Although the voice told them to begin, no one of the 11 people in front of Shun Long chose to make a move right away.

Instead, they silently observed everyone else in front of them like wolves staring at a group of defenseless sheep.

As Shun Long stared at the people in front of him, a look of shock appeared in his eyes, as his gaze landed on a young woman whose body was covered by a beast hide.

She had short black hair and a big chest, but the muscles in her arms and legs weren ’t inferior to those of powerful men either.

Additionally, it only took a glance for Shun Long to recognize, that her cultivation was definitely the strongest out of the 12 people here, as it had already reached the early rank 3 in the Nascent Soul stage!

The moment that the bindings around everyone ’s body disappeared, everyone hurriedly opened up the distance between themselves and this woman, whose gaze roamed around her without concealing her bloodthirsty intent!

This was even more evident when she noticed, that aside from herself there were no other rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators around her.

Aside from a peak rank 1 and a middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, the cultivation of everyone else around her was only at the late-stages of the Spirit realm.

This was enough to make this woman stare at everyone else in front of her, with a look of disdain in her eyes.

Of course, Shun Long wouldn ’t choose to keep his cultivation concealed in this place, and instead, he had immediately circulated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ without any hesitation, allowing everyone to see that he was just at the peak of rank 9 in the Spirit realm.

Otherwise, if he chose to hide his cultivation, it would definitely attract even more attention.

Seeing that the woman at the early rank 3 of the Nascent Soul stage didn ’t fix her gaze on him, Shun Long wasn ’t in a hurry to make a move.

Instead, he silently watched the people around him who were all staring at this woman, while he also thought to himself

’ ’That voice said that the rules for this test are, that each person has to kill 3 people in order to pass this test.
Although this rule seems somewhat cruel, this is the cultivation world in the end.

I can only hope that Mei ’er ’s group will be relatively easy and that she won ’t have any serious trouble. ’ ’

As these thoughts flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, he noticed the young woman ’s gaze landing on a young man who seemed to be less than 18 years old, and was standing a few meters away from him.

The moment that this young man whose cultivation was at the middle of rank 9 in the Spirit realm felt this woman ’s gaze settling on him, his face instantly paled, as he hurriedly took out a saber from his spatial ring and held it in front of his chest.

The woman however smirked when she saw the young man ’s response, and after kicking the ground, she arrived in front of him almost instantly.

Shun Long felt some shock as well once he saw the woman ’s speed, before he opened up the distance between himself and the 2 of them seeing that they were about to fight.

Although Shun Long was confident that he could fight against an early rank 3 Nascent Soul stage expert even while he was still at the peak of rank 9 in the Spirit realm, he knew that it wouldn ’t be an easy fight either!

Additionally, this woman ’s speed was definitely nothing to scoff at, making a fight against her even harder!

Shun Long knew that even if his ’Time Prison ’ could successfully trap this woman for a split second, allowing him to find an opening to attack, more than half of his qi would be sapped during that time, and he still wasn ’t certain if the ’Time Prison ’ would be successful either.

At the same time, even if the ’Time Prison ’ succeeded, Shun Long would have to use it at the most perfect moment, otherwise the slightest misstep would allow the woman to break free from it before his own attack landed, effectively wasting the qi during the process.

After all, although the ’Time Prison ’ was an extremely powerful move, against opponents whose cultivation base was much higher than Shun Long ’s, it would only last for a split-second before they managed to break free.

And even in the scenario where Shun Long managed to kill this woman, he was also certain that the other 2 Nascent Soul stage cultivators would notice that his qi would be depleted after the fight, and wouldn ’t let him go like that.

Thus, unless absolutely necessary, Shun Long didn ’t wish to clash with this short-haired, big-chested woman just yet.

As soon as she arrived in front of the young man whom she had targeted, Shun Long saw the young woman ’s cultivation at the early rank 3 of the Nascent Soul stage erupt at full force, as she gathered her qi in her hands and punch towards the young man ’s saber!

It wasn ’t just Shun Long who was staring at this fight, but everyone else as well, including the peak rank 1 and the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul experts.

The moment that the woman ’s hand punched the saber, the young man who was holding it was sent flying towards the sky like a shooting star, before he landed a few hundred meters away with a bang.

Even from a few hundred meters away, Shun Long could see that the young man ’s arm that was previously holding the saber, which was now distorted, causing the young man to scream in pain.

At the same time, everyone stared at this young woman with shock in their eyes!

She wasn ’t even a body cultivator, and yet, she had managed to punch through a rank 1 gold grade weapon with her bare hands!

’ ’Even body refining cultivators at the early fifth stage of body refinement wouldn ’t dare to punch through a gold grade weapon with their bare hands! ’ ’

The moment that the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage expert said this out loud, everyone turned to look at him with shock in their eyes, while Shun Long nodded his head in confirmation.

Indeed, even cultivators who had just entered the fifth stage in body refinement wouldn ’t dare to punch a gold grade weapon directly, without using qi to protect their bodies.
Otherwise, there was no way that they would come out on top without any injuries, even if their cultivation was higher than their opponents.

’ ’Although she managed to conceal it, she definitely used some sort of Dao to do this! ’ ’

As Shun Long reached this conclusion, the middle rank 2 Nascent Soul stage expert who had spoken earlier, as well as the peak rank 1 Nascent Soul expert who was standing the furthest away from that young woman and was staring at her with fear in his eyes, had all arrived at this conclusion as well!

As he saw the young woman approaching him, the young man at the middle of rank 9 in the Spirit realm whose arm was mangled and in a terrible condition, couldn ’t help shouting in a voice filled with horror

’ ’Wait! WAIT! I QUIT! I GIVE UP! ’ ’

The black-haired woman however simply smiled mockingly when she heard this, before she raised her foot above the young man ’s head.

She then turned around to look at the people who were watching her and smiled brightly, before she brought her foot downwards like a hammer.


A small earthquake shook the ground the moment that the woman ’s foot descended on the young man ’s head, destroying it in an instant, as blood dyed her bare foot a bright red color.

Without waiting to see who would be this woman ’s next target, everyone turned around to look for the weakest opponents!

After all, as long as they could kill 3 people, they would pass the test regardless of what that crazy woman did!

At the same time, Shun Long also looked around him to find an opponent, when he felt a piercing gaze staring at him.

Turning his head to the side, he saw a young man who was wearing a beast hide, stare at him like a hungry magic beast that had just found its target!

This gaze belonged to the peak rank 1 Nascent Soul expert! That man had chosen Shun Long as his first target!

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