As Huo Wuyi ’s voice trailed off, the scene in front of Shun Long ’s eyes changed.

Shun Long saw the young Huo Wuyi inside a forest, standing in front of a very beautiful young woman who was dressed in white robes.

There was a stunning smile on the young woman ’s face when she saw Huo Wuyi who was standing in front of her, and had just saved her and her younger brother who had been attacked by a powerful magic beast.

Even Shun Long had to admit that this young woman was extremely pretty.

Even if she wasn ’t as pretty as Liu Mei, she was definitely not too far off.

As Shun Long looked at the young woman and her brother who were just saved by the young man they had just met, Huo Wuyi ’s voice that was filled with self-mockery, anger and helplessness resounded in Shun Long ’s ears once again

’ ’Hehe, this was my Dao partner, Yi Qianyu.

The day that I met her, she and her younger brother were being attacked by a middle rank 5 magic beast and were on the verge of dying.

The moment that I saw her, I was stunned by her beauty, and couldn ’t bear to let her die like that.

I originally thought that we would each follow our own ways after they thanked me for saving their lives.
I had never thought that Qianyu would actually ask me to travel with them.

Hehe, of course I also knew back then, that she had most likely asked me to travel with them only because she didn ’t feel safe, that she and her brother would manage to complete their journey by themselves, and not because she was interested in me or because she felt grateful.

However, I had no reason to refuse either.

That was when I learned that Qianyu came from a small village, and she was passing through that forest to enter a big city.

However, the more that I traveled with her, the more I could feel myself being attracted to her as well.

Half a month later, after we arrived at the city that she and her brother were heading towards, I confessed my feelings for her, and she responded back.

That was when we first became Dao partners.

Hehe, Dao partners huh…
what a foolish pair of words!

We traveled together for many years, and of course, I did everything I could to help my own woman to become stronger and live longer.

I tried my best to help her become a disciple of the Holy sect as well, but whether she could pass the test or not was up to her.

I had never expected that just a hundred years later, she would actually betray me for another man! ’ ’

Shun Long was stunned for a moment.

He didn ’t understand why Huo Wuyi was narrating his life story to him right now, nor what was the reason behind it.

However, he was also stunned when he heard that Huo Wuyi ’s wife betrayed him for another man.

Although it was said that it wasn ’t too uncommon for Dao partners to betray each other for an extremely rare and valuable treasure, this was actually the first time that Shun Long had heard about someone betraying their Dao partner for another person.

At the same time, the scene in front of Shun Long changed once again, depicting a young Huo Wuyi who was confronting Yi Qianyu and a handsome young man who was standing next to her, with a nonchalant smile on his face.

Shun Long could easily discern the fury behind Huo Wuyi ’s voice as he continued his narration

’ ’Hehe, everything changed the day that a young man from a powerful family saw Qianyu, and was instantly enchanted by her beauty!

What I hadn ’t expected however, was for Qianyu to betray me and follow that man instead, the moment that he said that he was interested in her and wanted to marry her!

Hehehe! Back then I screamed on top of my lungs and cursed her as a shameless bitch before I fought with that man…
but in the end, I was miserably defeated. ’ ’

Shun Long saw the young Huo Wuyi lying in a pool of blood, with his arms both bent unnaturally, while an expression of fury and helplessness had appeared on his face, as tears had welled up in his eyes at the same time.

’ ’However, even though I was defeated, that man didn ’t have the guts to kill me either.
After all, he knew that he was in the wrong, and although the Holy sect isn ’t the strongest sect in the central region, it definitely wasn ’t much weaker than that man ’s family.

In the end, that man simply told me to never approach him and Qianyu again, otherwise, he said that he would kill me no matter which power I belonged to! ’ ’

After a brief moment of pause, Shun Long heard Huo Wuyi who started to laugh maniacally before he said

’ ’HAHAHA! Not only did that man steal my woman, but he even threatened me that he would kill me if I ever approached her again! I wonder if any man can live with this kind of shame! A woman who I had always loved and did my best for her, had not only betrayed me for another man, but I was also humiliated by both of them!

As a cultivator, I was simply unwilling to accept this! My heart was unwilling to accept this humiliation and shame!

And yet I knew that I simply couldn ’t fight against that man.

Not only was his family almost at the same level as the Holy sect itself, but I also couldn ’t bear to bring myself and ask for help from the sect, to take revenge on the man who managed to steal my wife. 

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Thus, I decided to cultivate by myself, until I became strong enough to challenge him and take my revenge.

Although I believe that I am strong enough to seek revenge today, I do not dare to underestimate that man either! After all, I have already fought against him once, and I was completely incapable of even lasting for 10 hits against him back then.

Even in the entire central region, that man can definitely be considered a genius!

This is why after much thought, I decided to first return back to the ’Night star continent ’ and create the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.

After all, I can ’t say with certainty if I will be able to return alive either.

Thus, I created trials, and placed many treasures inside the villa, in order to help the natives of my home become stronger in the future.

Of course, the real treasures were actually placed at the depths of the villa, hidden behind the last barrier.

Since you have already obtained my memory jade, it means that you are at the very least, a peak Dao King whose talent isn ’t too low either!

After all, to break through my final barrier, requires the full-powered blow of someone whose strength is close to a Dao Emperor!

Since you were fated to get my memory jade, I will tell you where my most valuable treasures are actually hidden, but I also hope that you can do one thing for me as well! ’ ’

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