Shun Long ’s eyes lit up as he stared at the powerful peak rank 4 magic beast that was attacking the mercenaries.

He knew that if this turtle was used as a supplemental ingredient while he refined the ’Soul Poisoning hell grass ’, the poison would be so potent that it could affect even peak rank 9 Nascent Soul stage experts, as well as some peak rank 5 magic beasts to a certain extent.

Although it would most likely be unable to kill them, however, just the ability to incapacitate a peak rank 9 Nascent Soul stage expert or a peak rank 5 magic beast was already more than extraordinary.

Seeing that Shun Long had actually gotten excited after seeing the huge turtle, Liu Mei couldn ’t help asking him in a low voice

’ ’Long-ge, is this magic beast suitable to be used for alchemy? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long stared at the rank 4 ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ that was still bombarding the group of 6 mercenaries with its attacks, as it was slowly breaking through their defenses, before he seriously explained

’ ’Not only is its beast core extremely useful to alchemists, but every single part of its body can be considered valuable.
Although neither its beast core nor its tentacles can be used as the main materials to refine poison or ’anti toxin pills ’, if they are used as supplementary materials, they can amplify the might of a poison by severalfold. ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t need to explain anything else, as Liu Mei instantly understood why he was so interested in this matter.

Liu Mei clearly remembered the poison that Shun Long had concocted when he dealt with the 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ back in the ’City of Sin ’, and understood why Shun Long was so interested in this magic beast.

Although alchemists may not be too interested in creating normal ’anti-toxin pills ’, something that could enhance the potency of a poison would be valuable to both alchemists as well as poison masters alike.

Inwardly, Shun Long lamented how unfortunate it was that the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ hadn ’t reached the early rank 5 just yet.

Otherwise, there was a good chance that his poison could even partially affect an early rank 1 Dao King realm expert.

Of course, if other poison masters knew about his thoughts, they would probably spit on his face in anger and exasperation.

A middle rank 4 Spirit realm expert creating a poison that could affect a rank 1 Nascent Soul stage expert was already unbelievable.

But affecting a rank 9 Nascent Soul stage expert and even a rank 1 Dao King? This was purely boasting!

Of course, the reason behind this was the extreme potency of the rank 5 ’Soul Poisoning hell grass ’ as well as the premise that Shun Long could enhance the potency of the poison even further.

Otherwise, the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ would at most be able to kill middle-stage Nascent Soul stage experts or late-stage ones who didn ’t have high-grade or top-grade ’anti-toxin pills ’ to enhance the poison ’s effects.

However, there were still other issues behind the fact that a poison master could use poison.

Although the usage of poison was often frowned upon in the ’Cultivation world ’, Shun Long wasn ’t worried about that.

However, not letting people know that he was a poison expert and exposing his secrets was another matter altogether.

A few more minutes later, the group of 6 mercenaries had already reached a desperate situation.

Knowing that it was only a matter of time before they all died, one of the 2 peak of rank 9 Spirit realm experts turned his head around, and shot a meaningful look at the peak rank 6 Spirit realm cultivator behind him, before he continued the fight.

The young man who was at the peak of rank 6 of the Spirit realm nodded his head indiscernibly, and a few moments later, a bright gleam flashed through his eyes as he stared at a purple-colored tentacle that was coming his way.

Just as the poison turtle ’s tentacle was about to hit him, the young man suddenly ducked and completely avoided its attack, allowing it to hit the middle-aged woman who was about to help him withstand the turtle ’s attack.

Under everyone ’s shocked eyes, miserable cries left the peak rank 7 Spirit realm middle-aged woman ’s mouth as soon as the purple-colored tentacle hit her, while her body had also started to turn purple.

At the same time, the middle-aged man at the early rank 9 of the Spirit realm hurriedly turned his head around with a shocked expression on his face as soon as he heard the woman ’s scream, when he abruptly felt himself losing his balance as a powerful force violently pushed him from behind, sending him flying towards the tentacle in front of him.

Without a chance to dodge, the middle-aged man ’s body collided with the purple tentacle, as miserable shrieks of pain and fear left his mouth.

This sudden turn of events had caught the remaining young man who was at the peak rank 9 of the Spirit realm and was still parrying off the turtle ’s attacks, as well as the young woman at the peak of rank 6 of the Spirit realm both off-guard.

Even Shun Long and Liu Mei were stunned for a moment after seeing this traitorous move.

These 2 men had cooperated, to send the middle-aged man who was at the early rank 9 of the Spirit realm, as well as the middle-aged woman at the peak of rank 7, both towards the turtle ’s tentacles at the same time.

Seeing that two of the turtle ’s tentacles were now occupied, both the middle-aged man who was at the peak of rank 9, as well as the young man at the peak of rank 6 took this chance to escape from the turtle ’s range of attacks.

A furious roar filled with anger and disbelief erupted from the young man who was left fighting off the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’, as he turned his head to look at the peak rank 9 Spirit realm middle-aged man and asked in a disbelieving tone

’ ’Hao Chin have you gone crazy? Weren ’t you the one who wanted to explore this lake? How dare you betray Old Han?! ’ ’

Shun Long and Liu Mei could both hear the anger hidden inside the young man ’s disbelieving tone as he furiously roared at the middle-aged man who was named Hao Chin.

Hao Chin however shook his head, and without any hints of anger or regret on his face, he looked at the angry young man who was still fighting off the 2 tentacles of the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ before he said in a relieved tone

’ ’Chen Yan, you can ’t blame me! We have been fighting this beast for more than 1 hour and it still had the upper hand.
Instead of waiting for it to kill us off one by one why shouldn ’t we just push you forward so we can escape? ’ ’

Chen Yan ’s face seemed to have turned red from anger, but no matter how much he wanted to, he could no longer divert his attention to speak to Hao Chin as he had to place his entire focus on fighting off the peak rank 4 ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ in front of him whose attacks had started to become even more ferocious.

Now that the turtle only had 2 opponents, the pressure on the young man named Chen Yan had more than doubled!

Without another word, Hao Chin and the young man behind him both shook their heads, before they instantly turned to fly away with relieved expressions on their faces.

Although flying in the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain region ’ was dangerous, there was nothing more dangerous to Hao Chin and the young man behind him than the gigantic blue-colored turtle in this place!

Shun Long and Liu Mei both understood, that the 2 men were trying to escape before the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ finished off the young man named Chen Yan and the young woman behind him, and turned its attention back to them.

As for Hao Chin, the only thing that he felt regretful for, was that he wouldn ’t obtain Chen Yan ’s and the rest ’s spatial rings and instead they would end up in the turtle ’s belly.
However, as long as he could escape from the ’Purple tentacled poison turtle ’ then it didn ’t matter too much.

Neither Chen Yan nor the young woman behind him seemed to have been willing to accept this outcome, but their condition was only turning worse with every passing moment.

Finally, a few moments later, the young woman could no longer withstand the tentacles ’ attacks, as she was sent flying towards a tree in the distance.

The moment that her body hit the gigantic ’heavy bark earth tree ’, the young woman vomited blood without stop, before she ended up losing consciousness.

Seeing the desperate expression on the young man ’s face, as he turned his head around to look at the young woman who had collapsed on the ground, Shun Long shook his head before he mumbled to himself

’ ’I really shouldn ’t meddle with other people ’s business. ’ ’ 

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