The entire ’Floating Cloud city ’ started to tremble as the powerful explosion coming from the Meng family ’s mansion started to spread outwards.

Liu Mei ’s skeletons who were scattered inside the main room and were about to attack the Meng family ’s Elders, were instantly drowned in the white light, that continued to expand outwards.

Liu Jian had a solemn look on his face when he saw the white light spreading towards him, and without any hesitation, he and the Elders around him all braced for impact.

Although 1 or 2 late-stage Heaven grade cultivators detonating their dantians couldn ’t threaten Liu Jian who was a peak rank 3 Spirit realm expert, it was different when it involved almost 40 Heaven grade experts doing the same thing simultaneously and at such a small distance.

Liu Jian even suspected that Liu Mei ’s skeletons and perhaps even her undead knights would most likely suffer some serious injuries this time.


Liu Jian ’s qi barrier started to tremble, while the color from the faces of the Elders around him had instantly vanished.

The terrifying power coming from the Meng family ’s headquarters was much more powerful than what any Elder from the sect could handle by themselves.

If it wasn ’t for Liu Jian ’s qi shield, any Elder caught inside this white light would most likely die in an instant!

Even late-stage Heaven grade Elders weren ’t an exception to this.

Everyone else aside from Liu Jian and the Grand Elder Lan Hong, who was at the peak rank 1 of the Spirit realm, could feel their qi being drained extremely rapidly, as they used all of their strength to resist the horrifying power coming from the mansion in front of them.

’ ’What ’s going on? ’ ’

’ ’Eart-Earthquake? How can there be an earthquake? ’ ’

At the outer part of the ’Floating Cloud city ’, the outer disciples could feel the earth beneath their feet that was violently shaking, before they all turned their gazes towards the inner city at the same time.

A white ball of light had started to expand from the northern part of the city, completely submerging everything in its path.
Luckily, the white light itself had only managed to cover a few buildings in the outer city before it finally stopped expanding.

A few moments later, the white light slowly started to decrease in intensity, almost as if it was dispersing itself in the air around the city.

At the headquarters of the Meng family, in front of the place where the main room previously existed, Liu Mei and her mother, Lin Huefeng, who were both covered by Liu Mei ’s powerful undead knights, as they watched the scene inside the main room of the mansion with different expressions in their eyes.

Liu Mei hadn ’t expected Meng Shao to be so decisive and detonate himself along with all of his Elders of his Meng family.

He was really determined to take Liu Mei and her skeletons down with him!

Liu Mei ’s gaze then slowly fell to 3 of her jade-white skeletons that were the closest to the explosion just now.

Surprisingly, their bones had actually started to crack…
but that was all there was to it.

Not a single skeleton was destroyed by Meng Shao ’s attack.

Aside from 3 of them having their bones broken, there wasn ’t any other form of injury in Liu Mei ’s undead army!

Of course, even if the skeletons were obliterated into a pile of dust, Liu Mei could still summon them again by using her death qi.

Healing the broken bones of 3 of her 200 skeletons was barely a drop in the bucket for Liu Mei ’s qi reserves.

As for the undead knights, there wasn ’t even a single scratch in their armors.

It was as if the terrifying explosion that had razed the entire Meng family mansion to the ground, couldn ’t harm the powerful middle rank 4 Spirit realm undead knights in the slightest.

Lin Huefeng observed the scene in front of her with eyes filled with shock.

One of the 5 strongest families of the sect, the Meng family that had a history of almost 1000 years, was actually destroyed in front of her eyes just like that!

Even the bodies of Meng Shao and Meng Yang, the 2 late-stage Heaven grade experts were obliterated in the process, along with the rest of the Meng family mansion.

The only thing that Liu Mei ’s mother could barely make out in the ruins in front of her, now that the white light was receding, was a few half-destroyed spatial rings.

As soon as the white light disappeared, Liu Jian and the Elders around him who were still standing in the sky, revealed their disheveled appearances after resisting the terrifying explosion that had come from the Meng family mansion.

The Meng family mansion had completely disappeared, leaving behind a pile of debris and dust. 

Lowering their gazes to look down below, both Liu Jian and Liu Changpun, as well as the Grand Elder Lan Hong felt the blood from their faces being drained.

Seeing Liu Mei and Lin Huefeng stand in front of the door where the Meng family ’s main room previously existed, without so much as a single scratch on their bodies, was shocking.
But seeing Liu Mei ’s skeletons being in practically perfect condition was horrifying!

Liu Jian and Lan Hong had expected that Liu Mei ’s skeletons would have suffered grave injuries if they weren ’t obliterated to dust, and only the terrifying, huge black-armored knights would be able to resist this explosion!

After all, even an expert like Liu Jian would have, at the very least, suffered serious injuries if he had to face this explosion by himself!

Although Liu Jian knew that he wasn ’t a match for the powerful undead knights, he had originally estimated that he was much stronger than the jade-white skeletons.

After all, even though he was still at the peak of rank 3 in the Spirit realm, Liu Jian was also confident in defeating an early rank 4 Spirit realm expert by fighting head-on, and despite the jade-white skeletons being at the early rank 4 of the Spirit realm, Liu Jian didn ’t believe that they were actually strong enough to fight against an early rank 4 Spirit realm expert!

However, aside from a few broken bones in the skeletons ’ bodies that were the closest to the explosion, the rest of them had practically suffered no injuries!

Liu Jian and Lan Hong both shivered when they noticed this detail!

Didn ’t that mean that Liu Mei by herself, had at least 200 skeletons at the same level as Liu Jian, and 12 undead knights who were even stronger than him?

As for Liu Changpun, his face had already turned white, while his feet had already started losing their strength.

He had originally prayed that both Liu Mei and Lin Huefeng would be buried along with the Meng family.
Although the Meng family was important to him, eradicating Liu Mei was even more important in his heart!

And yet, the scene in front of him was completely different from what he had expected!

Liu Mei was sitting on the ’red-winged condor ’s back completely unharmed, as she was surrounded by her army of undead.

How could Liu Chanpun accept this? How much stronger had Liu Mei turned compared to him in just a year?

Liu Chanpun had knelt and begged the Dao King of the ’Vermilion realm ’ to take him on as a disciple, and yet he chose his untalented sister? As these thoughts flashed through his mind, Liu Changpun ’s face slowly turned warped, filled with both killing intent as well as fear.

After having her skeletons sweep through everything that valuable that still remained in the Meng family ’s mansion, including Meng Shao ’s and Meng Yang ’s spatial rings, Liu Mei had the rank 3 condor who was still shaking in fear to slowly soar in the sky, as she headed towards the outer city.

At the same time, Liu Jian who was about to follow Liu Mei, received a report of the damages that the sect had suffered during this time, causing his face to instantly turn pale.

Despite the fact that no inner disciples had actually died aside from the members of the Meng family…
the entire northern part of the inner city had been completely destroyed.

Almost one-fourth of the inner city had actually been razed to the ground, while the damages had also expanded to the outer city as well.

At the same time, at the center of the ’Floating Cloud city ’, inside Liu Jian ’s palace, Liu Changpun ’s mother had also received the report of what had just taken place minutes ago in the Meng family ’s manor.

After all, this wasn ’t a matter that could be hidden or suppressed for any reason, as it involved one of the 5 strongest families of the city.

A similar report arrived at the mansion of the Lan family in the southern part of the inner city, as well as at fatty Fu ’s Fu family, as well as the Lu family.

The destruction of the Meng family only took a few minutes to spread throughout the 4 families of the ’Floating Cloud city ’, bringing different reactions to the people who learned about this.

The patriarchs of the Lan and the Fu families were actually overjoyed! Despite this weakening the overall strength of the sect somewhat, the Meng family was actually destroyed!

This implicated more things than just the temporary weakening of the sect itself.

Inside the Lu family ’s mansion, Lu Wen who had already suppressed his brothers and would become the family head in the next 2 years, couldn ’t believe the report that he had just received.

The Meng family was destroyed by Liu Jian ’s daughter?

Looking at the black-robed Elder who was standing in front of him, he then asked with his eyes wide open and in a voice that couldn ’t hide his shock and disbelief

’ ’Liu Mei? Didn ’t she die in the ’Vermilion realm ’? ’ ’

The black-robed Elder shook his head, but his expression had also turned ugly.
He clearly understood what this matter meant for Lu Wen ’s own plans!

Different thoughts flashed through Lu Wen ’s mind one by one.

He suddenly remembered Fu Li coming to visit him a couple of months before the ’Vermilion realm ’s ’ opening, and telling him that ’their brother ’ was actually interested in the sect master ’s daughter.

He had also mentioned how he and Shun Long had met Liu Mei, Lan Jinjing and Meng Shengyi in the ’Treasure Pavilion ’, as well as everything else that had occured.

Lu Wen had of course agreed to keep an eye on Liu Mei after fatty Fu ’s urging, but in his mind he had scoffed at this idea.

Since Meng Shengyi was interested in Liu Mei, who was Shun Long to go against him?

Like Fu Li, Meng Shenyi was in a different situation than Lu Wen.

He didn ’t have brothers either, and he was the only heir to the Meng family!

Even if Lu Wen had to give up on Shun Long due to this matter, it wouldn ’t really affect his plans by too much.

After all, ever since he had returned back to the sect, Lu Wen had already limited his contact with Shun Long, not caring too much about him.

Aside from drinking wine 3 times with him and Fu Li, Lu Wen couldn ’t care too much about this ’brother ’ of his.

Although Shun Long was talented, it would certainly take a while until he matured.
By then, the position of the family head of the Lu family would already be his.

At best, Shun Long would be able to provide him with the assistance of a high-ranking Elder in the future.

After all, once he entered the inner city and became an inner disciple, Shun Long would have to choose between which family he wanted to join.

Lu Wen was certain that his only options by then would be either his Lu family or fatty Fu ’s Fu family.

As these thoughts flashed through Lu Wen ’s mind, he suddenly remembered an important detail.

Didn ’t Shun Long die in the ’Vermilion realm ’ along with Liu Mei and the rest?

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