It was an instinctual feeling that had made Shun Long look towards the Lu family ’s mansion.

Shun Long had already guessed, that once the Meng family fell, there was no way that Lu Wen would be allowed to leave the Lu family peacefully.

After all, the big families of the sect weren ’t that much different than the royalty of the mortal world.

The only reason that fatty Fu and the previous young master of the Meng family, Meng Shengyi didn ’t have to face such issues, was because they were the only heirs of their families, with no one being able to threaten their positions.

At the same time however, even if Liu Mei hadn ’t chosen to destroy the Meng family herself, Shun Long had decided to do it personally.

This was both in order to destroy the Meng family, as well as personally take revenge on Lu Wen.

However, since Liu Mei had taken care of it, Shun Long decided not to meddle with the issues of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ this time.

As for Lu Wen, although Shun Long wanted to personally settle matters with him, he clearly understood that his 2 brothers wouldn ’t allow him to escape once they got the chance of getting the upper hand and turn the tables on him either.

At the same time, fatty Fu had started to get anxious in his heart when he saw Liu Mei and her army of skeletons approaching towards his direction.

Although he knew that Liu Mei was only coming to meet Shun Long, after having witnessed the destruction of the Meng family personally, Fu Li felt some kind of instinctive fear towards the black-armored undead knights and the jade-white skeletons with the bony swords who were flying towards him.

Liu Mei was stunned for a moment when she saw Fu Li standing next to Shun Long, but remembering that Shun Long was good friends with fatty, it wasn ’t actually shocking.

Seeing Liu Mei and her mother approaching them, Fu Li flashed an ingratiating smile towards Liu Mei as he said flatteringly

’ ’Senior sister Liu it ’s good to see you again! You have definitely inherited your beauty from your mother! ’ ’

Shun Long was stunned as he stared at fatty Fu with his mouth agape.
Fatty was actually a sweet talker. 

With just one sentence he had praised both Liu Mei and her mother at the same time.

Liu Mei smiled lightly at fatty Fu while Lin Huefeng looked at him with a smile on her face as she asked

’ ’Fu Li, kiddo, what are you doing here? ’ ’

As Liu Jian ’s second wife, how could Liu Mei ’s mother not be familiar with Fu Li and the other heirs of the big families of the sect?

However, Liu Mei was the first one to speak, before fatty Fu could answer, as she moved next to Shun Long and affectionately held his arm, as she replied in a gentle voice

’ ’Mother, this is Long-ge! ’ ’

Lin Huefeng ’s eyes lit up when she heard Liu Mei ’s joyous voice when she introduced Shun Long to her, before she nodded her head in response.

Of course, she had already noticed Shun Long who was standing next to Fu Li earlier, but she still asked in order to allow Liu Mei to introduce Shun Long by herself.

Getting off the ’red-winged condor ’s ’ back, Lin Huefeng stepped forward, and holding Shun Long ’s hands she smiled brightly as she said in a warm voice

’ ’Meimei has already told me everything about you.
Thank you for taking care of my little girl! ’ ’

Lin Huefeng had indeed heard everything about Shun Long from Liu Mei earlier, including the fact that the 2 of them were already Dao partners.

As Lin Huefeng ’s eyes stared at Shun Long, there was a radiant smile on her face, akin to that of a mother-in-law meeting her son-in-law for the first time.

Fatty Fu however was stunned when he heard Liu Mei ’s gentle way of introducing Shun Long.

How was this similar to the death queen who had just destroyed the Meng family a few minutes ago? This sounded more like a joyous wife introducing her own man to her mother!

Shun Long smiled as well when he heard Lin Huefeng ’s words, before he nodded his head and answered seriously

’ ’Don ’t worry! Since Mei ’er is my woman, then of course I will take care of her ’ ’

Seeing Shun Long and her mother getting along made Liu Mei heave out a sigh of relief, before she turned her eyes to look at Fu Li.

There was a bright smile on Liu Mei ’s face as she looked at the fatty, before she asked in a curious voice

’ ’Fu Li, how are you and Jinjing getting along? ’ ’

Fatty Fu ’s eyes lit up when he heard the name of his fiance, and looking at Liu Mei, he patted his chest and puffed it proudly as he said

’ ’Senior sister, don ’t worry! Me and Jinjing are doing great! ’ ’

Suddenly, Fatty Fu paused his words, seemingly as if he had remembered something, and after a brief moment of hesitation he stared at Liu Mei before he continued

’ ’Senior sister Liu…
actually, Jinjing has been missing you ever since you left.
After all, you disappeared so suddenly… ’ ’

Nodding her head, Liu Mei turned her eyes towards the Lan family ’s mansion below her at the ’Floating Cloud city ’ with a saddened look in her eyes.

Lan Jinjing ’s face appeared in Liu Mei ’s mind, and a feeling of sadness overcame her.

After all, Lan Jinjing and Liu Mei were childhood best friends, but they were split up so suddenly.

Lan Jinjing was also the only one who knew, that Liu Mei wasn ’t planning to return to the ’Floating Cloud city ’ after entering the ’Vermilion realm ’, which made the young woman of the Lan family even more dejected for missing her friend.

After casting a deep look at the Lan family mansion, Liu Mei looked at Shun Long before she asked in a sweet voice

’ ’Long-ge, can you wait for me for a bit more? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head without minding too much that he had to wait until Liu Mei finished her business.

He already knew that Lan Jinjing was Liu Mei ’s best friend, so how could she leave without even seeing her once?

Almost an hour later, Liu Mei came out from the Lan family ’s mansion with mixed emotions in her eyes. 

She was happy that she had managed to see Lan Jinjing again and chat with her, but Liu Mei also knew that she and Shun Long probably wouldn ’t have the chance to return to the Desolate East for quite a while.

It would probably be at least a few years until Lan Jinjing and Liu Mei saw each other again.

Seeing that Liu Mei didn ’t have any more issues to take care of, Shun Long looked at fatty Fu ’s reluctant face, before he bid him farewell.

Shun Long felt somewhat emotional after saying farewell to his friend since he knew that he would probably be unable to see him for a long time, before he turned his eyes to the horizon ahead of him.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'floating-cloud-sect'_51915342397623326 for visiting.

Under fatty Fu ’s shocked eyes, at the same time that Liu Mei dispersed her skeletons and undead knights, letting them turn into dust before they suddenly disappeared, a panther with glowing silver wings flew towards them from the distance.

Shun Long had let Little Silver to take a look around the territories near the sect.

As long as it didn ’t go too far, he could always summon the black panther back thanks to their soul link.

Seeing Little Silver ’s majestic body and feeling its terrifying aura, a feeling of awe appeared in Fu Li ’s heart, as well as excitement. 

This panther ’s aura was indeed much stronger than the peak rank 4 ’Flying Blue whale ’s ’ from the ’Golden Buddha temple ’.

Seeing Little Silver flying towards them, Liu Mei also knew that it was time to leave the ’Floating Cloud sect ’.

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