’ ’Ah? ’ ’

A confused look appeared on Liu Mei ’s face when she heard Shun Long ’s words.

Realizing the ambiguous meaning behind his words, Shun Long shook his head with a wary smile on his face, before he took off his black robes and placed them inside the spatial ring in his hand.

Before Shun Long could explain what he meant, Liu Mei ’s face had turned red from embarrassment, before she took off her black robes and handed them to Shun Long.

For a moment, she had misunderstood Shun Long ’s actual intentions, making her face turn redder than a tomato.

Of course, Shun Long couldn ’t put the blame on Liu Mei.

Instead, he knew that it was his poor choice of words that caused this misunderstanding.

Looking at Liu Mei with a smile on his face, Shun Long placed his arms around her waist, and pulling her into a hug, he first pointed at the sea below them before he said

’ ’If Cui Guoliang and his wife are really trapped inside the sea, then having the black robes on will do more harm than good. ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s eyes suddenly widened completely forgetting the embarrassing moment from a moment ago, and looking like she had just realized what Shun Long meant to say, she looked at him with shock in her eyes before she asked for confirmation

’ ’Long-ge, is it because people will recognize us in the future? ’ ’Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-plight_52184632266911652 for visiting.

Nodding his head, Shun Long turned his eyes towards the depths of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, at the gigantic pillar of light that was visible even from his current location, and said with a serious look in his eyes

’ ’There is no way that we can continue going forward using just Little Silver ’s strength.

In the end, if we are going to go to the depths of the villa, Little Black will have to show himself! 

Although it ’s unlikely that Cui Guoliang would be able to make the connection in the future, between the 2 people who are sitting on the ’Silver-winged panther king ’s ’ back, and those 2 who will be sitting on the black dragon ’s back, it ’s not entirely impossible for it to happen.

Of course, the only thing that these 2 groups will have in common will be the similar cultivation at the peak of rank 9 of the Spirit realm.

Additionally, although Cui Guoliang knows our identities, he doesn ’t know that we were wearing black robes before we entered the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.

Even the people outside the villa only saw 2 people riding on the black panther ’s back.

Although it ’s possible that they will be able to make the connection between the 2 people who are riding on the black panther now, and the people who will be riding on Little Black, that will only be nothing more than an assumption in the end.

As long as Cui Guoliang doesn ’t see us covering ourselves, it ’s practically impossible for him to make the connection. ’ ’

As Shun Long finished his words, he then added inwardly

’ ’And even if he does make the connection, when he realizes the consequences of offending the person behind Little Black, it ’s unlikely that either Cui Guoliang or his wife will come out to say anything. ’ ’

Liu Mei was stunned, as she stared at Shun Long with a gaping mouth.

At the same time, a feeling of admiration and pride had sprouted in her heart as she looked at Shun Long who confidently explained this thought process.

Indeed, it ’s important to pay attention even to the smallest details.

As for the reason why Shun Long didn ’t choose to ride on Little Black ’s back before entering the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ and then switch to Little Silver, Liu Mei didn ’t need him to explain this as she could already understand the reason by herself.

Since Shun Long wasn ’t aware, whether he and Liu Mei would be teleported to a random place inside the villa after passing through the villa ’s entrance, or whether they would arrive at the same place as every other Dao King who had entered before them, in case it was actually the latter and there were some peak rank 9 Dao Kings who spotted the black dragon, the trouble that this matter would have caused would probably be at the same level as the treasures at the core of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ itself!

It was very likely that even Sheng Jun ’s group would be searching for the 2 black robed people who were riding on the black dragon if that was the case, leaving no room for Shun Long and Liu Mei to move freely.

Without any more delay, under Shun Long ’s directions, Little Silver directly dove inside the sea right in front of the snowy island.

The crystal clear waters of the sea turned turbulent, as big waves rose the moment that the panther ’s body entered inside.

Although Little Silver ’s speed was many times slower inside the water than it was in the air, it was still as fast as an early rank 5 magic beast inside the sea.

Although the water was cold and it gave off a chilly feeling once it touched a person ’s body, this wasn ’t a problem for either Shun Long or Liu Mei, as Little Silver continued diving deeper inside.

2 minutes later, Little Silver arrived at the depths of the sea, where a shocking scene appeared in Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s eyes.

At the bottom of the sea, tens of gigantic whirlpools seemed to have formed a maze, trapping inside them a handsome, golden-robed middle-aged man along with a beautiful middle-aged woman.

Shun Long instantly recognized the middle-aged man as Cui Guoliang.

Although his avatar inside the palace of the ’Vermilion realm ’ was that of a young man ’s, and his golden-hair back then were much more l.u.s.trous, Shun Long only needed a glance to recognize the man inside the maze.

As for the middle-aged woman next to him, she was obviously the same voluptuous ’young woman ’, whose statue was erected right outside the ’King ’s palace ’ in the ’Vermilion realm ’.

At the same time, almost as if he had felt Shun Long ’s gaze on him, Cui Guoliang raised his head to look at the handsome young man in blue robes, and the white-veiled young woman who were sitting on top of the ’Silver-winged panther king ’, and a look of disbelief appeared on his face, completely unable to believe the scene in front of him!

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