The ’snow ape ’ seemed to have noticed that something was wrong, as it hurriedly moved to the side almost out of instinct, but since its attention had already been focused on Chen Yan who had collapsed on the ground this whole time, the early rank 5 magic beast ’s was a step too late.

The pill bottle filled with the poison from the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ appeared inside the ’snow ape ’s ’ body, before the space tear closed.

As the small bottle landed on the powerful rank 5 magic beast ’s body, it broke into many small pieces before the dark purple liquid inside it started to seep inside the ’snow ape ’s ’ body.


Cries filled with pain and endless killing intent erupted from the powerful magic beast ’s body, as the ’snow ape ’ started to roll on the ground in pain.

The potency of the poison from the ’Soul Poisoning soul grass ’ however, was strong enough to kill even a middle rank 5 ’snow ape ’, let alone an early rank 5 one.

The ’snow ape ’s ’ cries lasted for less than 20 breaths of time, before the powerful rank 5 magic beast lifelessly collapsed on the ground.

Chen Yan who had just stood up, couldn ’t believe the scene in front of his eyes, but the injuries on his chest told him that everything he saw was real.

The 2 powerful rank 5 magic beasts that had almost killed him and his sister the last time that they were in this place, were now lying motionless on the ground.

No, it was only one of these magic beasts that had chased after their group the last time, otherwise, there was no way that they would have escaped alive.

Of course, the black-robed peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert didn ’t feel any sense of pity for the 2 powerful rank 5 magic beasts in front of him.

The nature of magic beasts was to devour other humans and magic beasts alike. 

Even if Chen Yan didn ’t invade their mountain, the ’snow apes ’ would occasionally roam around the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’ and hunt humans and other magic beasts by themselves.

At the same time, his eyes were instead focused at the top of the mountain, where the 2 stalks of ’icicle soul grass ’ were waiting for them.

However, due to his injuries, Chen Yan could only suppress his desire to get the stalk of grass as soon as possible, and instead, he sat on the snowy ground and consumed a high-grade rank 4 healing pill.

Liu Mei and Chen Wuying who were still inside the forest, quickly approached the snow mountain in front of them, as they both went close to Shun Long and Chen Yan accordingly.

Shun Long smiled at Liu Mei who had executed the plan in the best way possible.

He clearly knew that Liu Mei had personally controlled the 2 undead knights that had thrown the 2 bottles of the ’Soul Poisoning hell grass ’ poison to the first ’snow ape ’ using her own spiritual strength.

From the start, Shun Long ’s plan had been to have Liu Mei send her undead army up to follow after them, a few minutes after he and Chen Yan had started to climb the mountain, and intercept the ’snow ape ’ that would soon chase them.

Liu Mei took this chance to imbue her spiritual strength in 2 of her undead knights and personally control them during the fight, which was why she could hit the gigantic 7m(22.9ft) tall ’snow ape ’ with the second bottle that was filled with the poison of the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’.

Of course, if the middle rank 5 ’snow ape ’ hadn ’t placed its attention on Shun Long and Chen Yan who had acted as bait during that time, it wouldn ’t have been caught off-guard by the 2 ’weak ’ undead knights that were hiding the poison inside their armor no matter whether it was a sneak attack or not.

This was the main reason why Shun Long had placed his attention on him and Chen Yan heading up the mountain first.

Even then, Shun Long wasn ’t completely certain that the ’snow ape ’ would have been caught off-guard and get hit by the poison, but that there was simply a high chance of it happening.

At the same time, Liu Mei also realized the importance of swordsmanship when she was controlling the bodies of the undead knights.

After all, each of her black-armored knights was wielding a 2m(6.6ft) long black greatsword.

Although her combat strength would definitely rise when she used her own spiritual strength and qi to control her undead knights, she also needed to be proficient in the weapons that they used to control them better.

Although she didn ’t directly fight by having her undead knights control their swords this time, this didn ’t lower the importance of this matter.

With a light smile on his face, Shun Long first placed the bodies of the early rank 5 and the middle rank 5 ’snow apes ’ inside the ’Stone of Time ’, before he climbed the snow mountain heading towards its peak.

Neither Chen Yan nor Chen Wuying objected when they saw Shun Long taking the bodies of the 2 powerful rank 5 magic beasts.

After all, Chen Yan didn ’t care about the rank 5 magic beasts that much.

Instead, what he fervently wanted, was the ’icicle soul grass ’ so he could break through to the Nascent Soul stage in one go.

Of course, the bodies of the rank 5 ’snow apes ’ were extremely useful to Shun Long.
After all, he was planning to use the ’snow apes ’ beast cores to refine the ’Dragonblood grass ’ into pills.

A couple of minutes later, without facing any obstruction, Shun Long arrived at the mountain ’s peak, where 2 stalks of crystal-like grass were growing from the small crevice.

With a light smile on his face, Shun Long carefully dug out the 2 crystal-like rank 5 medicinal herbs from the crevice, before he placed one stalk inside the herb garden in the ’Stone of Time ’.

After taking another look at the mountain peak and making sure that there was nothing else of value in this place, Shun Long headed back to the foot of the snow mountain.

Seeing Shun Long returning from the peak of the mountain, Chen Yan was completely unable to conceal the fervent look in his eyes as he stared at the crystal-like grass in Shun Long ’s hands.

Ignoring his injuries, the peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator stood up hurriedly, as he smiled and said

’ ’Brother Shun! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head at the black-robed young man, before he tossed him the stalk of the ’icicle soul grass ’ in his hands.

No matter what, since he had promised to give it to him and Chen Yan had also participated in the fight against the ’snow apes ’, Shun Long wouldn ’t go back on his word.

Holding the rank 5 ’icicle soul grass ’ in his hands, an excited expression had appeared in Chen Yan ’s eyes as he cupped his hands in thanks.

Then, with a smile on his face, the young man looked at Shun Long and Liu Mei who still had the white veil on her face before he asked curiously

’ ’Brother Shun, sister Liu, me and my sister are going to return back to the ’Heaven ’s Dome city ’! Do you want to come with us? ’ ’

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