As the powerful aura of a middle rank 4 Spirit realm cultivator covered the ’Floating Cloud sect ’, both the bustling outer and the inner city instantly fell silent.

The disciples of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ all turned their heads to the sky when they felt the terrifying aura that had fallen upon the city, where a stunning scene greeted their eyes.

An otherworldly fairy in white robes descended from the sky, as she looked at the city in front of her with cold eyes.

There were no traces of warmth, love or compassion as she slowly flew towards the inner city, but only a cold indifference in her enchanting black eyes.

’ ’Se-Senior sister Liu? ’ ’

’ ’Senior sister Liu Mei? The sect master ’s daughter? Didn ’t she die in the ’Vermilion realm ’? ’ ’

’ ’I heard that rumor too…
but it seems like senior sister is alive. ’ ’

’ ’But…
isn ’t her temperament somewhat different from the past? She seems so cold… ’ ’

Although Liu Mei was a reclusive character in the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ who didn ’t show her face very often, some outer disciples immediately recognized her when they saw her face.

After all, as the daughter of the sect master and the idol of most young men in the sect, it was natural for people to remember Liu Mei after having seen her even once.

At the same time, in the inner city, Liu Jian who was chatting with Liu Changpun, suddenly shot to his feet when he felt the aura of a rank 4 Spirit realm expert covering the ’inner city ’.

Despite not knowing ’which expert ’ had arrived, there was a grim expression on his face when he felt the powerful aura looming above his head.

Looking at his son next to him, he deliberated for a while before he said

’ ’Changpun, come with me.
This will also help you learn how to deal with such situations when you become the sect master in the future. ’ ’

Liu Changpun nodded his head, before he followed behind his father, as they walked out from the house and flew towards the sky.

It wasn ’t just Liu Jian and Liu Changpun that were alarmed by this matter however, but all of the high-ranking Elders of the sect, including the Grand Elder Lan Hong who was at the rank 1 of the Spirit realm.

All of the Elders from the sect had serious expressions on their faces, as they soared in the sky to see who had come to their ’Floating Cloud sect ’.

Under the Grand Elder ’s, Lan Hong ’s lead, everyone met with the sect master before they turned their eyes towards the white-robed figure to the sky.

Suddenly, the Elders all had various expressions on their faces as they saw the young woman who was leisurely flying towards them.

Liu Jian himself was stunned, while Liu Changpun mumbled

’ ’Am I hallucinating today? ’ ’

A few moments later, Liu Mei flew past the gates of the inner city, and arrived in front of Liu Jian, Liu Changpun, and Lan Hong, as well as the rest of the Elders of the sect.

Staring at his daughter, Liu Jian had a marvelous expression on his face that changed from shock and disbelief, to anger and finally joy.

Stepping forward, he took a deep breath, before he asked in the gentlest voice that he could muster

’ ’Little Mei? Is it really you? ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s body trembled when she heard the way that Liu Jian addressed her. 

He, her strict father, the sect master of the sect, would always call her by her full name, Liu Mei.

He would never called her ’Little Mei ’, or ’Meimei ’ that her mother usually called her.

This was to remind her that although he was her father, he was also a strict figure who always had the sect ’s interest above everything else.

And yet, just now he had used the gentlest voice he could use when he spoke to her.

Even Liu Changpun would have been stunned by his father ’s behavior, if he wasn ’t already looking at his sister with his mouth hanging open.

The aura of a powerful Spirit realm expert was coming from her body.

Her aura…
was actually even more powerful than their father ’s!

What did this mean?

It meant that Liu Mei wasn ’t just a Spirit realm expert, but she was also a middle-stage one at that!

’ ’How is this possible? ’ ’

Liu Changpun meant to say this inwardly, but because of the shock that had filled his heart, he couldn ’t control his voice that ended up escaping his mouth.

Looking at Liu Mei, the so-called ’strongest genius of the sect ’ asked loudly, in a tone filled with shock and denial

’ ’How can you be a Spirit realm expert? It has been less than a year since the ’Vermilion realm ’ closed! ’ ’

Suddenly, Liu Changpun ’s eyes widened as he thought of a terrifying possibility, and looking at his sister, he pointed his finger forward before he asked in a shrieking voice

’ ’YOU! Don ’t tell me that you actually got the inheritance of the ’Vermilion realm ’! NO! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Even I, the greatest genius of the sect didn ’t manage to get the inheritance so how could YOU succeed? ’ ’

Liu Jian ’s eyes suddenly lit up as he looked at Liu Mei, and even Lan Hong and the Elders around him were looking at the daughter of the sect master with eyes filled with shock!

The inheritance of the ’Vermilion realm ’?

Right! Only this could explain Liu Mei ’s rapid advancement!

Liu Mei didn ’t answer Liu Changpun ’s question!

She didn ’t even bother glancing at her ’brother ’, and instead, she looked at Liu Jian who was staring at her as if he was looking at a rare piece of treasure.

Looking at her father ’s change in behavior, who hadn ’t even asked her what had happened to her for the past one year, countless thoughts flashed through Liu Mei ’s mind

The inheritance of the Vermilion realm? If it wasn ’t for Long-ge saving me, I would have already become a corpse under the hands of the the disciples of the ’Poison Hall ’. 

The look in Liu Mei ’s eyes soon turned cold, and looking at her father who was staring at her joyously, and was expecting her to nod her head and admit that she had indeed received the inheritance of the ’Vermilion realm ’, Liu Mei took a deep breath, and without responding to Liu Changpun ’s question, she said in a cold voice

’ ’I am here to take my mother away! ’ ’

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