The moment that Little Silver passed through the gates, a blinding light blocked Shun Long ’s vision, and only receded after a few moments, revealing a completely new scene in Shun Long ’s eyes.

’ ’A labyrinth? ’ ’

Shun Long was stunned when he saw the baffling scene in front of him.

Large greenish stone walls were raised from the ground, reaching all the way to the ceiling of the endless room, as they formed an enormous labyrinth.

’ ’According to Cui Guoliang ’s map, his and his wife ’s location is actually close to the northeast of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, right after I pass through some kind of desert, but there is nothing mentioned about a labyrinth! Could it be that every time the gates of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ open, every group is sent to a different location, or is it that everyone must first pass through this labyrinth before they can continue further inside? ’ ’

Different possibilities flashed through Shun Long ’s mind as he tried to understand the situation in front of his eyes.

At the same time, Little Black ’s voice sounded in his mind, as the black dragon said seriously

’ ’Master, my soul sense is unable to scan the area around us! There is some kind of power that completely restricts soul scanning. ’ ’

Although Shun Long knew that this was likely to happen after entering the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, since the same situation occurred when Shun Long and Liu Mei had first arrived outside of the villa 2 years ago, he was still shocked once Little Black verified this.

After all, putting Little Black ’s strength aside, Shun Long was certain that even Duan Zhu and the other peak rank 9 Dao Kings from the ’Night star continent ’, were probably inferior to soul strength if they were compared to the terrifying black dragon.

After advancing to the middle of rank 6, Little Black ’s soul sense was certainly on par, if not stronger than the strongest Dao Kings!

And yet, even with his current strength, Little Black was unable to have his soul sense extend past Shun Long ’s body. 

’ ’In that case, those Dao Kings are most likely in the same situation once they enter inside the villa. ’ ’

Liu Mei looked at the pondering look in Shun Long ’s face, before she asked curiously

’ ’Long-ge, is this place somewhat different from what you expected? ’ ’

Since Cui Guoliang had only mentioned the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ to Shun Long, and Liu Mei hadn ’t been curious enough about this place in the past to ask Shun Long for details, she didn ’t know whether this labyrinth that they found themselves in was something abnormal or not.

Based on Shun Long ’s reaction however, it was obvious that it was out of the ordinary.

After hearing Liu Mei ’s question, Shun Long nodded his head affirmingly, before he took out the beast skin that he had received from Cui Guoliang and spread it on Little Silver ’s back who was still observing their surroundings.

Although the map didn ’t depict the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ with great detail, it was still easy for anyone who saw it, to identify whether a place was a desert, a forest or a lake. 

Seeing that there were no labyrinths or anything similar to it on the map, Shun Long thought seriously for a few moments, before he said in a low voice

’ ’No matter what, we still need to get out of this place first.

Besides, there are many places on the map that are completely blank, so it ’s possible that Cui Guoliang created this map based on his own experiences. ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head in confirmation.
She already knew that the map in Shun Long ’s hands was the map that he had obtained from the Dao King who had created the ’Vermilion realm ’, and she also knew that that man was trapped somewhere inside the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ along with his wife.

If it was a map that he had personally created, then of course Cui Guoliang wouldn ’t have traveled through the entire villa by himself.

After all, from the outside, the villa seemed to be at least as big as the Heaven ’s Dome city itself, but based on the map in Shun Long ’s hands, it could very likely be even bigger.

Even peak rank 9 Dao Kings may not have searched through the entire villa, let alone Cui Guoliang whom Shun Long suspected to be either an early, or a middle-stage Dao King.

Additionally, if Shun Long ’s first guess was correct and the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’s ’ entrance point changed every time the gates opened, then this also explained why this labyrinth wasn ’t marked on the map.

As he reached one of the 2 possible conclusions in his mind, Shun Long first returned the beast skin map inside the ’Stone of Time ’, before he had Little Silver start walking forward.
In any case, the most important thing at hand, was to get out of this labyrinth.

Besides, Shun Long didn ’t know if there were any dangers lurking in this place.
Staying still at the same place instead of looking for an exit could very likely bring even more troubles.

The gigantic greenish walls around Shun Long and Liu Mei had completely covered their surroundings, as they rose all the way to the ceiling of the seemingly endless room.

Even when Little Silver soared in the air, Shun Long was be unable to get a ’bird ’s view ’ of the labyrinth and find an exit as everything was completely submerged by the gigantic greenish walls, so he could only choose to blindly continue forward.

Time passed like this, and the only sound in the air around Shun Long and Liu Mei, was the sound of the black panther ’s silver wings flapping.

Shun Long and Liu Mei found themselves in a dead-end more than once, forcing Shun Long to turn around and try different paths.

6 hours later, after many wrong attempts that lead into dead-ends, Shun Long and Liu Mei finally saw a light in the distance ahead of them, while the labyrinth ’s path started to head upwards at the same time.

Before Little Silver could reach the source of the light however, the entire labyrinth started to shake, before Shun Long saw 2 stone golems more than 5m(16.4ft) tall each rising from the ground as they blocked Little Silver ’s path!

Each of the golems auras was at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage, while in their hands they held a sword and a shield formed from stone.

Shun Long however didn ’t seem to be willing to slow down after feeling the golems auras, and instead, he simply patted Little Silver ’s back with a smile on his face, urging it to go forward. 

Little Silver let out a powerful roar the moment that it saw the 2 golems blocking its path, before its silver-colored wings lit up with a bright silver light!

The golem on the left raised its sword and slashed forward, while the golem on the right raised the shield in its left hand, in an attempt to block the panther ’s charge.

The moment that Little Silver ’s wings met with the 2 stone golems attacks, the 2 weapons surprisingly split in half, before Little Silver ’s bright silver wings landed on the 2 golems ’ bodies.

The black panther ’s wings were like sharp swords that pierced through the golems ’ stone bodies, disintegrating them in an instant.

Under Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s eyes, the 5m(16.4ft) tall golems crumbled into countless pieces that fell on the ground, before Little Silver flew forward like a streak of silver lightning, as it reached the source of the light.

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