’ ’Ah? ’ ’

Chen Yan was caught off-guard by Shun Long ’s suggestion.

Understanding what the young man was thinking, Shun Long pointed at their surroundings before he continued

’ ’Once the magic beasts around this place notice that the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ is dead, they will certainly storm this place to claim this area as their own. ’ ’

A look of realization flashed through Chen Yan ’s eyes, looking like he had neglected this matter.

Indeed, since they were still closer to the outskirts of the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’, he had forgotten that there may be other powerful early and middle rank 4 magic beasts in the surrounding area.

Although Chen Yan was confident that he could deal with almost any middle rank 4 magic beast by himself, even as a peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert, he would be unable to fight against a dozen of early and middle rank 4 magic beasts without risking his sister ’s life.

Seeing that Chen Yan understood his meaning, Shun Long turned his head to look at Liu Mei and smiled at her, before they headed deeper inside the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’.

Chen Yan grabbed his sister who was still unconscious, and carrying her on his back, he followed after Shun Long and Liu Mei as they left the lake of the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ behind them.

A little more than an hour later, the roars of angry magic beasts resounded throughout the forest.

Turning his head around to look behind them, Chen Yan exhaled a sigh of relief once he made sure that there were no magic beasts chasing after them, before he turned his eyes towards Shun Long and Liu Mei. 

After thinking seriously for a moment and realizing that he didn ’t know when Hao Chin would gather a team to try and get the ’icicle soul grass ’, he looked at Shun Long before he said in a serious voice

’ ’Brother Shun, the mountain that I mentioned is towards the northeast of the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-poison_52031734400741752 for visiting.

Do you want to head there right away? ’ ’

After thinking seriously for a moment, Shun Long looked at Chen Yan who was still holding his sister, before he shook his head and said after a moment of deliberation

’ ’Let ’s find a place to rest for a couple of days.
I don ’t think that that Hao Chin can find a team and get there faster than us. ’ ’

A look of gratitude appeared in Chen Yan ’s face when he understood the meaning behind Shun Long ’s words. 

They could wait until his sister expelled the poison from her body before they continued moving forward.

Of course, Shun Long didn ’t think of himself as a good person for doing this.

It was simply better to wait 2 days for Chen Wuying to expel the poison of the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ rather than carrying a person who was dead weight along with them.

After all, Chen Yan wouldn ’t be able to fight while holding his sister in case that any magic beast attacked them, and Shun Long couldn ’t casually just enter the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ and make endless amounts of the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ poison.

If they were to casually take their time and move forward, it wouldn ’t matter, but this time it was a race against Hao Chin and his own team.

Once the news of the rank 5 ’icicle soul grass ’ started to spread, then it was unknown how many peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts would flock to this place.

Half an hour later, after traveling through the forest, Shun Long ’s group found an isolated cave, not too far from their current location.

After placing Chen Wuying on the ground, Chen Yan smiled politely at Shun Long and Liu Mei, before he closed his eyes to recover.

After all, although Chen Yan wasn ’t poisoned like Chen Wuying, Shun Long acutely noticed that the injuries in his body were actually much worse than his sister ’s.

Shun Long nodded his head at Chen Yan, before he and Liu Mei sat down to cultivate.

Since Chen Yan and Chen Wuying were in the cave along with him and Liu Mei, Shun Long couldn ’t enter the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, so he simply sat cross-legged on the ground and tried to further his comprehension in the Dao of Time ’.

The night soon passed, and as the sun rays started to peer through the cave ’s entrance as they illuminated the interior of the cave, Shun Long heard a groan coming from the young woman next to Chen Yan before he opened his eyes.

He then saw the black-dressed Chen Wuying who had already opened her eyes, but her body was still extremely weak.

Her groan had also alerted Liu Mei and Chen Yan, making the latter have a joyous expression on his face as he looked at his sister who had finally opened her eyes.

Chen Wuying looked around the cave in confusion, before she spotted Shun Long and Liu Mei, immediately placing herself on guard.

Chen Yan smiled before he introduced Shun Long and Liu Mei to his sister, explaining how they had survived against the peak rank 4 ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ after she had lost consciousness.

With a grateful expression on her face, Chen Wuying bowed her head towards the handsome young man and the white-veiled young woman in front of her, before she said happily

’ ’Thank you for saving us, elder brother Shun, big sister Liu. ’ ’

Shun Long simply smiled lightly in response while Liu Mei did the same beneath her white veil.

Once she heard that Shun Long and Liu Mei were going to help them take the ’icicle soul grass ’, a shocked expression had appeared in Chen Wuying ’s eyes after understanding that her older brother had spoken about this already, but after thinking about it for a moment, she eventually gritted her teeth before she nodded her head.

Indeed, there was no way for her and Chen Yan to claim the stalks of the ’icicle soul grass ’ by themselves.

At the same time, she remembered Hao Chin ’s and the young man ’s betrayal last night and the hatred in her heart was becoming even more intense.

Shun Long nodded his head when he noticed that a few minutes later, the young woman had already calmed down her emotions and closed her eyes, as she focused on expeling the poison from her body.

Half a day soon passed, as the smell of sulfur assaulted Shun Long ’s nose, before it slowly filled the entire cave, forcing Liu Mei and Chen Yan to open their eyes as well.

As Shun Long turned his eyes towards Chen Wuying, he saw a black-colored liquid dripping from her black robes, before it was slowly absorbed into the ground.

Shun Long clearly understood that this was the poison from the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle.

Seeing that Chen Wuying had completely expelled the poison from her body, Chen Yan had a bright smile on his face, before he turned his eyes towards Shun Long and Liu Mei, and said with great eagerness

’ ’Brother Shun, since Wuying is fine, let ’s not waste any more time here! Let me personally lead the way for us! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head when he saw that Chen Yan offered to lead the way to the mountain of the ’snow apes ’.

It seemed that his anxiousness to obtain the ’icicle soul grass ’ was in no way fake.

Nodding his head, Shun Long and Liu Mei both left the cave along with Chen Yan and Chen Wuying.

Chen Yan had a serious look in his eyes as he surveyed their surroundings for a few moments, before he turned his eyes towards Shun Long and said seriously

’ ’Brother Shun, according to my estimations, it will take us less than 2 days until we reach the ’snow apes ’ mountain! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head, and without saying another word, his group headed towards the northeast.

Two days quickly passed in the blink of an eye, before an eye-catching, snow-white mountain appeared in the distance.

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