Blood spurted through the air like a fountain as Shun Long ’s spatial blade easily cut through the young man ’s neck.

The headless corpse remained standing for a moment, before it collapsed on the ground.

However, it wasn ’t just his head that was severed!

The peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage expert ’s soul had also dissipated as a result, after it was touched by the illusionary, purple-colored blade.

After all, in order to kill a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, Shun Long was certain that it meant killing that person ’s soul as well.

Everyone turned their eyes towards Shun Long at the same time, including the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage expert who had a look of disbelief plastered on his face, as well as the terrifying young woman who was called Tan Wei.

Although they had already guessed earlier that Shun Long wasn ’t much weaker than the young man in the beast hide, they hadn ’t expected that he would be able to kill him so quickly!

At the same time, expressions of despair appeared in the remaining late-stage Spirit realm cultivators ’ faces!

They had originally hoped that Shun Long or that peak rank 1 Nascent Soul young man would be gravely injured during their fight before one of them finally clinched victory, allowing one of the remaining late-stage Spirit realm cultivators to kill them, and pass through the test as a result.

However, not only wasn ’t Shun Long hurt, but he didn ’t look like he had expended much of his qi either!

Naturally, that made those young men ’s hopes of passing the test to be instantly extinguished!

At the same time, the black-haired young woman, Tan Wei licked her lips in excitement, before she removed her hand from the chest of the middle rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator in front of her!

The person in front of her collapsed lifelessly on the ground, the look in his eyes one of anger as well as despair!

A white light suddenly enveloped Tan Wei ’s body, covering it completely like a white cocoon.

Shun Long watched as the black-haired young woman ’s body started to turn transparent, before it slowly disappeared in front of everyone else ’s eyes!

’ ’She passed the test! ’ ’

Surprisingly, the one who spoke was the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage expert, who was still staring at the disappearing Tan Wei with a look of relief in his eyes!

Although it was unlikely that she would choose to fight against him, the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage expert had no confidence in fighting against her head-on.

Even among other early rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators, he could sense that Tan Wei wasn ’t considered weak!

At the same time, Shun Long saw this young man turning around and giving him a deep look, before he said in a seemingly casual tone as he had finally gotten rid of his nervousness now that Tan Wei had disappeared

’ ’Although you are not weak, I wonder what you would do if you had to fight against me this time. ’ ’

Seeing the confident look in this man ’s eyes, Shun Long simply smiled in response without saying anything, as he took a step forward.

’ ’Tsk! ’ ’

The young man clicked his tongue and narrowed his eyes, before he turned his attention away from Shun Long and towards a young woman at the early rank 9 of the Spirit realm who was just a few tens of meters away from him.

After merely 3 exchanges, the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage expert easily tore open a hole in the young woman ’s chest, crushing her heart with his bare hands.

After throwing another look towards Shun Long ’s direction, the young man closed his eyes, as he saw the white light that had previously covered Tan Wei now enveloping his own body.

10 seconds later, the man ’s body completely disappeared, leaving behind just Shun Long and two other cultivators at the middle of rank 9 and the peak of rank 9 of the Spirit realm respectively.

The 2 men were dressed in different attires, as one of them was covered with a beast hide that wasn ’t too different than Tan Wei ’s or from the peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage expert ’s that Shun Long had killed a few moments ago, while the other one was dressed in normal white robes, that were similar to the clothes that people wore in the ’Night star continent ’.

And yet, despite their different appearances and despite having met each other before, the 2 men stood side by side as they faced off against Shun Long, before the man in the beast hide who was at the peak rank 9 of the Spirit realm looked at the young man next to him and said

’ ’Let ’s fight him off together! Since he can fight and even kill a peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, he is definitely stronger than both you and me! However, if we fight him together, there is a chance that we can kill him! In the end, we can both fight each other and at least one of us will pass this test! ’ ’

Shun Long saw as the young man in white robes didn ’t even need to think about this offer, as he nodded his head without any hesitation!

After all, fighting against Shun Long by himself would certainly spell his own death! Thus, fighting against the young man next to him after they had both killed Shun Long was a much better option!

Shun Long shook his head, but he didn ’t feel much pity for the 2 rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators in front of him.

Let alone that they already knew, that their lives would be in danger before they participated in the Holy sect ’s test, the Holy sect ’s instructions were clear!

Kill or be killed!

If you are not willing to kill the enemies in front of you, you can wait and be killed by them instead.

After all, this was the cultivation world, and every single expert had already stepped upon the bodies of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of other cultivators already.

Instead, although he stared at the 2 people in front of him, Shun Long ’s mind was on Liu Mei and whether she had landed in an easier group than him.

’ ’Of course, even if her group is harder than this…
as long as she uses ’ ’that ’ ’, her life will most likely not be in danger…
but I really hope that she won ’t have to use it! ’ ’

At the same time, Shun Long saw the peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator in front of him taking out a long spear from his spatial ring, while the middle rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator unsheathed his sword, as they both rushed towards Shun Long at the same time unwilling to allow him to take the initiative.

Shun Long however had an apathetic expression on his face when he saw the scene in front of his eyes, as he said in a completely calm tone

’ ’Monarch ’s Domain. ’ ’

The invisible figure of an hourglass expanded from his body, completely covering Shun Long, as well as the 2 rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators who were rushing towards him at the same time.

Under Shun Long ’s gaze, time instantly stopped flowing inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ forcing the bodies of the 2 men in front of him to go still!

Shun Long didn ’t hesitate, as he took a step forward and slashed the illusionary purple blade in his right hand sideways, instantly tearing open the 2 rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators ’ chests, and destroying their hearts.

Blood filled Shun Long ’s hands, but not a single drop of this blood touched the spatial blade in his hand, as the bodies of the 2 rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators lifelessly collapsed on the ground at the same time.

In front of Shun Long ’s peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivation, the 2 men had been completely helpless, as soon as they stepped inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

Shun Long barely had enough time to remove the 2 men ’s spatial rings, when a blinding white light covered his body from head to toe, like a cocoon that completely obstructed his vision.

Barely a few moments later, Shun Long felt a dizziness overcoming his mind, as his body slowly turned transparent and disappeared on the spot.

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