Yin Xing was extremely excited.
This was a never before seen, improved version of the normal ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pill, and as a rank 3 bronze grade alchemist, he could easily understand the effects of a rank 1 pill after inspecting it for a while.

’ ’Who knows, perhaps if I ’m lucky enough, this senior may even give me the recipe for this improved ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pill in the end. ’ ’

Although Yin Xing had these thoughts in his mind, he didn ’t try to push his luck in fear of incurring Shun Long ’s displeasure.

However, Yin Xing was now determined to do everything he can in order to leave behind a good impression on Shun Long.

Since Shun Long had said that he will sell them directly to the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ this time, he must have meant that he will sell more pills in the future, but he will probably put them up for auction and won ’t sell them directly to the pavilion like he did this time.

’ ’Perhaps this senior could take a liking in me and accept me as a disciple.
Then I will get to learn all sorts of precious pill recipes like this one hehehe… ’ ’

Yin Xing had already started daydreaming, and even his drool had started dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Shun Long was a bit disgusted looking at his expression, while Mei Yi ’s and Wong Bo ’s faces had turned red from shame.


Shun Long coughed once to wake Yin Xing up before he said

’ ’I also need to purchase some things from your ’Treasure Pavilion ’ this time. ’ ’

Yin Xing realized his blunder as this was a very shameful display for a rank 3 bronze grade alchemist, so he hurriedly said

’ ’Don ’t worry senior, just tell me what you need and I will personally go and bring everything over ’ ’

Just then a sudden idea came to Yin Xing ’s mind, as he took something from his spatial ring before handing it to Shun Long

’ ’Senior, please accept this VIP card as a gift from our ’Treasure Pavilion ’.
It can give you a 40 percent discount on everything that you directly purchase from our ’Treasure Pavilion ’.
Unfortunately, this VIP card doesn ’t count inside our pavilion ’s auctions, but it may still come in handy for when senior visits our Pavilion. ’ ’

Shun Long was astonished by this VIP card ’s features.
It had the same use as fatty Fu ’s privileges inside the ’Treasure Pavilion ’.

Shun Long laughed and accepted the VIP card as he expressed his thanks at Yin Xing, before listing out the ingredients he needed

’ ’I need 40 sets of ’Honey Fruit ’, ’Blue stripped grass ’, ’5-leafed giant flower ’, and ’Grisly growing root ’.
I also need a ’white-root Ganoderma ’, a ’blood lotus ’ at least 50 years of age, a ’fire-spirit fruit ’, a ’water element grass ’ as well as half a bottle of a rank 3 ’black-tongued python ’s ’ poison.

Yin Xing was exhilarated that he could manage to leave behind a good impression after his previous blunder, but when he heard the second part of the ingredients that Shun Long had listed his face suddenly paled.

He said in an almost crying tone

’ ’Senior, although our ’Treasure Pavilion ’ has some of these ingredients, I am not sure if we have everything that you listed just now ’ ’

Shun Long was a bit disappointed as he head originally thought that he could gather everything in the ’Tresure Pavilion ’, but in the end, he still waved his hand and said

’ ’I understand, just tell me what is available.
I already spotted the ’white-root Ganoderma ’ on the first floor, but if you don ’t have the rest of these herbs I will understand. ’ ’

Yin Xing seemed relieved that the senior was so understanding, and said

’ ’Senior please give me a moment to check, I will be back very soon. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded and Yin Xing quickly left the room.

Half an hour later, Yin Xing returned, and as he waved his hand the previously empty table was now almost full with medicinal herbs.

’ ’Senior, here are the 40 sets of ’Honey Fruit ’, ’Blue stripped grass ’, ’5-leafed giant flower ’, and the ’Grisly growing root ’.
Their total cost would be 560 sect points, but considering the 40 percent discount of senior ’s VIP card, the final cost is only 336 sect points. ’ ’

Then Yin Xing took some more things from his spatial ring as he introduced every ingredient with great zeal

’ ’This is the ’blood lotus ’ that senior asked for and it is almost 100 years old.
Its price with senior ’s VIP card is only 300 sect points from the original 500, while this is the ’white-root Ganoderma ’ that senior requires and its final price would be 120 sect points. ’ ’

Yin Xing then pointed at a small bottle filled with black liquid on the table and said

’ ’Senior, this is the poison of a rank 3 ’black tongued python ’, and its price is only 900 sect points.

I also specifically inquired about the ’fire-spirit fruit ’ and the ’water element grass ’ and although they aren ’t available in our ’Treasure Pavilion ’ right now, I actually found out where senior can acquire them. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes brightened when he heard that Yin Xing had information about the last 2 ingredients he needed.

If he could really get his hands on the ’fire-spirit fruit ’ and the ’water element grass ’ and refine the rank 2 ’Internal destruction ’ pill, he would then be able to reach the first stage of the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’.

Just based on the scenes that Shun Long had witnessed inside his mind, the power of the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ was beyond shocking.

’ ’Where can I find them? ’ ’ Shun Long asked

Although his tone was heavy, Yin Xing didn ’t fail to notice the unmistakable excitement in his voice and that made him puzzled

’ ’This senior is definitely someone who has reached at least the rank 1 silver grade as an alchemist, just based on the perfection of his ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills.
Although the ’fire-spirit fruit ’ and the ’water element grass ’ are relatively rare rank 2 medicinal herbs, they shouldn ’t be that rare to such a senior or hold so much allure for him. ’ ’

Although Yin Xing was somewhat puzzled, he still answered Shun Long ’s question

’ ’They should appear 15 days from now, in our ’Treasure Pavilion ’s ’ auction. ’ ’

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