A shocked expression appeared on Chen Yan ’s face when he saw the middle rank 5 magic beast that had suddenly stopped breathing.

In less than 2 minutes, a powerful middle rank 5 ’snow ape ’ had lost its life.


A powerful roar filled with anger and fury reverberated throughout the forest, shaking the entire snow-white mountain in front of Shun Long, as the second ’snow ape ’s ’ aura was now filled with killing intent and was about to go berserk.

Its eyes that were originally a yellow color had already turned red now, as the ’snow ape ’ descended the mountain at an extremely rapid pace heading towards Shun Long and Chen Yan.

The look in Shun Long ’s eyes had turned serious while Chen Yan also had a solemn expression on his face.

It was obvious that Shun Long ’s plan had certainly involved taking care of the first ’snow ape ’, but the second one was up to him and Shun Long to take care of.

Chen Yan only needed a few moments to understand that the bizarre undead army of skeletons and undead knights in front of him had something to do with the white-veiled Liu Mei.

Seeing that the black-armored knights had already expended the 2 bottles of poison that Shun Long had handed to Liu Mei, Chen Yan knew that the second ’snow ape ’ wouldn ’t be as easy to take care of.

At the same time, a few meters away from Liu Mei, Chen Wuying had a shocked expression on her face as she stared at the white-robed young woman next to her.

She still didn ’t understand how Liu Mei could summon an army of skeletons out of nowhere.

At the same time, her eyes scrutinized Liu Mei with confusion as well as curiosity inside them, trying to understand what Dao this white-veiled young woman next to her had comprehended.

Liu Mei however didn ’t seem to pay any attention to the black-robed Chen Wuying, as her eyes stared at the second ’snow ape ’ that was moving towards Shun Long with apprehension inside her gaze.

Although Liu Mei had absolute confidence in Shun Long, she knew that handling an early rank 5 magic beast was extremely dangerous.

The enraged ’snow ape ’ furiously stomped on the ground, and in just a few moments it had already arrived in the midst of Liu Mei ’s undead army.

The ’snow ape ’ stared at the remaining undead knights around it with hatred in its eyes, before it violently swung its long arms like 2 long hammers that were flying towards them.

The middle rank 4 Spirit realm undead knights as well as the jade-white skeletons around them, couldn ’t even last for a second against the ’snow ape ’s ’ enraged attacks.

The moment that the ’snow ape ’s ’ fists landed on the undead knights, the black armor around them broke into countless pieces, before their bodies slowly turned into dust.

The fate of the jade-white skeletons wasn ’t any different either, as their bones were pulverized after meeting with the powerful ’snow ape ’s ’ attacks.

Seeing that Liu Mei ’s army was quickly getting destroyed, Shun Long first glanced at the frozen-like Chen Yan, before a gust of wind appeared around his feet, as he moved towards the early rank 5 magic beast by himself.

Chen Yan hesitated for a moment when he saw the angry ’snow ape ’ easily destroying the undead army in front of it without any obstruction, but seeing Shun Long moving forward, he gritted his teeth before he also did the same.

He knew that he wouldn ’t have any face to claim even a single stalk of the ’icicle soul grass ’ if he just stayed behind and watched without lifting a finger.

Besides, Chen Yan also knew that, if they didn ’t make their move now that the ’snow ape ’ was still destroying the skeletons and the undead knights around it, he and Shun Long may not even survive against it just by themselves.

Seeing that Chen Yan had decided to attack as well, Shun Long nodded his head, before a pill bottle filled with a dark purple liquid appeared in his hand.

Shun Long knew that the ’snow ape ’ would definitely be prepared for any attacks that used the poison of the ’Soul Poisoning hell grass ’ after having witnessed it once.

At the same time, turning his eyes towards Chen Yan, Shun Long didn ’t seem to be in a hurry to make his own move, as he allowed the young man behind him to first attract the early rank 5 ’snow ape ’s ’ attention.

Nodding his head, an armor of ice appeared around Chen Yan ’s body as he rushed forward, towards the ’snow ape ’.

The ’snow ape ’s ’ red eyes instantly noticed the black-robed young man clad in ice armor who was flying towards it, before it swung its tail at him using its full strength.

The moment that he appeared in the ’snow ape ’s ’ range of attack, Chen Yan threw the pill bottle in his hands towards the ape ’s chest, before the ape ’s white tail met with his ice armor. 

The moment that the early rank 5 ’snow ape ’s ’ tail landed on Chen Yan ’s armor cracks resounded through the air before Chen Yan was sent flying backwards like a cannonball, at an even faster speed than the one he was flying towards the ’snow ape ’!


Chen Yan ’s body crashed through some of the snow-covered trees behind him, before he spat out a mouthful of blood.

His ice-armor was only able to withstand a single hit of the early rank 5 magic beast before it collapsed, and yet Chen Yan had also been injured.

Chen Yan couldn ’t believe this as he felt his internal injuries that weren ’t light at all.

The ice-armor was a martial skill that he could use every 6 hours, and it was also his most powerful defensive martial skill.

2 days ago, when their group had fought with the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’, Chen Yan ’s ice armor had been able to withstand more than 10 of the peak rank 4 ’poison turtle ’s ’ attacks before it collapsed, and yet the early rank 5 ’snow ape ’ had managed to destroy it in a single move.

Was this the true power of an enraged early rank 5 magic beast, that was equal to a Nascent Soul stage expert?

Shun Long was also stunned when he saw the might of the early rank 5 ’snow ape ’, but he didn ’t stop his actions when he noticed that the ’snow ape ’s ’ attention was still focused on Chen Yan.

Raising his right hand, he slashed the air in front of him opening a space tear, before he tossed the bottle filled with the ’Soul Poisoning hell grass ’ poison inside.

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