Shun Long was stunned when he heard Chen Yan ’s last sentence, as he seemed to have understood why their group had failed.

A pair of ’snow apes ’?

Shun Long knew that the snow apes were at least rank 5 magic beasts in their a.d.u.l.thood.

Almost as if he had guessed Shun Long ’s thoughts, Chen Yan continued with a mocking expression on his face

’ ’As brother Shun can guess, the ’snow apes ’ had reached the rank 5, and their strength was equivalent to powerful Nascent Soul stage experts ’.

Not only were we unable to get close to the ’icicle soul grass ’, but we almost died in the process.

We were lucky that the ’snow apes ’ weren ’t willing to chase us too far from the mountain, in case that someone else tried to steal the stalks of the grass from them during that time! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head, before he fell silent for a few moments, as different possibilities flashed through his mind

Although it was rare, it wasn ’t impossible for a stalk of ’icicle soul grass ’ to appear in this ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’.

As for the ’snow apes ’, it was natural for Chen Yan and his group to be unable to face off against them.

After all, ’snow apes ’ were indeed rank 5 magic beasts and they weren ’t among the weakest ones.

Even an early Nascent Soul stage expert wouldn ’t necessarily be able to stay alive, if they had to fight against 2 early rank 5 ’snow apes ’ head-on.

If these apes had reached the middle or the late-stages, then the situation would be even worse.

Even Shun Long and Liu Mei couldn ’t ensure their safety facing off against 2 powerful rank 5 ’snow apes ’, even with the poison from the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’.

However, even with these thoughts in mind, there could only be one reason why Chen Yan was willing to share this information with Shun Long and Liu Mei, instead of keeping it to himself and searching for another group to explore that area in the future.

Looking at Chen Yan in front of him, Shun Long stared at the man ’s eyes before he asked seriously

’ ’Was that man named Hao Chin part of your group when you found the ’icicle soul grass ’? ’ ’

A wary smile once again appeared in Chen Yan ’s face, and nodding his head he said with a pained look on his face

’ ’Brother Shun is right… ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head without saying anything else in response, as he thought seriously for a few moments.

’ ’Indeed, if Hao Chin and that peak rank 6 Spirit realm cultivator who was along with him also knew about this matter, then it makes sense for Chen Yan to share this information with me and Mei ’er instead of trying to keep it to himself. 

After all, for 2 stalks of ’icicle soul grass ’, it ’s very likely that, that Hao Chin will also try to recruit a stronger group and try to steal them, before Chen Yan even has a chance to do so.

Of course, I can ’t rule out the fact that this may actually be a trap…
but in the end, there is no reason to refuse. ’ ’

As these thoughts flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, he finally turned his eyes to look at the anxious Chen Yan who was waiting for his answer, as well as Liu Mei who knew that Shun Long was analyzing the situation and had stayed silent.

Staring at the man in front of him, Shun Long eventually nodded his head before he said seriously

’ ’We can split the stalks of ’icicle soul grass ’ evenly. 

However, I need both of the beast cores of the ’snow apes ’.
Of course, if there is any part of their body that you need, then you can take it as well. ’ ’

Chen Yan stared at Shun Long with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

2 breaths of time later, he hurriedly shook his head, before he waved his hands and said in a tone that didn ’t conceal his fear in the slightest

’ ’No, brother Shun, a stalk of ’icicle soul grass ’ is actually more than enough! ’ ’

Chen Yan couldn ’t believe how crazy Shun Long actually was, and stared at him and the young woman next to him with hints of fear in his eyes.

He was planning to hunt the rank 5 ’snow apes ’? 

Chen Yan ’s own plan had been to attract the ’snow apes ’ ’ attention, before Shun Long or himself moved to steal the stalks of ’icicle soul grass ’ under their noses.

As for the matter of hunting the ’snow apes ’, this possibility didn ’t even flash through the black-robed man ’s mind.

After all, the ’snow apes ’ were powerful rank 5 magic beasts.

Even if he used all of his tricks, Chen Yan wouldn ’t be able to last more than a couple breaths of time against them!

Chen Yan ’s eyes landed on the crazy young man and young woman in front of him, before he shook his head while an ugly smile was now plastered on his face.

No matter what, this was his only hope of obtaining the ’icicle soul grass ’. 

If he waited until he left the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain region ’ and gathered his own team, in case that Hao Chin had already found a way to steal the ’icicle soul grass ’ by then, Chen Yan would most likely regret this for the rest of his life.

Since he had no other option, he could only hope that Shun Long ’s poison would be effective enough to deal with the ’snow apes ’.

Seeing that Chen Yan had agreed, Shun Long nodded his head as this was within his expectations.

With Chen Yan ’s strength, he was probably just a step away from entering the Nascent Soul stage.
If he really obtained the ’icicle soul grass ’, then he would most likely be able to breakthrough the moment that he consumed it.

Even within the Heaven ’s Dome city ’, Shun Long assumed that Chen Yan wouldn ’t be too weak among the peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators.

After taking a look at Chen Yan ’s sister, Chen Wuying and saw that she was still unconscious, Shun Long had a calm look on his face as he turned his eyes towards the black-robed Chen Yan and said calmly

’ ’Let ’s head towards that mountain right now! ’ ’

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