Sitting on Little Silver ’s back, Shun Long watched as the mortal island below him quickly turned into a small, black speck in the ocean, and just a few moments later, he and Liu Mei had already arrived back in the ’Cultivation world ’.

Without stopping anywhere this time, it only took a little more than an hour for Little Silver to arrive at the ’Lightning Wasteland ’.

Passing through the city which he had gotten a map of the ’Desolate East ’ when he and Liu Mei first arrived a few days ago, Shun Long soon saw the sea that separated the ’Desolate East ’ from the ’Night star continent ’ ahead of him.

Since they weren ’t flying at full speed however, Little Silver took a little more than a day to pass through the sea and arrive at the shore of the ’Snowcloud country ’.

Shun Long had originally hoped that he would be able to hunt some rank 5 magic beasts on the way, but reality proved to be completely different from his expectations.

Aside from a few rank 4 magic beasts that weren ’t fast enough to swim away from Little Silver, Shun Long and Liu Mei didn ’t notice even a single rank 5 magic beast in the sea.

As soon as they sensed the black panther ’s powerful aura, all of the rank 5 magic beasts immediately fled deeper inside the sea, almost as if they were competing on which of them could dive deeper inside.

Of course, Shun Long wasn ’t willing to give up on these moving beast cores like that, but even if he had Little Silver dive inside the sea, he knew that it would be pointless.

Although the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ was almost unmatched in the air by magic beasts at the same level, its speed would be slowed by many times in the water.

That, and in addition to the fact that peak rank 5 magic beasts inside the water were almost as fast as the black panther was in the sky, when it was still a rank 5 beast, made Shun Long reluctantly give up.

Of course, the idea of summoning Little Black and hunt these magic beasts also flashed through his mind, but considering that he was heading towards the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’ where rank 5 and even rank 6 magic beast were abundant in numbers, made Shun Long give up on this idea of his.

After stopping at a random restaurant in the royal capital of the ’Snowcloud country ’ for a little more than an hour, Shun Long and Liu Mei continued forward, as they flew towards the west of the ’Night Star continent ’.

The reappearance of the aura of a powerful rank 6 magic beast had quickly placed the capital of the ’Snowcloud country ’ into extreme unrest, as the head guard who was at the late-stages of the Nascent Soul stage was immediately dispatched by the Dao Kings of the royal palace to investigate this matter.

Of course, since the head guard wasn ’t willing to court death by directly investigating where the aura of a rank 6 magic beast was coming from, by the time that he had finished ’his search ’, Shun Long and Liu Mei had already left the city.

A full day later, the black panther was hovering in the sky, a few tens of miles away from the ’Heaven ’s Dome city ’.

As he opened the map in his hands, Shun Long noticed, that they had already covered half the distance.

There were no dangerous places to pass through this time, like the ’Netherspirit forest ’ that directly blocked the way from the Heaven ’s Dome city to the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa, and a little more than a day later, Shun Long saw a gigantic mountain range emerging in the distance.

The mountain range spanned further than Shun Long ’s eyes could see, and was filled with enormous trees that were even taller than the ones inside the ’Vermilion Realm ’, where the members of the half-fiend race lived.

’ ’It seems that Cui Guoliang used the trees from this place in order to create his ’Forest of Giants ’ in the ’Vermilion realm ’.
However, his own rank 3 ’heavy bark earth trees ’ haven ’t matured enough, and they can ’t be compared with the ones in this place. ’ ’

As this thought flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, he immediately understood that the forest in front of him was filled with a relatively common kind of tree called the rank 3 ’heavy bark earth tree ’, which was the same kind that Cui Guoliang ’s clone had used when he created his ’Forest of Giants ’.

Although Shun Long knew that this tree couldn ’t be used in any kind of alchemy or pill concoction, it was one of the most favourite places for rank 4 and rank 5 magic beasts to live in.

As the black panther approached closer and closer to this place, the roars of magic beasts could be heard even from the huge distance that separated them, bringing Little Silver a sense of excitement, as if it was going to eat its fill this time.

At the same time, Shun Long only needed a glance to recognize that this place was the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’!

Right before the mountain range itself, a small city was actually erected.

Although this city was small when compared to big cities like the Heaven ’s Dome city, it was actually only half the size of the Silver sword city itself.

Shun Long didn ’t choose to head to the city right away, but instead, he first had Little Silver return back to the ’Stone of Time ’.

Shun Long wasn ’t afraid of anyone coveting Little Silver and try to take it as a magic beast.
Instead, he was afraid that the aura of a rank 6 magic beast would scare the rank 4 and rank 5 beasts away, leaving no prey to him and Liu Mei.

After all, Shun Long had 2 main reasons for coming to the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’.

The first was to find rare rank 5 and rank 6 medicinal herbs that could only be found in this place, while the second one was to hunt rank 4 and even rank 5 magic beasts as he and Liu Mei trained to both become stronger.

Although Liu Mei only had to summon her skeletons or her undead knights during a fight and they could simply fight by themselves, there were still different ways that she could guide them when they fought, instead of allowing them to rush forward blindly.

Liu Mei had also noticed this during her fight with Liu Jian, where she had intentionally guided her 2 undead knights to attack him at the same time, one from the front and the other one from the side, leaving Liu Jian with no room to dodge.

Additionally, it was also rumored that the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’ even had rank 6 magic beasts deeper inside.
Even with Little Black ’s strength, Shun Long wasn ’t willing to stir up this hornet ’s nest just yet, unless he had absolute certainty that he could successfully hunt a rank 6 beast and escape without revealing Little Black ’s existence.

After Little Silver had returned back inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long and Liu Mei flew towards the city in the distance by themselves.

Barely 15 minutes later, Shun Long and Liu Mei who had already put her white veil back on her face, arrived in front of the empty city gates.

Shun Long was surprised that not a single guard was actually guarding the city gates, or the city walls, or that there wasn ’t anyone asking for an entrance fee to enter the city.

After all, there were hundreds of people entering and leaving the city at the same time, and most of them were either coming from the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’ or they were heading there, making it clearly obvious that this was a bustling city!

After thinking about it for a few moments, in the end, Shun Long took a step forward, as he led himself and Liu Mei in the nameless city in front of him.

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