Without waiting for a response, the black-robed man in front of Shun Long took a deep breath before he continued

’ ’My request is, that if you ever become strong enough, you will kill Yi Quanyu and Murong Tian from the Murong family in the central region!

Of course, I know very well that it is more than unlikely that you will even come to the same level as that man, but I still hope that you will try to fulfill this request of mine.

As for my treasures?

I have already placed everything inside a spatial ring, and buried it on the mountain right outside the ’Murong city ’.

Hehe, as long as you are willing to bring the chest that this memory jade was placed inside to the peak of that mountain, you will be able to obtain all of my treasures. ’ ’Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-choice_52382390026298192 for visiting.

Without saying another word, the black-haired Huo Wuyi ’s figure started to fade, before Shun Long felt the empty world around him that had started to tremble.

A few moments later, he felt his spirit sense returning back to his body as he found himself back in the inn room once again.

At the same time that he opened his eyes, he saw the memory jade in his hand that had started to crack, before it surprisingly turned into a pile of white dust.

Seeing that Shun Long had just opened his eyes, Liu Mei had a worried look on her face as she asked

’ ’Long-ge, are you okay? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long smiled lightly before he started to explain to Liu Mei and Little Black, as well as Little Silver who was also watching from the ’Stone of Time ’, what he had seen inside Huo Wuyi ’s memory jade.

The moment that he finished his explanation, Shun Long then turned his eyes to look at the box of ’Elderwood King tree ’ in front of him before he said with that same smile on his face

’ ’By hiding everything inside his spatial ring and burying it on the mountain right outside the ’Murong city ’, instead of leaving it in the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ along with his other treasures, that old man practically made sure that whoever inherited his treasures, would at least arrive at the doorstep of that Murong family.

As for whether they would take revenge for him, that would depend on whether they were strong enough to do it. ’ ’

Little Black nodded his head inside the ’Stone of Time ’ as well as he agreed with Shun Long ’s words.

’ ’Long-ge, will you try and kill that Murong Tian? ’ ’

After hearing Liu Mei ’s question, Shun Long fell silent for a few moments without answering straight away.

Half a minute later, he looked at Liu Mei before he said with a solemn look in his eyes

’ ’That will depend on that Murong Tian.

Honestly, I don ’t even know how strong that person is just yet, nor do I know anything about the real strength of the Murong family either, or Murong Tian ’s importance in his family.

All I know is, that the Murong family ’s strength was definitely not too far away from the Holy sect ’s, at the time that Huo Wuyi recorded his memories in the memory jade.

However, there is no way that I will simply risk my life to get revenge for that old man.

Let alone that I have no feud with the Murong family, saving someone and taking revenge are 2 completely different matters. ’ ’

After taking a deep breath, Shun Long continued

’ ’Of course, that doesn ’t mean that I will simply be ungrateful and take everything that Huo Wuyi left without doing anything.

As long as I can help him without placing my own life at risk, then I don ’t mind killing that Murong Tian if it ’s actually possible. ’ ’

The moment that he finished speaking, Shun Long heard Little Black ’s voice sounding inside his head

’ ’That ’s right master, you shouldn ’t think too deeply about this matter just yet! These types of legacies are far too common in this world. 

A powerful expert will leave behind his treasures as well as a memory jade, in order to persuade the person who finds it to fulfill his wishes.

However, until master becomes a Dao King, it is better to not get involved in such matters.

After becoming a Dao King, master ’s strength will surely advance by leaps and bounds, and I can ’t even guess how strong master ’s Time Dao will become by then! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he agreed with Little Black.

Indeed, before becoming a Dao King, he wouldn ’t even think about taking revenge for Huo Wuyi.

After all, just from the fact that the final barrier of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ required the strength of a person who was at least a peak Dao King and was approaching the level of a Dao Emperor, Shun Long had also understood that Huo Wuyi was even stronger than that.

At the same time, Liu Mei exhaled out in relief, while a gentle smile had also appeared on her face after hearing Shun Long ’s answer.

After all, she didn ’t want Shun Long to feel burdened by Huo Wuyi ’s request, before they had even arrived in the central region.

Shun Long then closed his eyes for a few moments, as he started to think seriously over what he and Liu Mei should do next.

Although he had already obtained Huo Wuyi ’s black sword, the translucent armor and the dragonstone, as well as the chest with the memory jade, he was also certain that he had riled up the entire continent during this time, including the hall master of the ’Demon Emperor Palace ’, Duan Zhu, as well as the full force of the Shengtian dynasty! 

After thinking seriously for a moment, he turned his eyes to look at Liu Mei before he said with a regretful tone

’ ’Mei ’er, let ’s stay in this inn for a while.

I was originally planning for us to participate in the fights in the House of Rankings now that we have both advanced to the peak of the Spirit realm, but it ’s better for us to not attract too much attention at this point.

There should be a little more than 2 weeks before the test of the Holy sect starts, and we can ’t expose ourselves until then.

Although I doubt that the Shengtian dynasty will be able to find any clues, it will still be dangerous for us to stroll around the continent. ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head with that same mesmerizing look on her face.

It was obvious that she didn ’t mind too much whether she participated in the fights in the House of Rankings or not.

2 weeks passed by in the blink of an eye, before Shun Long and Liu Mei appeared a few hundred miles away from the Heaven ’s Dome city.

However, before he and Liu Mei could even approach the city gates, Shun Long saw the sky above his head suddenly darken.

Every single person in the entire ’Night star continent ’ turned their heads to look at the darkened sky above their heads, before a powerful voice resounded throughout the entire continent, shaking the hearts and souls of everyone who heard it

’ ’People of the ’Night star continent ’!

The Holy sect ’s test will start in 48 hours.

Every person whose age is below 300 years old and has reached at least the late-stages of the Spirit realm, can participate in it!

Those of you who want to participate, gather outside the Heaven ’s Dome city within the next 48 hours! ’ ’

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