There was only one thing in the northern part of the ’Floating Cloud city ’ that was important to Liu Jian and his plans for the future of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’.

The headquarters of the Meng family!

The Elders around Liu Jian who belonged to the Meng family had extremely ugly expressions on their faces as they looked at the young woman on the ’red-winged condor ’s ’ back.

Fear slowly overwhelmed them when they realized what Liu Mei was intending to do.

At the same time, Liu Changpun who was standing behind Liu Jian, stared at Liu Mei with his mouth wide open.

’ ’She can ’t be planning to destroy the Meng family!? ’ ’

As this thought flashed through his mind, Liu Changpun found himself feeling uncertain.

The Liu Mei that was on top of the ’red-winged condor ’s ’ back didn ’t seem to be the same Liu Mei that he remembered before they left for the ’Vermilion realm ’.

Shun Long ’s lips curved up as he stared at Liu Mei from the sky.
He could see the luxurious manor in the distance with the word ’Meng ’ written on it, and quickly understood what Liu Mei ’s intentions were.

At the same time however, Lin Huefeng ’s expression was completely different from Shun Long ’s.

There was no pride or joy on her face as she looked at her daughter, but only worry and fear of what was going to happen.

Although she had already heard the most important parts from Liu Mei regarding what she had experienced in the past year, and although Lin Huefeng knew, that the young man named Shun Long whom she had yet to meet was actually somewhere close to the ’Floating Cloud sect ’, in her mind, Liu Mei was still her weak little girl.

How could she fight with the powerful Meng family?

It was, after all, one of the 5 strongest families in the entire sect.

Even if it was the weakest one among the 5, even Liu Jian had to take their overall strength seriously.

Liu Mei however didn ’t show the slightest ripples of anxiousness or uncertainty in her eyes.

Instead, her gaze was focused on the luxurious manor in the distance which clearly belonged to the Meng family.

Liu Mei knew, that the Meng family was Liu Jian ’s biggest supporter inside the sect.

Although she wasn ’t willing to kill her father or her brother directly, Liu Mei was more than willing to completely wipe out the Meng family from the ’Floating Cloud city ’.

This didn ’t just stem from the fact that they supported Liu Jian or that the young master of the Meng family, Meng Shengyi wanted to marry her despite her refusing time after time, but because the Meng family was also the dirtiest one out of all the families in the ’Floating Cloud sect ’.

They were the only family who would often not give compensation to the outer disciples who successfully passed their test in the ’Demonic Mountain Region ’ after joining the sect, and they were also the only family who was willing to secretly enslave mortals from the countless islands in the ’Mortal world ’ and have them work in the spirit stone mines of the sect.

Of course, their ideals were closely connected to Liu Jian ’s own, but as the sect master, Liu Jian couldn ’t bring up such topics or urge people to blemish their own image by doing that.

However, the patriarch of the Meng family didn ’t seem to have such moral restrains.

As long as there were benefits that could be exploited, he didn ’t mind sacrificing countless mortals or cultivators alike.

Although cultivators were often cruel and would kill others without batting an eye, enslaving mortals was a taboo in the ’Cultivation world ’.

Usually, even the most heinous criminals would despise enslaving mortals for their own benefits or enjoyment.

Besides, if they were strong enough, they would much rather enslave other cultivators who also had longer lifespans and stronger bodies than mortals as well.

Of course, this could also be considered an excuse in itself by Liu Mei.

Even if the Meng family wasn ’t an evil family, Liu Mei would have still chosen to attack them.

After all, as the most loyal supporter of Liu Jian, eradicating them was similar to cutting off Liu Jian ’s left and right arms!

The manor of the Meng family quickly appeared in front of Liu Mei and Lin Huefeng, as well as Liu Jian and the Elders of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ who were following behind the ’red-winged condor ’.

Although Liu Jian didn ’t dare to fight against Liu Mei ’s undead knights again head-on, he couldn ’t just stay and watch as Liu Mei attacked the headquarters of the Meng family in the inner city.

Some of the Elders around Liu Jian had already been sent inside the manor to secretly inform the old patriarch of the Meng family of the incoming danger.

After all, the ’red-winged condor ’ wasn ’t flying at full speed, and Liu Mei didn ’t seem to be afraid that the Meng family would suddenly turn to flee.

Even if they did, she still believed that she would be able to catch at least the most important of their higher echelons and destroy them by herself.

In the main hall of the Meng family ’s manor, as soon as the old patriarch of the Meng family, Meng Shao heard of what was going on, his face instantly turned angry as well as pale from fear.

Originally, he had never placed any importance on Liu Jian ’s daughter.

If it wasn ’t because of his own grandson being so adamant on marrying her, he wouldn ’t have paid any attention to anything other than her name.

However, the moment that he heard that Liu Jian himself was injured by her, things had drastically changed.

With a serious look, he calmed down his emotions, and sitting back down on his chair at the head of the large table inside the main room, he looked at the 2 Elders who were still bowing in front of him, before he ordered them to gather everyone in this room.

A few minutes later, all of the high-ranking Elders of the Meng family had gathered inside the room, including the current patriarch of the Meng family, Meng Yang, as well as his son, Meng Shengyi.

As soon as Meng Shao explained what was going on, everyone turned their gazes towards the green-robed Meng Shengyi who had a stunned expression on his face.

He wanted to speak and curse Liu Mei, but he knew that the current situation was extremely grave, and his Meng family had a high chance of suffering a disaster!

Indeed, the old patriarch of the Meng family, Meng Shao had a solemn look on his face as he looked at the Elders around him, before he said in a serious voice

’ ’Activate the protective formations!

No matter what that girl ’s reason is, we will not allow anyone to come to attack our Meng family, not even Liu Jian himself! Even if that girl really is stronger than Liu Jian, I don ’t believe that she can attack us through all the defensive formations carved by a rank 2 silver grade formation master and leave alive!

Even Liu Jian himself would die if he attacked our Meng family by himself! ’ ’

The Elders all nodded their heads with serious looks in their eyes, before they activated the protective formations around the Meng family ’s mansion.

The moment that Liu Mei arrived outside of the Meng ’s family ’s headquarters, both she and her mother, as well as Liu Jian and the Elders who were following behind him, saw countless layers of light completely covering the Meng family ’s mansion.

Liu Jian could feel the powerful energy fluctuations coming from these layers of light, and immediately understood that the Meng family had activated all of their protective formations.

At the same time, the doors of the Meng family ’s main entrance opened, and an old man with short white hair dressed in black robes appeared from it.

This was the Meng ’s family ’s old patriarch as well as their most powerful Heaven grade expert.

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