Warm sun rays passed through a 3m(10ft) tall entrance, as they illuminated the stone labyrinth.

Shun Long instantly understood that this was the exit of the labyrinth!

Having destroyed the 2 stone golems that stood guard in front of the entrance, Little Silver passed through the stone entrance without any obstructions, before a new scene appeared in Shun Long ’s eyes. 

It was a vast plain field that spanned for hundreds of miles, while large and small mountains alike filled its surroundings.

The moment that Shun Long ’s eyes landed on the mountains around him, a look of disbelief flashed through his eyes, before he took out the map that he had received from Cui Guoliang once again.

His eyes instantly landed on a spot of the map that was filled with greenery, while various mountains had surrounded it from every angle.

Beyond those mountains was a seemingly vast desert, and right after the desert ended, was the place where Cui Guoliang and his wife were trapped at.

According to the map, Cui Guoliang ’s location was actually not too far from the periphery of the core region of the villa.

This made Shun Long have some doubts on whether Cui Guoliang was really just an early or a middle-stage Dao King.

According to the scarce information that he had managed to gather during the past 2 years regarding the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, Shun Long was actually certain about one thing.

It was the fact that the danger inside the villa grew exponentially the closer someone approached to its core region.
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It was said that even late-stage Dao Kings may encounter trouble in the outskirts of the core region, while only rank 9 Dao Kings were allowed to enter inside the villa ’s depths.

Thus, early and middle-stage Dao Kings wouldn ’t get too close to the core region of the villa, and will look for treasures near its outskirts.

This was what made Shun Long feel doubt regarding Cui Guoliang ’s actual strength.

Of course, he could also not disregard the fact, that Cui Guoliang and his wife had some other reason for heading to the core region.

’ ’Right! This is also in line with the fact that Cui Guoliang created the ’Vermilion realm ’ and prepared everything beforehand, in order to find someone who could help him in the future.

He seemed to have already known how dangerous it was to approach close to the core region for 2 early or middle-stage Dao Kings like himself and his wife, which is why he chose to leave a way out for himself by creating the ’Vermilion realm ’, and find for someone to save him! ’ ’

The more that Shun Long thought about this matter, the more things seemed to have fallen into place as he understood Cui Guoliang ’s decision.

At the same time, as he observed his surroundings, Shun Long also realized one other thing.

His previous conjecture was actually correct.

Once someone entered the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, they were sent to a different location every time that the villa ’s gates opened.

Shun Long could verify this, from the fact that there were no other people in his surroundings, as well as the fact that the stone golems at the labyrinth ’s exit were in perfect condition.

After taking a look around him, he pondered seriously for a moment, but in the end, he didn ’t choose to summon Little Black from the ’Stone of Time ’.

Unless the dangers in this place reached a level that Little Silver was unable to handle, Shun Long wasn ’t willing to have Little Black come out just yet.

After all, if he and Liu Mei really ended up meeting with a group of Dao Kings that had a peak rank 9 Dao King in their midst, then once these people saw the black dragon there was no way that they would simply ignore it.

Without any more hesitation, Shun Long urged Little Silver to soar in the sky and fly towards the mountains in the distance.

As for the underground cave behind them that concealed the stone labyrinth inside it, neither Shun Long nor Liu Mei had any interest in it. 

As Little Silver approached the mountains in the distance however, tens of middle and peak rank 5 magic beasts appeared from the mountain ’s depths, as they all flew towards the black panther in an attempt to swarm it.

Shun Long immediately recognized the countless magic beasts that were flying towards the black panther, as he muttered under his breath

Peak rank 5 ’Silver-beaked eagles ’, peak rank 5 ’Violet-winged poison bats ’, followed by tens of middle rank 5 ’Thunderstorm killer bees ’, all flew towards the black panther in an attempt to drown it in numbers.

Liu Mei ’s expression changed into one of worry as she saw this scene.

No matter what, if one hundred peak rank 5 magic beasts ended up attacking an early rank 6 beast like Little Silver, then the black panther would definitely suffer some serious injuries, even if it killed every single one of the beasts around it.


The black panther roared loudly, but the magic beasts around it didn ’t seem to have any fear of death as they charged towards it with red eyes.

Tens of them swarmed Little Silver, in an attempt to either bite its silver wings, its neck, or attack Shun Long and Liu Mei who were sitting on its back.

Shun Long narrowed his eyes when he saw this scene, and just as he was about to summon Little Black to take care of this situation, the black panther ’s wings lit up with a blinding silver light, before it shot forward without any fear.

Its silver wings ripped the magic beasts around Shun Long and Liu Mei into countless pieces, as blood dyed the sky before Little Silver escaped the encirclement.

Although the magic beasts around Little Silver had left more than just a few wounds on its body, it was impossible for a rank 6 magic beast to be afraid of a bunch of rank 5 ones.

In just this one attack, almost 30 middle and peak rank 5 magic beasts had been killed in an instant.

Although more and more magic beasts seemed to appear from the mountains around them, even the strongest of them was still at the peak of rank 5, and were completely unable to catch up to Little Silver ’s speed.

In the blink of an eye, the black panther had already left the area of the surrounding mountains, as a scorching-hot desert appeared in the distance ahead.

At the same time, at the depths of the core region of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, the hall master of the ’Demon Emperor palace ’ had a serious expression on his face, as he stared at the scene in front of him!

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