Shun Long ’s eyes narrowed when he felt the piercing gaze of the peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage expert.

After seeing the dangerous woman ’s power, every single person seemed to have the same thought in their minds

’ ’As soon as I can kill 3 people, then I won ’t have to be afraid of that monster choosing to fight me against her next opponent! ’ ’

Even the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage expert who was the second strongest person in this place after that woman was no exception!

Seeing the peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage expert running towards him while holding a long and thick wooden club in his hands, Shun Long smirked inwardly, before he circulated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’.

Shun Long ’s eyes instantly turned golden, while his aura of a peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator exploded from his body, with even more intensity than before.

At the same time, a purple-colored wooden staff appeared in his hands, and looking at the young man who was rushing towards him, Shun Long said in a low voice

’ ’Come! ’ ’

Of course, against a peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, Shun Long didn ’t think that he would need to use his black sword just yet, and chose to use the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ instead!

Of course, if he was fighting against the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage cultivator or that short-haired young woman, then this would be a completely different matter altogether.

Looking at the rank 1 gold grade weapon in Shun Long ’s hands, the peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage young man smiled coldly, before he gathered his qi and infused it in the wooden club in his hands.

Not only was his club a rank 2 gold grade weapon, but his cultivation was also higher than Shun Long ’s as well.

Thus, he was confident that he could kill Shun Long within 3 exchanges at most, before he moved to kill his next target!

Seeing the wooden club descending towards his head with immense force behind it, Shun Long ’s golden eyes instantly lit up with a bright blue light, before he took a single step to the side without directly parrying this man ’s attack.


After failing to hit Shun Long, the young man ’s club struck the ground with his full power behind it, causing it to tremble from the impact and bringing chills to the nearby cultivators who saw the power behind it.

Even the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage cultivator turned his eyes to look at that young man with a serious look in his eyes as he mumbled to himself

’ ’That guy is not weak after all. ’ ’

However, the tiles beneath Shun Long ’s and the young man ’s feet that were made from white jade, didn ’t seem to have even a single scratch on them.

Of course, since even that terrifying woman ’s attacks had failed to cause any damage to them earlier, it was impossible for this man ’s club to do so.

Despite having avoided the attack, Shun Long didn ’t choose to counterattack right away, and instead, he took another step to the side, the look on his face being completely calm as he stared at the young man in front of him, almost as if he could predict his own movements before him.

At the same time, the young man in the beast hide had a shocked look in his eyes when he saw Shun Long ’s movements, but his own actions didn ’t stop, as he swung his club to the side without any delay, looking like he was trying to strike a fly in the air in front of him.

’ ’Don ’t tell me that he saw through my feint? ’ ’Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52429321670809928 for visiting.

The young man thought to himself in disbelief, unable to understand how Shun Long had managed to see through his attack.

After delivering the first strike, he had left his left side completely exposed, allowing Shun Long to strike him if he wanted to.

However, Shun Long didn ’t take this chance to attack, and instead, he had taken another step to the side, almost as if he knew that this was a deliberate opening!

’ ’No, this is the first time I have met him, there is no way that he knew about this tactic of mine beforehand! This was just pure luck! ’ ’

Certain that it was Shun Long ’s own cowardice that had saved him, the peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage expert suppressed the irritated feeling in his heart, as he delivered attack after attack towards Shun Long, either one aimed at his head, his torso, or his waist.

And yet, Shun Long only dodged these attacks without counterattacking right away.

’ ’Worm! Do you only know how to dodge? Do you think that you can enter the Holy sect like this? ’ ’

Unable to reign in his anger any longer after seeing his attacks landing on empty air one right after the other, the man could only shout in an angry and insulting manner, in an attempt to force the young man in front of him to fight him head-on.

And yet, despite knowing that the man in front of him was clearly taunting him, Shun Long smiled lightly before he nodded his head, dumbfounding the peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage expert in front of him.

Before the man could react, Shun Long pointed forward with his right hand, before he mumbled in a low voice

’ ’Thunderbolt finger! ’ ’


The sound of thunder booming sounded in the air, and before the man in the beast hide could do anything, he saw a sudden thunderbolt flying towards his face.

Raising the wooden club in his hands and placing it in front of his face, the young man hurriedly blocked Shun Long ’s attack!

However, Shun Long ’s attack wasn ’t as simple as the man had expected it to be!

The peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage expert felt his own arms struggling to keep the wooden club in front of his face, as his feet slid through white jade tiles, looking like he was unable to hold on.

A few moments later, the lightning bolt finally lost its power and dispersed in the air, allowing the young man to heave a sigh of relief, his eyes staring at Shun Long with apprehension and fear inside them!

Even the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul expert and the terrifying young woman had their attention attracted from the powerful thunderbolt, as they turned their attention towards Shun Long!

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