Wan Zedong turned to look at the piece of white iron in Cui Guoliang ’s hands with a complicated look in her eyes, but in the end, she simply nodded her head in response.

Liu Mei turned to look at Shun Long with curiosity in her eyes, but she saw the look of puzzlement in his face as well, obviously having no idea what the white iron in Cui Guoliang ’s hands actually was.

Seeing that neither Shun Long nor the white-veiled young woman next to him were speaking, Cui Guoliang understood that he had yet to explain things properly, and with a smile on his face, the golden-haired Dao King waved his hand, as an old, tattered yellow beast skin appeared in his hands.

With a sigh that seemed to have been trying to expel all of the negative emotions that were bubbled up inside him, Cui Guoliang sat cross-legged in the air, before he looked at Shun Long and asked in a serious tone

’ ’Little brother Shun, do you know what this white iron in my hands really is? ’ ’

Shun Long simply shook his head as he looked at the white iron in Cui Guoliang ’s hands.
He was curious as to what was this item that had caused the entrapment of 2 Dao Kings for thousands of years.

Shaking his head, Cui Guoliang first turned to look at his wife who was also sitting next to him, before he said with a smile on his face

’ ’This is actually a rank 6 ’white sea ore ’. ’ ’

Knowing that Shun Long and the young woman next to him were most likely going to be unaware of the origins of this item, Cui Guoliang then continued

’ ’This is an extremely rare ore that can be used by rank 3 gold grade formation masters to create peak rank 3 gold grade weapons and armor, or it can be infused to strengthen gold grade formations! 

If a pinnacle rank 3 gold grade formation is infused with this ore, then it will certainly reach the absolute peak of rank 3 gold grade! 

No, such a formation may even exceed the gold grade! 

Of course, this also requires the formation master ’s level to have reached the required level as well! ’ ’

There was a fervent look in Cui Guoliang ’s green eyes as he said the last sentence. 

After taking a deep breath, he then added with an excited tone in his voice

’ ’Nevertheless, this is a priceless treasure that cannot be purchased, no matter how many spirit stones a powerful force from the ’Night star continent ’ is willing to offer! ’ ’

Shun Long and Liu Mei were both shocked when they heard Cui Guoliang ’s words.

The thing in Cui Guoliang ’s hands was indeed a treasure.

After all, Shun Long already knew, that even the strongest experts of the continent were most likely at the peak of rank 9 of the Dao King realm, with no one managing to reach the level of a Dao Emperor! 

At the same time, even with his superficial understanding of formations, Shun Long easily understood that, if there really was a formation that could potentially exceed even the pinnacle of rank 3 gold grade, then no matter how many powerful Dao Kings gathered to fight against it, it would be practically impossible for them to forcefully break through such a formation using brute force! 

Seeing that Shun Long could instantly recognize the value of the ore in his hands, Cui Guoliang nodded his head before he turned his eyes to the tattered, yellow-colored beast skin, and said with a look of pain in his eyes

’ ’Back then, I found this treasure map along with a jade slip with stored information inside it, as well as a small piece of ’white sea ore ’ next to it, in the cave of a deceased expert.

The person who had left these items, probably knew that he was going to die, since he had also recorded a mental message inside the jade slip, saying that if one followed the map carved out in the beast skin they would be able to find an even bigger piece of ’white sea ore ’. ’ ’

Turning his head to look at his wife, Cui Guoliang continued with a self-deprecating smile 

’ ’Of course, the moment that I realized that the ’white sea ore ’ was near the core region of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, I couldn ’t help but rethink this matter.
After all, even middle-stage Dao Kings have a high chance of dying in this place!

I who was just an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator had no hope of surviving in this place! ’ ’

As he finished his words, Cui Guoliang looked around him warily, before he placed the ’white sea ore ’ back inside his spatial ring, as he then continued

’ ’However, no matter what, the ’white sea ore ’ wasn ’t a treasure that I could let go!

I cultivated for thousands of years, and after becoming a Dao King and reached the peak of the early stages, I explained everything to Zedong before we came to this place together.

Unfortunately, the map didn ’t mention that the ’white sea ore ’ was hidden in a place filled with powerful formations. ’ ’

Noticing that Cui Guoliang had fallen silent after he finished this sentence, almost as if he was still trying to realize that he had finally escaped from this endless nightmare, Wan Zedong nodded her head as she then added

’ ’Thankfully, Guoliang had already taken precautions and created the secret realm in the Desolate East in order to find someone to help us!

Although I had always thought that such an action was worthless, in the end, I can only thank you since you were the reason why we could escape! ’ ’

Seeing Wan Zedong sincerely bow in thanks, Shun Long cupped his hands in response, accepting the Dao King ’s act of gratitude.

Straightening her black robes that were embroidered with silver patterns, Wan Zedong then took out a ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’ from her spatial ring, and with a smile on her face, she looked at Shun Long and the white-veiled, silent Liu Mei who was standing next to him, before she said

’ ’Unfortunately, being trapped in that formation meant that we were unable to activate our ’Dragon Lord ’s medallions ’ and get teleported directly at the villa ’s entrance as well! ’ ’

Cui Guoliang seemed to have just woken up when he heard Wan Zedong ’s words, as he took out his ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’ from his spatial ring as well, before he looked at Shun Long with an apologetic look on his face, as he then added

’ ’Right, little brother Shun! I forgot to mention this.

If you want to instantly escape from the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, all you have to do, is to directly inject your qi inside your ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’, and you will be teleported to the villa ’s entrance!

However, you have to be careful!

If you are trapped in a formation similar to ours, then the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’ cannot be activated.

If you don ’t find another way to escape, you will certainly die! ’ ’

Shun Long had never heard of this before, as he took out his ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion and examined it carefully.

He wasn ’t able to sense any direct connection with it, without injecting his qi inside it.

Even after examining it with his spirit sense, there was still nothing out of the ordinary with the bronze medallion in his hands.

Excited to leave this place and return back to the ’Night star continent ’, Cui Guoliang took a deep breath to suppress his anxious emotions, as he looked at Shun Long and the young woman next to him and asked

’ ’Little brother Shun, should we return together then? The road forward is extremely dangerous.
Even with an early rank 6 magic beast, you won ’t manage to reach the depths of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’! ’ ’

Understanding that Cui Guoliang was only warning him out of goodwill for the dangers that lied deeper inside, Shun Long cupped his hands at the golden-haired Dao King in front of him, before he reached out to hold Liu Mei ’s hand and said in a tone that had obvious hints of gratitude inside it

’ ’Senior, we have certain matters to investigate, so we won ’t be able to return back just yet! ’ ’

Cui Guoliang nodded his head, not willing to pressure the matter. 

After sweeping his gaze past Liu Mei, he turned his eyes to look at Shun Long and handed him a token with the words ’Cui ’ on it, before he said with a smile on his face

’ ’Very well! Make sure to be careful.
This is the token of my Cui clan! If you visit the ’Golden Shield city ’ make sure to drop by the Cui clan! Me and Zedong will definitely hold a banquet to welcome you and your wife when the time comes. ’ ’

Although Cui Guoliang hadn ’t recognized Liu Mei, based on how close she was with Shun Long and the fact that they were traveling together in the most dangerous place of the ’Night star continent ’, the experienced Dao King only needed a moment to understand that the white-veiled woman ’s relationship with Shun Long was anything but ordinary.

As soon as he finished his words, the peak rank 3 Dao King and his wife, injected their qi in the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallions ’ in their hands at the same time.

A golden light descended from the barrier above their heads that covered the entire ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, before it completely enveloped the 2 Dao Kings.

Under Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s eyes, Cui Guoliang and Wan Zedong ’s bodies slowly turned into motes of light, and just a few moments later, they finally disappeared.

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