Looking at the young man named Chen Yan, who was waiting for the young woman in his arms to recover, Shun Long didn ’t say anything and instead just watched them quietly.

Liu Mei however was stunned when she saw the purple mark in the woman ’s belly.

She had already seen that the peak rank 4 magic beast ’s tentacles had already landed on the young woman ’s stomach with their attack, instantly disintegrating the part of her robes in that area while her face had already turned pale.

Of course, Shun Long had also witnessed that scene, but he didn ’t choose to interfere now.

Seeing Chen Yan had already fed her with a middle rank 5 ’anti toxin pill ’, Shun Long knew that the young woman ’s situation would slowly turn for the better.

Of course, even with a middle rank 5 ’anti toxin pill ’, it would still take 2 days until the poison was completely expelled from the young woman ’s body.

After all, even ’anti toxin pills ’ weren ’t so magical that they would instantly expel the poison from someone ’s body if it had already started to affect them.

Seeing that the young woman ’s expression on his face was slowly easing up, the young man named Chen Yan finally heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time, Shun Long had already turned around, as he and Liu Mei started to walk deeper towards the lake in front of them.

Of course, no matter how many adventurers and mercenaries had come to the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’, it was impossible for them to explore every single place of this vast mountain range.

Although it was likely that there was nothing important beneath the lake that the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ was guarding, Shun Long was still going to check

’ ’Wait! ’ ’

Just as Shun Long and Liu Mei were about to enter inside the lake, the young man ’s voice from behind them sounded in their ears.

Turning his head around, without a change in his expression, Shun Long stared at the young man who was still holding the young woman in his arms, before he asked seriously

’ ’What is it? ’ ’

Shaking his head, the young man looked at Shun Long and Liu Mei, before he cupped his hands and said in a serious tone

’ ’Brother, thank you for saving us! ’ ’

After a brief pause he then continued

’ ’My name is Chen Yan, and this is my sister, Chen Wuying.
If it wasn ’t for your help, we would have definitely died today!

If there is a way that I can repay you, you can ask for my help anytime! You can find me at the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’ in the Heaven ’s Dome city in the future.

Shun Long was stunned for a moment when he heard the familiar name of Heaven ’s Dome city, before his eyes sized up Chen Yan seriously.

He suddenly remembered that there was the test for the so-called Holy sect that was going to take place in the next 2 years and a few months, so it was natural for every peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert who fulfilled the requirements to gather in the Heaven ’s Dome city in participation for the test.

After all, who didn ’t want to expand their horizons and go to the ’Central region ’, where their chances to become stronger and fulfill their dreams were endless?!

Of course, Shun Long didn ’t rule out the fact that Chen Yan may not have been willing to join the Holy sect, and would instead try to join the hall master of the ’Demon Emperor palace ’, Duan Zhu.

However, if that was the case, Shun Long guessed that Chen Yan wouldn ’t have told him that he could find him in the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’, so this possibility was very low.

Of course, Shun Long didn ’t think that there was anything that he was going to ask Chen Yan to help him with, when he suddenly remembered that he didn ’t know enough things about this place called the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’.

Remembering that Chen Yan was in a group with 4 other mercenaries, it was very likely that they have been in this place for quite a while, even if they were still close to the outskirts.

With these thoughts in mind, Shun Long nodded his head, and holding Liu Mei ’s hand he walked towards Chen Yan who was still holding his sister in his arms.

With a serious look in his eyes, Shun Long didn ’t intend to hide that this was his and Liu Mei ’s first time coming into the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’, as he said in a calm tone

’ ’My name is Shun Long, and this is my wife, Liu Mei.

This is the first time that we come to this place, and we don ’t know much about the magic beasts or the regions here. ’ ’

Chen Yan ’s eyes instantly lit up when he heard Shun Long ’s words, as it wasn ’t hard to read between the lines of his sentence.

Since Chen Yan wasn ’t new to this place, he would probably not know which places are too dangerous and which aren ’t.

With a smile on his face, the young man named Chen Yan nodded his head before he answered seriously

’ ’So it ’s brother Shun and sister Liu!

Since it ’s your first time coming to the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’, let me explain the most important points.

As you very likely may know, the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’ is split into 3 main different regions, namely the northern region, the eastern region, and the western region.
As for the south, that is mainly the outskirts, as well as the entrance of the mountain range itself.

I have no idea how many miles the mountain range covers since it is said that no one has fully explored it just yet, but it is definitely one of the vastest and most dangerous places in our entire ’Night star continent ’!

However, brother Shun, you are lucky that you didn ’t choose to head towards the west and instead chose to come towards the north.

Although we can still be considered to be mostly in the outskirts now and haven ’t really entered the northern region, both the north and the east are the only areas that should be explored.

If you had chosen to go towards the west, then as soon as you left the outskirts, it is very likely that you would be attacked by a powerful rank 5 magic beast or even…
a rank 6 one! ’ ’

Seeing the expression of fear in Chen Yan ’s face, Shun Long verified that his previous guess was correct.

Indeed, the western region of the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’ is definitely more dangerous than the northern or the eastern regions!

Without interrupting the young man in front of him, Shun Long continued to hear what Chen Yan knew about this place.

With a mocking look on his face, Chen Yan looked at the lake ahead as he said with a rueful smile

’ ’Of course, even if you don ’t go to the western region, if you are unlucky enough, then you can definitely end up as me and my sister. 

There are many hidden powerful magic beasts even in the outskirts of the northern region, and this lake proved to be one of them.

However, it ’s also true that the deeper you go into the eastern, the northern, or the western region, the more likely it is to face powerful magic beasts.

After all, the more powerful some magic beasts are, the bigger their territory would be. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head, as he already knew about this even without Chen Yan mentioning it.

This wasn ’t something specific to the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’, but a characteristic of powerful magic beasts as a whole.

After a brief moment of pause, Shun Long looked at Chen Yan ’s sister, Chen Wuying, whose face was still pale but her breathing had started to ease before he said seriously

’ ’Don ’t worry about the poison inside her.
Although the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’s ’ tentacles are poisonous, as long as you consume a high-grade rank 4 ’anti toxin pill ’ within half an hour, there is no danger of dying.
As long as you protect your sister for the next 2 days, her condition should be back to normal. ’ ’

Chen Yan ’s eyes lit up, before he cupped his fists once again as thanks.

He didn ’t even know the name of the magic beast that had attacked their group, let alone the effects of its poison.

The only thing that he could do after seeing his sister ’s condition, was feed her with a middle-grade rank 5 ’anti toxin pill ’ and hope that it would be enough to resolve the issue.

At the same time, his eyes fell on the 2 corpses of the middle-aged man and the woman who had already died to the poison turtle earlier, and a heavy feeling had appeared in his heart.

Although his sister was able to parry the turtle ’s attacks to a certain extent, Chen Yan knew, that the old man that he had called old Han earlier, as well as that middle-aged woman, had both fallen headfirst into the turtle ’s tentacles, dying almost instantly from the impact of its attacks rather than the poison seeping inside their bodies.

After chatting for a few more minutes with Chen Yan and having verified the most important issues that he and Liu Mei should take note of in this place, Shun Long cupped his hands at the young man in front of him before he and Liu Mei stood up and walked towards the lake behind him.

Shun Long knew that it was very likely for some treasures to exist in the bottom of the lake itself.

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