A gigantic throne room appeared in Shun Long ’s eyes, filled with endless gold, silver, and rare shiny jades.

A gigantic golden throne that seemed to have been made for a 4m(13ft) tall giant was placed at the edge of the room, with a small, wooden chest in front of it.

Shun Long had been stunned when he had seen Cui Guoliang ’s luxurious palace in the past, but in front of the throne room in front of him, the difference was even bigger than the clouds and the mud.

Aside from the golden throne and the wooden chest, there were countless weapons on the floor of the hall, including swords, shields, sabers, spears, and bows.

And yet, Shun Long only had a chance to throw a glance at the treasures around him as soon as they entered the room, before Little Black shot towards a corner of the room.

A small, black-colored stone was levitating in the air, and it was emitting a powerful light, almost as if it was excited to feel Little Black ’s presence!

Even Shun Long and Liu Mei only needed a second to understand, that this was the piece of dragonstone that Little Black wanted!

Shun Long also knew, that this was this same piece of dragonstone that Little Black had formed a connection with just now, and had also stirred up some of its energy to open a hole in the enormous pillar of light!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52283266476070326 for visiting.

At the same time, Duan Zhu and Sheng Jun had just passed through the hole at the same time, when the same shocking scene appeared in their eyes, dumbfounding the 2 peak Dao Kings.

Hundreds of weapons were sprawled on the ground, all of them actually being rank 3 gold-grade weapons!

This was a shocking sight to behold, causing the 2 powerful Dao Kings to stand still for a few moments, as they gawked at the scene in front of them with eyes filled with disbelief.

Even the Shengtian dynasty which was among the strongest powers in the ’Night star continent ’ had less than 10 gold-grade weapons in their treasury! 

Among them, only 2 of those weapons had actually reached the pinnacle of the gold grade.

However, every single weapon in front of Sheng Jun right now, was at the rank 3 without any exception, while almost half of them were actually at the peak of rank 3 in the gold-grade!

This was more than enough for Sheng Jun ’s Shengtian dynasty to dominate the entire ’Night star continent ’!

And yet, these weapons were thrown around on the ground as if they were trash!

Duan Zhu however wasn ’t any less shocked than Sheng Jun!

As a hall master of the ’Demon Emperor Palace ’, he clearly understood the value of the weapons in front of him!

Although his ’Demon Emperor Palace ’ had their own peak rank 3 gold-grade formation masters who could create similar weapons, this wasn ’t just a matter of the weapons themselves!

After all, the materials used to create all of the weapons in here, were definitely more than what the ’Demon Emperor Palace ’ could afford to spend!

At the same time that the 2 peak Dao Kings were staring at the treasures around them, they suddenly noticed Little Black arriving in front of a levitating black stone.

Sheng Jun ’s and Duan Zhu ’s eyes however weren ’t focused on the levitating stone, but on a translucent armor as well as a black sword with strange patterns on it, that were also hovering in the air next to the black stone!

Sensing the powerful auras coming from the armor and the black sword, the 2 peak Dao Kings only needed a moment to understand, that these weapons had already exceeded the gold-grade!

They were definitely at the same level as Duan Zhu ’s blood saber!

And yet, before Sheng Jun and Duan Zhu could even make their moves, Little Black opened his mouth and swallowed the levitating stone, the black sword and the translucent armor all at the same time!

’ ’STOP! ’ ’


Sheng Jun and Duan Zhu both shouted at the same time, as Duan Zhu brandished his blood saber, while Sheng Jun took out a pair of gloves from his spatial ring and put them on his hands, before they both attacked Little Black at the same time!

Little Black however didn ’t seem to have paid any attention to the 2 Dao Kings, as he shot forward at full speed towards the wooden chest in front of the throne.

Duan Zhu however seemed to have already expected this, as he sent a powerful slash forward, blocking Little Black ’s path.

A powerful crimson slash that was even redder than the color of fresh blood erupted from the saber, infused with the full might of the peak rank 9 Dao King!

Although Little Black had already avoided the first 2 attacks, if he wanted to get closer to the chest, he would have to take Duan Zhu ’s attack head-on.

However, equipped with the blood saber in his hands, there was no need to even consider whether Duan Zhu ’s slash was strong enough to hurt him.

Taking this chance that the black dragon had to back off, Duan Zhu and Sheng Jun temporarily ignored the 3 items that Little Black had ’stolen ’, before they turned their attention to the chest as well.

’ ’SCRAM! ’ ’

Duan Zhu shouted as he slashed his saber at Sheng Jun who was also rushing towards the throne at the same time as him!

Although he had expected this attack, the old king of the Shengtian dynasty barely had enough time to duck and dodge, as another powerful crimson slash erupted from the blood saber in Duan Zhu ’s hands!

Seeing that he was just a hundred meters away from the wooden chest, while Sheng Jun tumbled backwards, Duan Zhu had a huge smile on his face, before he extended his hand in anticipation to grab the chest.

However, seemingly out of nowhere, a space tear appeared right in front of the chest, while a pair of hands covered by black robes extended themselves to touch the wooden chest before Duan Zhu.

Under the peak rank 9 Dao King ’s disbelieving gaze, the wooden chest was dragged inside the space tear, before it disappeared right in front of his eyes.

At the same time, both Duan Zhu and Sheng Jun turned their heads to look at the black-robed person on top of the black dragon, only to see the wooden chest now lying in his arms.

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