Chen Yan had already told Shun Long, that the ’snow ape ’ that had chased after their group last time was at the early rank 5, but the other one that had only appeared at the mountain ’s peak and hadn ’t chased after them, was unknown whether it was at the same level as the first.

Since their group was too far away the last time, they couldn ’t confirm the strength of the second ’snow ape ’ and could only speculate that it was at the early rank 5 as well.

However, seeing that the powerful middle rank 5 magic beast that was now chasing after them was actually at the middle of rank 5 instead, made Chen Yan ’s heart constrict in fear.

At the same time, shock had filled the peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert ’s face when he noticed that Shun Long ’s cultivation was actually at the middle of rank 4 of the Spirit realm!

The person whom he had guessed that he was most likely a gold grade poison master was actually just a middle-stage Spirit realm cultivator.

And yet, once he remembered the poison that Shun Long was carrying with him, Chen Yan didn ’t dare to belittle Shun Long in his heart.

At the same time that these thoughts flashed through the peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert ’s mind, another rank 5 ’snow ape ’ had appeared at the top of the mountain, watching Shun Long and Chen Yan with a cold look in its eyes.

This ’snow ape ’ seemed hesitant to give chase, and in the end, it decided to just keep watch from the mountain peak instead.

Shun Long who turned his head around to check the situation, had already expected this outcome.

After all, he already knew that the ’snow apes ’ were magic beasts whose intelligence wasn ’t low.

Since the ’snow apes ’ knew that humans would most likely come here to take the ’icicle soul grass ’, there was no way that they would leave the 2 stalks of grass unattended.

As Shun Long and Chen Yan were descending from the mountain, Chen Yan looked at Shun Long and was about to speak, when a shocking scene suddenly appeared in his eyes.

An army of jade-white skeletons holding crystal-like bone swords, were lead by 12 huge knights dressed in black armor, as they all ascended the mountain like an unstoppable army, as they headed towards their direction.

Fear appeared in Chen Yan ’s heart when he saw the shocking scene in front of him.

Although the aura of the skeletons and the black-armored knights was extremely weak in front of him, if he really wasted time fighting these creatures, Chen Yan was certain that the middle rank 5 ’snow ape ’ would definitely catch up to him.

After all, the powerful middle rank 5 magic beast had already been closing the gap between them extremely quickly during this time.

As for Shun Long, although Chen Yan knew that his poison was indeed terrifying, even if it could affect the ghastly creatures in front of them, in the end he probably only had just a few more bottles left. 

Seeing the despair that had appeared in Chen Yan ’s eyes, Shun Long turned his eyes to look at him before he said in a calm voice

’ ’Don ’t fight against them. ’ ’

Confusion filled the peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert ’s eyes, but seeing the calm look that the blue-robed young man next to him had, he gritted his teeth before he nodded his head in response.

As Shun Long and Chen Yan dove head-on in the midst of the undead army, Liu Mei ’s undead knights and skeletons looked like they couldn ’t even see the 2 young men around them, as they continued forward towards the gigantic ’snow ape ’.


The snow ape roared angrily as it jumped forward, landing in the middle of Liu Mei ’s undead army.

Without any suspense, the powerful middle rank 5 magic beast tore through the army that blocked its way without any obstruction, like a giant that was swinging its arms, crushing tens of enemies with every swing.

It didn ’t matter whether it was the 3m(10ft) tall undead knights, or the jade-white skeletons that stood in the ’snow ape ’s ’ path, they were all crushed under the terrifying magic beast ’s arms and feet one after another.

The 7m(22.9ft) tall ape, swung its long limbs and destroyed everything that dared to stand in front of it, as it continued to chase after Shun Long and Chen Yan.

It was clear that the ’snow ape ’ had already recognized Chen Yan, and wouldn ’t let him leave a second time.

However, just as the snow-furred ape swung its left arm and destroyed a black-armored undead knight, the knight who was actually holding a bottle filled with a dark purple threw it towards the ape ’s chest, before his body was destroyed by the ape ’s attack.

The ’snow ape ’ felt a sudden sense of danger when it saw the dark purple liquid flying towards it, as its instincts of a middle rank 5 magic beast screamed at it to avoid the pill bottle.

The powerful rank 5 magic beast jumped to the side, as it hurriedly avoided the bottle filled with the purple liquid, that landed a few tens of meters away from it and fell to the ground.

Before the ape had a chance to move however, another undead knight had appeared behind it and threw a second identical pill bottle towards the ape ’s head.

The ’snow ape ’ had no room to dodge this time, as it had just landed on its feet when it saw the second pill bottle flying towards it, and using its long right arm, it slapped the pill bottle back towards the black-armored knight.

As soon as it came in contact with the ape ’s arm however, the pill bottle exploded into countless fragments, before the dark purple liquid inside it landed on the ape ’s snow-white fur.


Under Shun Long ’s and Chen Yan ’s gazes, the snow-ape let out painful screams, as the terrifying poison started to affect it almost instantly.

The ’snow ape ’ suddenly started to rampage around due to the pain, moving its arms and legs wildly, destroying tens of skeletons around it in the process.

Chen Yan who was standing a few meters next to Shun Long unconsciously opened the distance between them, as he stared at the powerful middle rank 5 ’snow ape ’ that was wreathing in pain with disbelief in his eyes.

At the same time, the ’snow ape ’ on top of the mountain ’s peak heard its companion ’s roars, and after hesitating for a moment, it headed towards the foot of the mountain as well.

Barely 2 minutes however had passed, when the powerful middle rank 5 ’snow ape ’s ’ cries slowly came to a halt, before its gigantic body collapsed on the ground.

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