The indistinct figure of an hourglass expanded from inside his body and covered the entire room as time went still.

’ ’Crazy! ’ ’

Shun Long couldn ’t help but exclaim after time had stopped in the entire room.

’ ’It really worked.
I can manipulate time forcing everything to go still, before finishing the refining process myself. ’ ’

Although Shun Long was inwardly thinking how much of a cheat his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ technique really is, he didn ’t lose any time daydreaming as he quickly moved to extract the juice from the ’Honey Fruit ’.

Right now, he could only keep the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ active for 6 breaths of time.
After that, his qi would be sucked dry from the huge consumption of the technique.

A yellow color had added itself into the mix of blue, light green, and dark brown.

Guided by Shun Long ’s spiritual power, the yellow liquid moved inside the cauldron, before it followed the other 3 colors that were already revolving around each other in a circular motion.

Shun Long stopped the activation of the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ as the invisible figure of an hourglass returned back in his body.
And yet, even though less than 3 breaths of time had passed between the activation and the deactivation of the technique, Shun Long still felt that his qi was severely drained.

’ ’Just activating the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ requires so much of my qi.
I need to enter the 7th rank of qi condensation soon.
I will definitely have more qi then and sustaining the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ will be easier. ’ ’

The 4 streams of liquid inside the cauldron were guided by Shun Long ’s spiritual power as they tried to merge with each other.

Shun Long knew that he had reached the most crucial phase in his refinement process.

The lid of the cauldron was now closed as it buzzed incessantly, while Shun Long ’s mind was fully focused on merging the 4 liquids into one.

A burst of fragrance came from inside the cauldron as the scent of medicinal herbs suddenly filled the room.

Shun Long stood up and opened the lid of the cauldron as he looked inside.

Two small cyan-colored pills could be seen inside as they emitted a sweet-smelling aroma.

Shun Long quickly gathered both of them and put them inside the bottle that fatty had sent over along with the three sets of medicinal ingredients.

Alchemists stored their pills and herbs in airtight bottles, or else the pills would lose their effectiveness by coming in contact with the air for a prolonged period of time.

After resting for an hour to recover his qi and spiritual energy, Shun Long decided to refine the last batch of ingredients he had left.

Now that he had already succeeded once, the concoction of the pills was even easier the second time around.

The refinement process was even faster than before and there was one more pill inside the cauldron when he opened the lid this time.

Shun Long now looked at the 5 ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills inside his bottle and was overjoyed as he thought of the price that they could fetch.

’ ’Normal ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills have a fifty percent chance of allowing someone at the peak of rank 6 to enter the early rank 7 in qi condensation.

My pills however have a seventy percent chance of allowing the people consuming them to directly reach the middle stage of rank 7. ’ ’

Shun Long thought out loud as he looked at the 5 cyan-colored pills in his hand.

As for reaching the early stages of rank 7?

Shun Long had absolute confidence that anyone consuming his pills would experience a breakthrough in less than 15 days.

This was absolutely unheard of in the entire ’floating cloud sect ’.

It had to be known that rank 7 was a dividing line and a cultivator with mediocre talent would need to cultivate for more than a year to reach the early stages of rank 7 from the peak of rank 6 if they didn ’t use any pills.

But Shun Long ’s pills could help someone, regardless of their talent, to directly reach the 7th rank in qi condensation in less than half a month.

Shun Long himself understood that his pills would easily fetch a price of 100 sect points each.

The problem was how to go about selling these pills.

He couldn ’t tell people that he had just refined these himself.
The efficacy of his ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills and the ones that were out on the market were on a completely different level.

Shun Long then thought

’ ’I will first try to enter the 7th rank in qi condensation.
Then I will consider the matter of selling the ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills.
The ’Treasure Pavilion ’ should be my best option but I will think about it again after I complete my breakthrough. ’ ’

Shun Long sorted out his thoughts before entering seclusion to reach the 7th rank of qi condensation.

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