The green flames inside the skeletons ’ eye sockets flickered when they received Liu Mei ’s command, but the undead knights were the first ones to respond.

Without any hesitation, they flew towards the layers of protective formation that surrounded the Meng family ’s mansion, like moths that were attracted to flames.

And yet, the undead knights were quite different from insects, especially when faced against the formations made by a peak rank 3 Spirit realm expert formation master! Under Lin Huefeng ’s shocked eyes, the black-armored knights effortlessly passed through the first of the 5 protective layers, completely shattering it in the process.

The bright silver-colored runes inscribed by the formation master that the Meng family had hired, had only managed to light up for a single moment, before they instantly turned dim and shattered into countless motes of light that dispersed in the air.

Meng Shao wanted to scream when he saw the formation that he had paid tens of thousands of spirit stones being destroyed just like that, but despite opening his mouth, he was too afraid to make a sound.

Instead, he silently retreated back inside the Meng family ’s manor with a pale look on his face, as his feet continued to tremble.

Of course, even when they were augmented by the runes of a rank 2 silver grade formation master, how could the formations around the Meng ’s family ’s mansion stop Liu Mei ’s undead army?!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-decision_51861876212032120 for visiting.

The second layer, the third, the fourth…
the fifth!

The layers of protective formations were shattered one after the other, and in less than 10 breaths of time, Liu Mei ’s white skeletons and her black-armored undead knights had completely surrounded the mansion.

The 3m(10ft) tall undead knights, were the first to enter inside the Meng family ’s headquarters.
The door that covered the headquarters was like a thin piece of paper in front of Liu Mei ’s powerful undead knights, as an army of more than 200 undead creatures then entered inside.

Without waiting for her mother ’s response, Liu Mei also had the ’red-winged condor ’ follow after the skeletons and enter inside.

The Elders situated near the entrance were the first ones to shout out in alarm, but their screams were immediately suppressed as their heads were immediately separated from their necks, while the undead knights led the white skeletons and continued deeper inside.

Although this was just the headquarters that the Meng family had inside the ’Floating Cloud city ’ and not the place where everyone from the Meng family lived, all of the Elders of the Meng family were situated here.

As for the rest of their family members, they occupied an island in the mortal world by themselves.

All of the Meng family descendants would always come and join the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ once they reached the middle stages of the Qi condensation stage, but they couldn ’t obviously all become inner disciples.

Instead, they would still have the status of an outer disciple, but their lives would be much easier and more comfortable than normal outer disciples.

After all, not only would they receive benefits from their family as well, but as members of one of the 5 biggest families, they also enjoyed a certain degree of authority as well.

Of course, some of the early-stage Heaven grade experts of the Meng family would stay back in the ’Mortal world ’, but overall, they amounted to an even lower number than the number of Heaven grade experts on the mortal island where Shun Long ’s parents lived.

The blood from the 2 early-stage Heaven grade Elders of the Meng family who were situated next to the entrance, had dyed the greatswords of Liu Mei ’s undead knights into a dark red color, as the scent of blood slowly filled the corridors of the Meng family ’s mansion.

Of course, since the formations that were covering the mansion were already broken, the imposing Meng family ’s Elders were now trapped inside, like a group of sheep surrounded by a pack of wolves.

Despite the fact that the Meng family wouldn ’t be completely eradicated, even if everyone inside their headquarters died, since they would still have some descendants as outer disciples, as well as an entire mortal island filled with the rest of them, destroying the Meng family mansion wasn ’t different than completely destroying the Meng family itself.

After all, all of their high-ranking Elders stayed inside the headquarters at all times, leaving very few of them outside the sect.

Every single Elder that died by Liu Mei ’s undead knights was a powerhouse that the Meng family had used countless resources to nurture!

However, the undead knights and the white skeletons had only found 2 more Elders on their way inside the Meng family ’s headquarters, before they arrived in front of the main room.

Liu Mei was originally stunned for a moment, seeing that her skeletons and her undead knights had only encountered 4 Elders, all of them at the early stages of the Heaven grade, but after thinking about it for a moment, it made sense.

All of them were probably gathered inside the room in front of her, instead of thinning out their manpower by splitting up.

Without any suspense, the door of the room was broken down by one of the 12 undead knights, revealing the scene inside the main room.

The old patriarch of the Meng family, Meng Shao, their current patriarch, Meng Yang, as well as the young master of the Meng family Meng Shengyi, were surrounded by 8 Elders of the Meng family, all of them at the late-stages of the Heaven grade.

Of course, the strongest among these people was still the old patriarch, Meng Shao, whose cultivation was at the middle rank 9 in the Heaven grade, followed by Meng Yang who was an early rank 9 Heaven grade expert.

In front of the 8 black-robed Elders were 35 Elders and inner disciples of the Meng family, all of them at the early and middle stages of the Heaven grade!

This was the most powerful force of one of the 5 biggest families of the sect, the Meng family!

Although she had already expected this, Lin Huefeng couldn ’t believe the scene in front of her.
The powerful experts of the Meng family were all scared of her own daughter.

Seeing Liu Mei ’s undead army finally arrive at the main room, Meng Shao ’s pale expression turned even paler. 

He knew that he had no chance to survive or escape against this lineup, even with all of the Elders of the Meng family combined.

In fact, just one of these undead knights was probably strong enough to destroy the Meng family all by itself.

Seeing Liu Mei ’s skeletons that flooded the room and completely surrounded the Elders of the Meng family, Meng Shao stared at Liu Mei with a cold look in his eyes, before he said with a tone filled with anger and killing intent

’ ’At least tell me the reason why you attacked my Meng family! I do not accept dying without even knowing the reason why! ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the furious old patriarch of the Meng family, and with a serious look in her eyes she nodded her head before she asked him instead

’ ’How many innocent mortals has your Meng family killed during the years? How many have you forced into slavery in the spirit stone mines, just so your family would get a bigger profit in the end?

When these people whose lifespan doesn ’t even reach 100 years died, did you answer their questions when they asked why? ’ ’

Seeing the look in Meng Shao ’s eyes turn into a mocking one, Liu Mei smiled coldly, before she continued

’ ’Of course, this is just an excuse.

After all, I am not a hero of justice.

The real reason I am here is simply because I don ’t want your family to exist any longer.

You are Liu Jian ’s biggest support in the sect, so eradicating you is the same as cutting off his arms and legs. 

Hehe, it ’s going to be even worse for Liu Changpun!

Helping the people you have killed all these years take revenge this way is actually just a bonus. ’ ’

Meng Shao narrowed his eyes when he heard this, before he turned his eyes towards the Elders around him.

Surprisingly, the old patriarch of the Meng family started to laugh, and nodding his head, he pointed at Liu Mei before he said coldly

’ ’Hahaha! Do you think I will allow you to kill me? Come! Let ’s experience hell together! ’ ’

The moment that Meng Shao finished his words, serious looks had appeared deep inside the eyes of the Elders of the Meng family, as they all nodded their heads at the same time.

Meng Shengyi ’s face however had already turned pale, as he stared at Liu Mei with a gaze filled with killing intent.

He was the young master of one of the 5 biggest families in the sect.
Even Liu Mei ’s status in the sect could be considered lower than his own!

How could he accept that he was going to die?

’ ’N- ’ ’

Before he could say a single word however, the old patriarch, Meng Shao suddenly shouted coldly, in a voice that reverberated throughout the entire mansion!

’ ’NOW! ’ ’

A terrifying aura erupted from the Elders of the Meng family around him, while a powerful white light had appeared from their bodies, completely drowning everything in sight.

Liu Mei ’s eyes instantly narrowed, while the 12 undead knights all raised their 2m(6.6ft) black greatswords at the same time.

Outside of the Meng family ’s headquarters, a serious look had appeared in Liu Jian ’s eyes, before he hurriedly gathered his qi in his hands, creating a large qi shield.

The Elders around him all did the same, putting their qi inside Liu Jian ’s qi shield that had completely enveloped their bodies.

In the sky above the ’Floating Cloud city ’, Shun Long stared at the scene in the ’Floating Cloud city ’ without saying a word.

He and Liu Mei had already felt something similar in the past, but in a much larger scale, so Shun Long could instantly understand what the aura coming from the Meng ’s family ’s mansion really was.

This was the aura of 10 late-stage Heaven grade experts, as well as 35 middle and early stage ones detonating their cultivation at the same time!

Indeed, Meng Shao would never allow Liu Mei to kill him! He would rather die by himself and take all of her skeletons down with him!


A powerful explosion erupted from the Meng family ’s mansion, as it spread outwards, towards the rest of the ’Floating Cloud city ’!

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