east, must definitely have at least a few Saint low-grade cultivation techniques or martial skills in their treasury! ’ ’

After taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Shun Long turned his sight towards the barrier of knowledge in front of him, as he saw the endless names of cultivation techniques and martial skills that filled his eyes.

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