At the same time that he finished his words, a pill bottle had appeared in Shun Long ’s right hand, filled with a dark purple-colored liquid.

Liu Mei was stunned for a moment, but a smile soon appeared on her face when she saw Shun Long ’s actions.

She knew that Shun Long wasn ’t a person who would usually meddle in other people ’s business, unless there was a reason.

Of course, Liu Mei didn ’t dislike this trait of his.

She had already learned that, in the cultivation world, even if you lend a hand to help others, your hand may end up being bitten in the end.

This didn ’t mean that all cultivators were ungrateful, but that taking a risk to help others, may end up not only giving you nothing in return, but it could also harm your own life.

The same rule applied for this young man and young woman in front of them.

However, just like Shun Long, Liu Mei could also feel the strong emotions that the young man who was still fighting with the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ had for the young woman who had fallen on the ground.

Despite the injuries that were acc.u.mulated in his body, the young man named Chen Yan still didn ’t try to run and abandon the young woman who had already lost her consciousness.

Of course, part of that could have been because Chen Yan already knew, that it was pointless to try and run in front of the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ by himself.

Even the middle-aged man named Hao Chin had to sacrifice the early rank 9 middle-aged man in order to find a chance to escape.

As he slowly walked forward, Shun Long then mumbled to himself with a serious look in his eyes

’ ’If these people really end up being ungrateful, Little Silver can have them as a meal tonight. ’ ’

As he finished his words, Shun Long jumped down from the 40m(130ft) tall tree, before he landed on the shore near the lake where the young man was still fighting with the 10m(33ft) tall poison turtle.

When he noticed Shun Long approaching him while he was still fighting with the peak rank 4 magic beast in front of him, a shocked look appeared in Chen Yan ’s eyes, while faint glimmers of hope had also appeared in his heart.

He knew that he would definitely be doomed if he had to fight the peak rank 4 ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ by himself, but perhaps if this young man helped, then there would be a chance for them to escape!

Of course, this also required this young man ’s strength to be at the peak of rank 9 in the Spirit realm as well, or even better, a Nascent Soul stage expert, otherwise both of them would end up in the turtle ’s belly.

Despite seeing the curious expression on Chen Yan ’s face, Shun Long didn ’t proactively try to make small talk with the man in front of him during the fight.

Instead, his right hand threw the alchemy bottle filled with the dark purple-colored poison towards the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ without any hesitation.

The turtle instantly turned its eyes towards Shun Long, and despite the fact that the poison was actually encased inside the pill bottle and didn ’t give off any aura, the peak rank 4 magic beast could still sense a feeling of danger coming from it.

However, Shun Long ’s actions had already caught the powerful peak rank 4 magic beast completely unprepared.

Without any time to dodge, before the pill bottle filled with the purple liquid could approach its giant head, the poison turtle used its own tentacles to slap the pill bottle away from its body.

However, a scene that completely shocked the young man named Chen Yan suddenly unfolded in front of his eyes.

Shun Long ’s pill bottle immediately exploded into fragmented pieces as soon as it came in contact with the 3m(10ft) long tentacle, spraying the liquid inside it all over the tentacle ’s surface.

Miserable screams escaped the poison turtle ’s mouth, while its tentacles started slamming the ground around it with even more intensity than before.

The pain coming from the ’Soul Poisoning hell grass ’ poison which directly attacked the soul, was extremely painful to the peak rank 4 magic beast.

Its cries reverberated throughout the forest, making the magic beasts that were hidden in their nests feel its limitless anger, desolation and pain.

And yet, in the end, these cries only lasted for less than 30 breaths of time, before the turtle ’s gigantic body lifelessly collapsed on the ground.

’ ’This… ’ ’

Chen Yan was speechless as he stared at the unmoving huge body of the poison turtle, before he slowly backed away from it.

Shun Long didn ’t seem to mind Chen Yan ’s reaction, and instead, he walked forward.

Although the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ was a powerful rank 4 magic beast, Shun Long was certain that it was completely dead by now.

The fact that it had actually lasted for almost 30 breaths of time under the ’Soul Poisoning hell grass ’ poison had already exceeded his expectations. 

However, once he remembered that this was a magic beast whose tentacles were filled with powerful poison that could even affect an early rank 5 magic beast, it made sense.

Placing his hand on top of the turtle ’s head, the 10m(33ft) long body of the peak rank 4 magic beast suddenly disappeared from the shore of the lake, as it appeared inside the space of the Stone of Time ’, right next to the herb garden.

Chen Yan looked at Shun Long and the empty patch of grass where the turtle ’s huge body had collapsed just a moment ago with shocked eyes that were filled with disbelief.

He couldn ’t believe that the powerful peak rank 4 magic beast had just collapsed from a single bottle that was most likely filled with poison.

Instantly, wariness filled the young man ’s eyes.

’ ’How powerful did the poison inside that pill bottle have to be in order to kill a peak rank 4 magic beast in 30 breaths of time?

It had to be created from at least a rank 5 medicinal herb right? ’ ’

As he slowly stepped backwards, Chen Yan ’s attention was suddenly focused on the young woman behind him, who had just lost consciousness after being hit by the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’.

Seeing that the woman ’s breathing had suddenly started to get weaker, anxiousness welled up in the young man ’s heart, and suppressing his fear of the unknown blue-robed young man in front of him, who was most likely a poison master, Chen Yan cupped his fists at Shun Long before he hurriedly ran towards the injured young woman.

The moment that he saw her condition however, the peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator felt as if the blood had suddenly been drained from his face.

Without any delay, he took out a pill bottle from his spatial ring, and parted the young woman ’s lips before he placed a single pill inside her mouth, as he watched her condition with anxiousness and fear in his heart.

At the same time, from the same tree that Shun Long had appeared a few moments ago, Chen Yan saw a white-robed young woman who had a white veil on her face, as she slowly flew next to the blue-robed young man who had thrown the poison bottle at the gigantic turtle.

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