Liu Mei ’s mother was also shocked when she saw the black panther that quickly appeared in front of them.

Although this magic beast was actually smaller in size compared to her ’red-winged condor ’, but the oppressive aura coming from its body, was actually countless times more powerful than the condor itself.

After all, as an early rank 7 Heaven grade cultivator, Lin Huefeng could vaguely sense the terror hidden inside the ’Silver-winged panther king ’s ’ body! 

Although Liu Mei hadn ’t explained to her exactly how powerful this panther named Little Silver was, with her experience, how could Lin Huefeng not realize that it was even more powerful than the personal magic beast of the head priest from the ’Golden Buddha temple ’?

Seeing that the ’red-winged condor ’ had already started to tremble and was nearing the brink of collapse, Shun Long had Little Silver restrain its aura.
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Only then did the early rank 3 condor finally stop shivering, but it still kept its distance of a few hundred meters away from the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ itself.

This was the instinctive suppression and reverence, caused by coming in contact with a more powerful magic beast.

For a moment, Shun Long wondered whether the ’red-winged condor ’ would lose its senses and collapse on the spot if it met with Little Black instead.

Shun Long and Liu Mei got on Little Silver ’s back, while Liu Mei ’s mother sat on the ’red-winged condor ’ and tried to placate the terrified bird, before the 2 magic beasts both took flight at the same time.

Liu Mei and Lin Huefeng had mixed emotions in their hearts, as they saw the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ becoming smaller and smaller in the distance behind them.

Shun Long then turned his head to look at Liu Mei, before he asked curiously

’ ’Mei ’er, what are your mother ’s plans? ’ ’

Now that she had left the ’Floating Cloud sect ’, Shun Long knew that it was very likely that Lin Huefeng didn ’t have a place to stay.

Of course, as a late-stage Heaven grade expert, many of the sects around the ’Floating Cloud sect ’, including the ’Roaring Wind pavilion ’ or the ’Flying sword sect ’, would be more than willing to accept her in their ranks as an Elder.

However, that was still a risky move for Lin Huefeng.

After all, if Liu Jian happened to get wind of this matter, with Shun Long and Liu Mei having left the ’Desolate East ’, it was unknown whether he would move to take back his wife or not by force.
No matter how willing these sects would be to keep a late-stage Heaven grade Elder in their ranks, it was unknown if they would be willing to offend Liu Jian.

Shaking her head, Lin Huefeng didn ’t wait for Liu Mei to answer for her, and looking at Shun Long she said with a gentle smile on her face

’ ’I ’m planning to leave the ’Cultivation world ’ and go to the ’mortal world ’ instead.
After all, even if Meimei wanted to stay with me, I wouldn ’t allow her to leave your side to accompany me instead. ’ ’

After a brief moment of pause, she then continued

’ ’Although the ’Cultivation world ’ is interesting, the dangers that are hidden in every corner are much more serious than you can imagine. ’ ’

This was Lin Huefeng ’s way of warning Shun Long and Liu Mei to be careful in the future.

Liu Mei nodded her head in response to her mother ’s words.

She knew that before her mother had met Liu Jian in the past, she had traveled to many places of the Desolate East, and had nearly lost her life twice.

Looking at his ’mother-in-law ’, Shun Long smiled in response, before he asked her in a serious tone

’ ’In that case, miss Lin, do you want to stay in the place that my parents are? They are now living in a mortal kingdom, in one of the islands of the mortal world.
Even if Liu Jian knows that you are in the ’mortal world ’, it will be almost impossible for him to find you between so many islands, kingdoms and cities. ’ ’

Lin Huefeng was stunned for a moment, while her eyes lit up after hearing Shun Long ’s suggestion. 

This was indeed not a bad choice.

After all, instead of wandering around the ’mortal world ’ alone, this way, she would be able to meet Shun Long ’s parents as well.

Shun Long smiled when he saw Lin Huefeng nodding her head, while the last feeling of uncertainty disappeared from his heart.

Although he knew that his parents would be safe by themselves in the ’Roaring Waves Kingdom ’ without any issue, having Lin Huefeng along with them reassured him even further.

This way, both Shun Fang, Shun An and Lin Huefeng would be able to be in the same place, and in case that something really ended up happening, Lin Huefeng would surely be able to help them.

After all, in the ’mortal island ’ that Shun Long ’s parents lived, even the strongest experts were at the early stages of the Heaven grade. 

A late-stage Heaven grade expert would certainly have no equal. 

Almost as if she had just remembered Shun Long ’s words, a look of mock anger appeared in Lin Huefeng ’s face, as she looked at Shun Long and said in a serious tone

’ ’What ’miss Lin ’? Call me mother-in-law in the future. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head in response without saying a word, while at the same time, a sweet feeling had appeared in Liu Mei ’s heart.

Knowing that her mother would also have a place to stay next to Shun Long ’s parents made her feel at peace.

Turning around, Little Silver and the ’red-winged condor ’ then started to fly towards the ’mortal world ’.

With the ’red-winged condor ’s ’ speed, it took almost 3 hours until it arrived at the ’Roaring Waves Kingdom ’.

After Shun Long introduced Lin Huefeng to his parents, both Shun Fang and Shun An accepted Liu Mei ’s mother with great zeal.

The 2 of them looked very happy to have met their ’daughter-in-law ’s ’ family.

Shun Long and Liu Mei didn ’t leave the ’Roaring Waves Kingdom ’ right away, and after Liu Mei helped her mother purchase a mid-sized house right next to Shun Long ’s parents, Shun Long decided to stay in the ’mortal world ’ for a few more hours before they left.

Deep into the night, sitting on Little Silver ’s back, Shun Long watched the capital city of the ’Roaring Waves Kingdom ’ below him with a glint in his eyes.

He knew that it would most likely be a very long time until the next time he returned here.

Without another word, Shun Long took a final glance at the city below him, before Little Silver soared to the sky like a bolt of silver lightning tearing through the night ’s veil. 

It was time to return back to the ’Night star continent ’ and visit the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’!

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