Shun Long turned his head to look behind him and make sure that Duan Zhu and Sheng Jun hadn ’t caught up with Little Black, before he turned his eyes to look at Liu Mei and answered with a light smile on his face

’ ’Let ’s go and take a look at the ’City of Sin ’! ’ ’

Liu Mei felt confused in her heart when she heard Shun Long ’s answer, and after taking a deep breath, she then asked

’ ’Long-ge…
won ’t the people from the Shengtian dynasty find us instantly then?

Isn ’t it better for us to hide and wait somewhere else? ’ ’

Of course, Liu Mei had already understood from Shun Long ’s tone, that he wasn ’t planning on hiding Little Black before they went to the ’City of Sin ’!

Instead, it seemed like he wanted to attract even more attention.

Nodding his head, Shun Long ’s eyes suddenly turned deep as he looked in the distance ahead, at the blood-red mountain that had slowly appeared on the horizon, before he said with a serious tone

’ ’Mei ’er, you are right! The best course of action is to hide and wait or leave the ’Night star continent.

However, that hall master of the ’Demon Emperor Palace ’, as well as that old man who is most likely the king of the Shengtian dynasty, won ’t let things go no matter what!

Even if they can ’t find us in the northern part of the city, I have no doubt that they will end up sweeping through the entire continent if they have to.

After all, let alone this wooden chest, or that black sword and the translucent armor that Little Black snatched away earlier, even the rest of the weapons that were randomly sprawled around on the ground were enough to make those Dao Kings excited. ’ ’

Liu Mei seemed to have just realized what Shun Long wanted to do, as she then asked in a shocked voice

’ ’Long-ge is planning to lure them into thinking that we are hiding near the ’City of Sin ’ then? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head with that smile on his face, before he placed the wooden chest in his hands inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

Although he was curious about the chest ’s contents, he wouldn ’t try to open it while Duan Zhu and Sheng Jun were still chasing after him.

At the same time, Shun Long didn ’t think that the 2 peak Dao Kings would have been able to find Little Black once he entered inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

However, it would have been much harder for him and Liu Mei to hide if they didn ’t direct the Shengtian dynasty ’s attention to the north of the ’Night star continent ’.

A few moments later, while the entire Heaven ’s Dome city was riled up by the experts of the Shengtian dynasty who were all heading towards the north of the continent, the familiar-looking ’Mountain of Blood ’ where the ’City of Sin ’ was located appeared in Shun Long ’s eyes.

As Little Black appeared above the lawless city, he let out a terrifying roar that shook the entire crimson mountain!


Every single person in the ’City of Sin ’ turned their eyes to look at the sky, as they stared at the black dragon who was flying above their heads!

Even the middle-stage Dao King, senior Huang, flew out from his palace at the center of the ’City of Sin ’, as he stared at the black dragon in the sky with shock in his eyes.

And yet, Little Black only flew above the city for a single moment, before he disappeared in the distance.

Even if ’senior Huang ’ wanted to give chase, he would be completely incapable of catching up to the black dragon.

After all, even Sheng Jun and Duan Zhu would at most be on par with Little Black ’s speed, let alone a single middle-stage Dao King like him.

As the matter of a living black dragon started to spread throughout the city like wildfire, Shun Long had Little Black descend in a small forest 300 miles away from the ’Mountain of Blood ’.

Even the strongest magic beast in the forest which was at the early rank 4, equal to a peak rank 3 Spirit realm cultivator, could only tremble and prostrate itself in front of the black dragon ’s aura that had covered the entire forest.

Patting Little Black ’s head, Shun Long said in a low voice that was filled with obvious hints of relief

’ ’Little Black, you did a good job.
You can rest now! ’ ’

Opening his mouth, Little Black spat out the translucent armor, as well as the black sword with strange patterns on it, before he returned back inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

And yet, Shun Long only threw a glance towards the black sword and the armor that he suspected to be weapons at the absolute peak of rank 3 in the gold grade, before he placed them inside the ’Stone of Time ’ as well.

’ ’Long-ge, what should we do now? ’ ’

After falling silent for a few moments, Shun Long looked around him before he said

’ ’Let ’s find an isolated place first.
I am really curious about what is inside that wooden chest. ’ ’

Since the chest was placed right before that golden throne, Shun Long was certain that even if its value wasn ’t the highest among the things inside that hall, it would definitely be something at the same level as the dragonstone!

At the same time, in the depths of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, the group of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ that Zhao Lan ’s was leading had just arrived inside the throne room, when they saw the experts of the Shengtian dynasty gathering the remaining rank 3 gold-grade weapons from the floor.

Looking at the peak rank 9 Dao King of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’, Sheng Jun ’s wife, the queen of the Shengtian dynasty, Qiao Lifen shot him a cold glance when she saw the greedy look in his eyes, before she said

’ ’Zhao Lan, I suggest that you don ’t get any funny ideas! My Shengtian dynasty was the one who managed to find this place first!

I suggest that you turn around and leave immediately, otherwise… ’ ’

’ ’Hahaha! Otherwise what? Qiao Lifen, I suggest that you give up half of what you have already obtained, otherwise, I will take everything by force! 

Your Shengtian dynasty found this place first? Why don ’t you say that you also found the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ first? Do you think that I would believe you?

How could you even enter this place without Duan Zhu ’s help?

This is me giving you some face! Give up half of what you have already obtained, otherwise I will take everything myself! ’ ’

Although Zhao Lan knew that he most likely wasn ’t a match against Sheng Jun, as the strongest Dao King of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’, he was confident enough to completely suppress Qiao Lifen and her group by himself.

If he added the group of Dao Kings from the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ behind him, he was certain that he could even kill the Shengtian dynasty ’s group if Sheng Jun wasn ’t present.

An ugly look appeared in Qiao Lifen ’s eyes, before she fell silent for a few moments, while furious looks had appeared in the Dao Kings of the Shengtian dynasty ’s faces.

Gritting her teeth, Qiao Lifen drew her sword before she shouted angrily


I will make you regret this! ’ ’

Without waiting for Zhao Lan to respond, Qiao Lifen flew towards him, aiming to surprise attack the peak rank 9 Dao King!

Zhao Lan however seemed to have already expected this, as a huge fight instantly erupted between the 2 peak powers of the Heaven ’s Dome city.

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