Looking at Shun Long, Fu Li sighed as he answered

’ ’Brother, Lu Wen really surprised me this time.

As soon as he returned back to the sect, he calmly sat to the side and watched his eldest brother and his younger brother fight for the position of the family head.

Of course, his brothers also ignored him as well after he returned, and focused on fighting covertly between themselves.

Since Lu Wen had just returned from the ’Mortal world ’, it was extremely unlikely that he would try to fight for the position of the family head with his brothers, using his own meager connections.

After all, to become the head of one of the 5 families, you need other people to support you as well, both inside your family, and outside.

Since I am the only successor of the Fu family, I actually never had to face such an issue, but Lu Wen was different.

The Elders of the Lu family had mainly split themselves into 2 battlefronts, one of them supporting Lu Wen ’s older brother, and the other supporting his younger brother.

Only a small amount of the Elders of the Lu family were actually willing to support Lu Wen.

This is why I always thought that Lu Wen was actually a real friend of mine.
Because he still wanted to get close to me, without having to gain anything in the process.

However, Lu Wen acted as if he didn ’t care about his family ’s situation, and was only interested to becoming a powerful alchemist, but in reality, he was rearing a secret army in the process.

Just when everyone thought that Lu Wen had completely given up on the position of the family head of the Lu family, more than 20 Heaven grade inner disciples suddenly joined his camp. 

The most surprising thing was, that from those inner disciples, one-third of them originally belonged to the Meng family, but they actually switched their allegiance to the Lu family.

As for the other two-thirds.
They seemed to have been loyal to Lu Wen even before he left the ’Floating Cloud city ’ to go to the ’Mortal world ’ in the past! ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes narrowed when he heard this.

He already knew that once someone advanced to the Heaven grade and became an inner disciple, they had to swear a Dao oath to follow the orders of the family that they had joined.

Even if these members had been originally ’supported ’ by Lu Wen behind the scenes in the past, after becoming inner disciples and joining the Meng family, they would have been unable to follow anyone ’s but the Meng family ’s orders!

Since 6-7 inner disciples from the Meng family had suddenly switched sides and became members of the Lu family, this could only mean one thing.

The Meng family had allowed this!

Why would the Meng family ever give up on their own inner disciples?

As Shun Long ’s train of thought continued, he instantly understood that Lu Wen seemed to have joined hands with the Meng family.

Suddenly, Shun Long ’s eyes widened as he stared at Fu Li.

He seemed to have understood what Fu Li wanted to say afterwards.

If Lu Wen had really joined hands with the Meng family and became the Lu family ’s head in the future, then things in the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ would drastically change.

After all, the Lu family was originally an ally to fatty Fu ’s, Fu family, and Lan Jinjing ’s Lan family. 

But with the Lu family switching sides, wouldn ’t that mean that the balance of power in the ’Floating Cloud city ’ would instantly switch as well?

Lu Wen was also someone who was involved in his family ’s strife, and unlike Fu Li, it was impossible for him to not know about the matter of the Dao oath.

Slowly, Shun Long ’s eyes narrowed as he thought of different possibilities.

In the past, he had thought that Lu Wen had started to get close to him in order to repay his father ’s favor of giving him a pinnacle rank 3 bronze grade cauldron.

After all, to any rank 2 bronze grade alchemist, such a cauldron was a treasure.

Even in the ’Floating Cloud city ’, pinnacle rank 3 bronze grade cauldrons were rare to find as well.

However, everything seemed to have changed after hearing Fu Li ’s words.

’ ’Lu Wen really hid himself well. ’ ’

Once he heard Shun Long ’s words, Fu Li nodded his head seriously.

At the same time, Shun Long didn ’t say anything else, but instead, he fell into deep contemplation.

Shun Long had always thought that he was good at judging people, but Lu Wen had really managed to fool him.

Although this scheme was much bigger, and Shun Long didn ’t seem to be an important part in Lu Wen ’s plans, he was still used in the end.

Raising his head to look at Fu Li, Shun Long suddenly asked curiously

’ ’What ’s the current situation of the Lu family? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Fu Li didn ’t hesitate to reveal the inner situation of the Lu family

’ ’In the past 2 years that Lu Wen returned to the sect, he consumed countless pills of the Lu family and is now already an early rank 2 Heaven grade expert…
the same level as his older brother! ’ ’

As he said the words ’rank 2 Heaven grade expert ’, the jealousy in the fatty ’s eyes wasn ’t hidden in the slightest.

After taking a deep breath, Fu Li ’s voice instantly turned solemn as he continued with his next words

’ ’With the sudden support of the Meng ’s family ’s inner disciples, many of the Elders of the Lu family that were supporting Lu Wen ’s brothers quickly joined his side instead, making the gap of power between himself and his brothers even larger than before.

Now, even the combined forces of Lu Ming and Lu Chen can ’t even compare to Lu Wen ’s own. 

Lu Wen ’s brothers were about to explode from anger when they saw the Elders of their camp quickly abandoning them one after the other, and in the end, they even temporarily stopped fighting with each other, as they both reported Lu Wen ’s actions to their grandfather.

They said that the meddling of the Meng family in their family ’s internal issues and the succession of the family head, would surely cause them some serious problems to them in the future.

Of course, if Lu Wen ’s brothers knew about this, then how could Lu Wen ’s own grandfather, the previous family head of the Lu family not notice the intervening of the Meng family?!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-huge-scheme_51813386316466006 for visiting.

However, the most surprising thing was, that Lu Wen ’s grandfather actually didn ’t do anything about this, and instead, he even aided Lu Wen ’s actions behind the scenes. ’ ’

As soon as Fu Li finished speaking, Shun Long immediately understood what was going on.

’ ’The Meng family has already joined hands with the Lu family to a certain extent. ’ ’

As this thought flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, his eyes instantly chilled.

Sending his gaze towards the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ that was right below him, Shun Long then mumbled in a cold voice

’ ’Lu Wen…
since you already tried to fool me, you can ’t blame me for what ’s about to happen! ’ ’

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