Walking out from the main doors of the Meng family ’s mansion, Meng Shao raised his head to look at the 2 women who were sitting on the back of the ’red-winged condor ’, before his eyes landed on the white-robed Liu Mei.

Liu Mei ’s expression however hadn ’t changed by a lot after seeing the protective formations sprouting from the Meng family ’s estate.

After all, as the headquarters of one of the 5 big families in the ’Floating Cloud city ’, how could the Meng family not have their own protective formations?

It was said that they had once recruited a rank 2 silver grade formation master whose cultivation was at the peak of rank 3 in the Spirit realm, and had him create powerful defensive formations all around the Meng family ’s headquarters.

However, a rank 2 silver grade formation master wasn ’t someone whom the Meng family could interact with at will, and they could only ask him to create 5 layers of protective formations in the end.

Of course, even though it was just 5 different layers of protective formations, they could even block out someone like Liu Jian without much effort.

If the sect master of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ insisted on attacking the Meng family ’s headquarters by himself despite seeing the layers of protective formations around it, then he would certainly die in the process, unless…
he actually chose to mobilize the entire strength of his Liu family.

It was too bad that the one who was attacking the Meng family today wasn ’t Liu Jian but Liu Mei.

After staring at the gorgeous young woman in white robes with his cold eyes, Meng Shao soon turned his gaze towards Liu Jian and the Elders of the sect who were hovering in the air a few hundred meters away from her.

It was obvious that Liu Jian was afraid of the 2 undead knights who were flying next to the ’red-winged condor ’ and didn ’t dare to get too close.

However, since Liu Mei had decided to attack his family, Meng Shao wouldn ’t try to reason with her.

Instead, he would try to get Liu Jian to protect his family no matter the cost.

Cupping his hands at Liu Jian, Meng Shao didn ’t bow, but instead, he simply stared at the sect master of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ with a serious look in his eyes before he asked

’ ’Sect master, may I know why you have sent your daughter to attack my Meng family? Could it be that you are somehow dissatisfied with us? In that case, please allow me to express my apologies beforehand.
I will punish whoever was responsible for angering the sect master!

My Meng family has always been loyal to the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ and considers your Liu family our ally, so please explain to me what ’s going on. ’ ’

Shun Long who was still hovering in the sky with Fu Li, and was concealed behind the thick white clouds, almost laughed loudly when he heard Meng Shao ’s words.

With a mocking look in his eyes, he then said smilingly

’ ’Indeed, that guy is really a shameless old fox. ’ ’

Of course, how could Meng Shao not know what was going on since Liu Jian had personally allowed the Meng family ’s Elders to return and report the situation to him?

He had already heard that Liu Mei had come to take revenge, and for some reason she had decided to target his Meng family!

However, as an ally of the Liu family, how could he not mention their relationship when his family was in trouble?

Either Liu Jian would have to help him, or he would be considered an incompetent father as well as a traitor.

After all, it was his own daughter who was attacking the Meng family today!

Fu Li nodded his head absentmindedly, but he didn ’t say anything after hearing Shun Long mumbling to himself. 

His eyes were still staring at the scene that was taking place in the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ with a shocked but also fervent look in his eyes.

This was one of the 5 big families! Was ’senior sister Liu ’ really going to eradicate them by herself?

As the heir of one of the 5 big families himself, Fu Li clearly knew the power behind each family.
Although the Meng family was the weakest one, they were certainly not a pushover.
Although he had not seen Liu Mei ’s fight with Liu Jian and had only heard a brief mention of it from Shun Long earlier, he still didn ’t believe that Liu Mei was actually capable of destroying one of the big families by herself.

An ugly look had appeared on Liu Jian ’s face as he looked at Meng Shao with cold eyes, but he didn ’t directly answer his question.

Instead, he looked at Liu Mei who was still staring at the old patriarch of the Meng family before he said seriously

’ ’Liu Mei, if you dare to attack the Meng family, my Liu family will not let this go! ’ ’

The moment that she heard these words, a mocking smile was formed in Liu Mei ’s lips, while Meng Shao ’s expression had instantly darkened!

Not let this go? Didn ’t it mean that Liu Jian would choose to take revenge in the future and would not interfere today?

Of course, how could Liu Jian not understand that Meng Shao was trying to put him in a difficult position earlier? However, between his own safety or the Meng family ’s, Liu Jian clearly knew which one to choose.
Although he couldn ’t bear to allow Liu Mei to attack them, he couldn ’t do anything about this matter directly!

Although Meng Shao had not seen Liu Mei ’s strength, Liu Jian knew clearly how strong the 2 undead knights next to Liu Mei really were.
Just the 2 of them by themselves were probably strong enough to break through the Meng ’s family ’s defenses!

At the same time, Liu Chanpun stared at his sister and her mother on the rank 3 ’red-winged condor ’ with cold eyes, before he silently flew towards his father.

He then lowered his voice to the volume of a whisper before he said in a tone that was filled with killing intent

’ ’Father, if Liu Mei once Liu Mei sends the black-armored knights to attack the Meng family, isn ’t that the perfect opportunity to capture her? Without those monsters to protect her, she is definitely weaker than father, let alone the combined strength of all the Elders present here! ’ ’

Of course, Liu Changpun ’s plan wasn ’t to capture Liu Mei but to secretly kill her. 

He had clearly heard his father offering her the position of the sect master earlier! 

What was Liu Changpun going to do if he wasn ’t going to become the sect master? How could he allow the little sister that he had never cared for destroy his plans?

A deep look flashed through Liu Jian ’s eyes when he heard this, and looking at Liu Mei ’s back, he seemed to be seriously considering this option, when suddenly, he saw a familiar looking black ball appearing between Liu Mei ’s hands.

This seemed to be the same black ball that Liu Mei had conjured earlier when she had summoned the 2 black-armored knights! 

’ ’Don ’t tell me that she can summon another one! ’ ’

As this thought flashed through Liu Jian ’s mind, the powerful sect master of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ shivered in fear!

However, an even more astonishing scene than what he had previously expected clearly happened.

The black ball filled with Liu Mei ’s death qi, turned bigger and bigger with every passing second, before Liu Mei finally allowed it to fall on the ground.

Just like the last time however, before the black ball actually touched the ground, it seemed to have turned into a black hole, that resembled a portal.

The Elders of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ behind Liu Jian hurriedly took a few steps backwards in shock when they saw the scene that was unfolding in front of their eyes!

One after another, the 3m(10ft) tall, horrifying black-armored knights who were holding the black greatswords, had started to appear from the black hole, until 12 of them had actually arranged themselves in front of Liu Mei in an orderly manner, all of them kneeling in the air on one knee!

But this wasn ’t the end!

Following the undead knights were dozens and dozens of the jade-white skeletons who were holding their silvery-white bone swords in their hands.
Each skeleton was 1.8m(5.11ft) tall with green wisps of ember shining in their eye sockets, giving off a terrifying appearance.

The most scary thing to Liu Jian and the Elders of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ however, wasn ’t the outer appearance of the white skeletons, but their terrifying aura that had reached the early rank 4 of the Spirit realm!

200 skeletons at the early rank 4 of the Spirit realm led by 12 black-armored knights who were at the middle of rank 4! 

Even if the skeletons were much weaker than average early rank 4 Spirit realm experts, there were still 200 of them! Just this number was enough to frighten any sect in the Desolate East, aside from the ’Golden Buddha temple and the ’Poison Hall ’.

Liu Jian ’s face had turned pale, and yet there was still a fire of excitement deep in his eyes, hoping that Liu Mei would change her mind!

Liu Chanpun ’s face however had turned completely pale!

He was planning to secretly kill Liu Mei? 

Forget about the Meng family, if this undead army attacked any family in the ’Floating Cloud sect ’, none of them would be able to resist!

Meng Shao could feel his knees trembling incessantly as he looked at the jade-white skeletons in the air, but when he heard the next words coming from Liu Mei ’s mouth, he almost passed out in the process.

Standing on the ’red-winged condor ’s ’ back, Liu Mei looked at the Meng family ’s mansion that was covered in layers of protective formations, before she turned her gaze towards Meng Shao and the Elders who were standing behind him, as she said in a cold voice

’ ’Kill them! ’ ’

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