Under Cui Guoliang ’s and Wan Zedong ’s shocked eyes, after just one hit, the whirlpool that Cui Guoliang was suppressing instantly weakened by more than half.

Just based on the power of this shockwave alone, the 2 Dao Kings could infer, that the black panther ’s strength was definitely at the peak of the early stage of rank 6!

Even 2 peak rank 3 Dao Kings may not necessarily be able to win in a fight against it!

As soon as the second shockwave landed on the whirlpool ’s core, the whirlpool that was already weakened instantly dispersed, making Cui Guoliang who was suppressing it have his eyes lit up with excitement.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-gratitude_52205668765058939 for visiting.

And yet, the moment that the first whirlpool disappeared, a second one moved from the surrounding ones and soon took its place, as it continued to pressure Cui Guoliang and Wan Zedong.

The look in Cui Guoliang ’s face however, was no longer that of wariness or despair, but instead it was one of excitement, as he stared at the silver-winged black panther with shining eyes.

As the water around him surged, Cui Guoliang used his expertise in the ’Dao of Water ’ to suppress the new whirlpool that appeared in front of him.

At the same time, Little Silver opened its mouth again, as it directed another shockwave towards the center of the new whirlpool.

Time passed like this, and one by one, the whirlpools around Cui Guoliang and Wan Zedong disappeared.

From the original 20, there were only 4 whirlpools left.

Even Wan Zedong ’s eyes were staring at Little Silver like she was looking at her own ancestor, and with a look of excitement, she shouted at Shun Long in a voice filled with hope

’ ’Just one more whirlpool left! Please do your best! ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long didn ’t stop Little Silver, who opened its mouth as it let out another powerful shockwave.

This time, the moment that the shockwave landed at the center of the whirlpool, all of the remaining 4 whirlpools started to tremble at the same time.

The moment that the second attack followed, the whirlpools were on the verge of collapse, but this time, they didn ’t instantly disappear.

It was only after the third and fourth shockwaves finally found their targets that the whirlpools collapsed one after the other.

The ground beneath Cui Guoliang ’s and Wan Zedong ’s feet started to tremble, before the seabed slowly cracked.

The formation that had been restraining the 2 Dao Kings for thousands of years finally disappeared, as Cui Guoliang and his wife anxiously shot towards the water ’s surface like fish that were being chased by a shark!

The moment that the golden-haired middle-aged man and the voluptuous woman appeared above the sea surface, tears welled up in their eyes as Cui Guoliang mumbled to himself

’ ’Finally… ’ ’

Wan Zedong hugged him tightly, and with her eyes that were filled with tears of joy she looked at the golden-robed man in front of her and said joyously

’ ’Brother Liang…
we are finally free! I thought that we were going to die in this place, and get buried at the depths of the sea, without seeing the sun ever again! ’ ’

Cui Guoliang nodded his head, his eyes unable to hide the turbulent emotions inside them, before he turned his gaze towards the black panther that had just come out from the sea as well, and then looked at the handsome blue-robed young man and the white-veiled young woman who was standing next to him.

Surprisingly, Cui Guoliang cupped his hands and bowed as he said in an amiable tone, completely different from the arrogant Dao King that Shun Long was used to deal with in the past

’ ’Little brother Shun, thank you for saving me! I always thought that you would need at least a few hundreds, if not thousands of years until you came to this place.
However, you took the risk to come here and help me and Zedong escape when you are still at the peak of the Spirit realm!

I, Cui Guoliang am not someone who forgets grudges or goodwill.
Please accept my token of gratitude. ’ ’

As he finished speaking, Cui Guoliang didn ’t wait for Shun Long to respond, before the peak rank 3 Dao King took out a small, golden-colored spatial ring from his robes and threw it towards him.

Catching the spatial ring, Shun Long didn ’t decline, and without checking the ring ’s contents, he directly placed it in his pocket, intending to have a look at it later.

Then, he turned his eyes towards Cui Guoliang before he cupped his hands and said with a smile on his face

’ ’Senior, since I promised to help you, then of course I wouldn ’t go back on my word.
Just the fact that you let me have Little Silver in the past, was enough for me to come and save you today.
I will not forget the gratitude that you showed me in the past either! ’ ’

A shocked look flashed through Cui Guoliang ’s and Wan Zedong ’s eyes as they turned their eyes to look at the early rank 6 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ in front of them.

Cui Guoliang clearly remembered that the magic beasts that he had allowed Shun Long to choose from, were still at the early rank 5.

As for the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ that he had chosen back then, it was definitely a magic beast that his own servant, Old Tao couldn ’t help advance to the middle of rank 5 no matter what he did.

The disappointment that Cui Guoliang had felt for this magic beast had exceeded the joy he felt for having it.
He had clearly deemed that the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ was useless and wouldn ’t be able to advance again in its life.

And yet, 3 years later, this same magic beast had already reached the early rank 6, and is now probably as strong as he himself is, if it isn ’t even stronger!

Of course, Cui Guoliang could also read in-between the lines of Shun Long ’s words causing him to chuckle awkwardly. 

He knew that Shun Long had surely noticed his envious gaze earlier as he stared at the rank 6 black panther, so mentioning that this was part of his reward, was the same as asking Cui Guoliang to forget any plans of asking him to return the panther.

Of course, this thought had flashed through Cui Guoliang ’s mind, but he wouldn ’t push this matter either if Shun Long refused.

Putting aside the fact that he wasn ’t one hundred percent certain of beating the panther in a head-on fight, even if he could, Cui Guoliang wasn ’t a person who would go back on his word and try to backstab the person who had just saved his and his wife ’s lives.

Cupping his hands, Cui Guoliang had a smile on his face as he looked at Shun Long, before he shook his head in a self-deprecating manner, as he then took out a large piece that looked like white iron from his spatial ring and held it in his hands.

His gaze turned complicated, but there was joy amidst his pain as he said to Shun Long

’ ’If it wasn ’t for this little thing, me and Zedong wouldn ’t have suffered for the past thousands of years like that! ’ ’

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