The moment that Shun Long ’s spirit sense entered the white jade, Shun Long could feel a blinding white light filling his mind, before a completely new scene appeared in his eyes.

A man in his early 40s who seemed to be even younger than Cui Guoliang, was floating in the air and was staring at Shun Long who seemed to have suddenly appeared in front of him.

Shun Long noticed that this man had black hair and deep silver-colored eyes, while his body was covered by a white robe with mysterious runes and patterns on it.

With just a glance, Shun Long could instantly understand that this man ’s robes were covered with some kind of formations.

At the same time, Shun Long also noticed, that he was no longer inside the room of the inn, with Liu Mei sitting on the floor directly opposite from him.

Instead, it seemed like he was floating in an empty white world, that had nothing else inside it aside from the white-robed man who was now standing in front of him.

’ ’Is this the scene inside the memory jade? ’ ’

As this thought flashed through his mind, Shun Long saw the man in front of him finally move for the first time.

The black-haired man looked at Shun Long and opened his mouth, causing a loud, booming voice to sound in Shun Long ’s ears, before it reverberated throughout the empty white world!

’ ’Welcome to my palace!

My name is Huo Wuyi and I am the person who created the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’! ’ ’

As the man ’s voice reverberated throughout the empty world, Shun Long felt a powerful headache overcoming his mind.

At the same time, he also saw that his surroundings had started to change, before the throne hall at the depths of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ appeared in front of his eyes.

As for the black-haired, white-robed man, he stood in front of the throne as he gazed towards Shun Long ’s direction before he then continued

’ ’Since you have obtained this memory jade, it means that you have managed to pass through the obstacles of my villa, making you eligible to inherit my legacy! ’ ’

As the white-robed man finished speaking, Shun Long saw the throne room that he was standing in slowly fade away into emptiness, before an entirely different scene appeared around him.

It was a young man with short black hair and bright silver-colored eyes, fighting bare-handed against a magic beast that resembled a bear.

Although Shun Long couldn ’t feel any aura coming from the young man in front of him or the brown bear, he only needed a glance to recognize the magic beast in front of him, that was certainly an early or a middle rank 2 ’earth bear ’!

As for the young man who was fighting the bear, Shun Long instantly understood from his unique facial features, that this must be the same man who is standing in front of him right now.

At the same time that Shun Long was observing the scene in front of his eyes, the black-robed man who seemed to have also been staring at the same scene took a deep breath, before he said in a voice that was devoid of any emotions.

’ ’I was originally born in this ’Night star continent ’ as well, in a small clan named the Huo clan.
My clan lived in a small village, not too far away from the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’ at the west of the continent.

However, thanks to my talents, my cultivation quickly rose, and within just a few years, I had already reached the peak of rank 9 in the Heaven grade.

I continued adventuring throughout the continent, exploring different places and meeting many new people, until I became a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

That was when I found the first big opportunity in my life! ’ ’

As the black-robed man continued to speak, the scenes around Shun Long constantly changed, almost as if they were allowing Shun Long to observe what the black-robed man had gone through in his life.

Although Shun Long saw the man struggling, laughing and crying, the voice that resounded in his mind, was actually devoid of any joy or sadness, as it continued speaking

’ ’Since I was qualified to participate in the Holy sect ’s test, despite the dangers that it entailed, and despite having no powerful faction of the ’Night star continent ’ backing me, I still decided to take the risk and participate in it!

Although I faced some terrifying monsters during that test whose powers could not be measured using common sense, I still managed to pass the test and become a disciple of the Holy sect! ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t know if the white-robed man had done this intentionally or if it was due to some other unknown reason, but he was actually unable to see anything regarding the Holy sect ’s test from the man ’s memories.

The man however didn ’t seem to have noticed anything amiss as he continued speaking

’ ’After becoming a disciple of the Holy sect, not only did I finally obtain a backing and a place to stay in the cultivation world, as well as countless resources, but I also gained the chance to interact with those powerful monsters inside the sect! 

At the same time, after sparring with other members of the sect and taking on sect missions, I grew stronger at a rate, countless times faster than when I was still in the ’Night star continent ’!

Although I wasn ’t even close to the strongest disciples of the sect, I was definitely not weak, even among other Nascent Soul stage cultivators! ’ ’

For the first time during the narration, Shun Long heard the man ’s voice suddenly turning emotional

’ ’Once I believed that I was strong enough, I started to take on even more difficult missions, even those that involved traveling to places far away from the sect!

It was during such a sect mission however…
that I met the person who ruined my life! ’ ’

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