After landing a few miles away from the capital of the ’Roaring Waves Kingdom ’, Shun Long had Little Silver return back inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, before he and Liu Mei walked along with his parents towards the city gates.

After paying a fee of 2 gold coins per person for a total of 8 gold coins, Shun Long and his family walked past through the city gates and entered the city.

Although the royal city of the ’Roaring Waves Kingdom ’ couldn ’t be compared to the cities of the cultivation world, it was still many times more bustling than the imperial city of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’.

The smell of fish had already filled the air of the royal capital, as many fishermen displayed their catch for the day, trying to attract the customers around them.

Looking at the scene around him, Shun Fang had a smile on his face as he said 

’ ’Although it ’s my first time in this city, it is exactly how I thought it would be! ’ ’

The reason that Shun Fang wanted to come to the ’Roaring Waves Kingdom ’, was because he had once heard, that this was one of the most bustling kingdoms in this ’world ’ and at the same time one of the most peaceful ones.

Of course, the reason behind this was that a powerful middle rank 2 Heaven grade expert was the king of this kingdom, so very few people would dare to cause trouble to this place.

Walking past the street merchants, Shun Long and his group soon arrived at the residential district of the city.

Originally, Shun Fang was planning to purchase a simple, small house, but in the end, he chose to buy a relatively big home with a large garden.

The 3.000 gold coins that Shun Fang spent for it, was like a drop in the bucket for a rich peak rank 3 bronze grade formation master.

Shun Fang ’s and Shun An ’s new house was relatively close to the center of the city, and although it wasn ’t nearly as big as their previous Shun estate, it was perfect to live a simple life.

The city guards ’ headquarters was just a few miles away from it, make its safe location the main reason that it was so expensive.

After entering inside the newly purchased home, Shun Fang looked at Shun Long who didn ’t seem to have any plans to leave just yet, and said with a gentle smile on his face

’ ’Long ’er, you don ’t have to worry about us.
Although we are no longer cultivators, we will still live our lives happily.

This is also a new start for me and your mother.

If you just stay here to watch over us, you will only cause me to feel guilt. ’ ’

Shun An nodded her head and smiled, as she held Liu Mei ’s hands, before she whispered in her ears

’ ’Little Mei, take good care of my Long ’er! ’ ’

Liu Mei had a serious expression on her face as she nodded her head in response.

Although Shun Long knew that Shun Fang was just trying to make him leave, in the end, Shun Long still nodded his head before he stepped forward and hugged his father and mother.

There was no reason to keep thinking too much about this issue.

In his heart, Shun Long had already decided to do what he could in order to find the medicinal ingredients that he needed, to restore Shun Fang ’s and Shun An ’s dantians.

It didn ’t matter if they wanted to live their lives as mortals, Shun Long still wanted to let his parents live longer, even if Shun Fang and Shun An wanted to spend their entire lives in the ’Mortal world ’.

Before he and Liu Mei left the house, Shun Long also left quite a few rank 1 healing pills behind, in case Shun Fang and Shun An needed them in the future.

Then, without another word, he and Liu Mei stealthily left the royal capital of the ’Roaring Waves Kingdom ’.

In the sky, sitting on Little Silver ’s back, Shun Long and Liu Mei took one more look at his parents ’ new home, before they soared high above the clouds.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'floating-cloud-sect'_51717945147053511 for visiting.

After taking a deep breath to change his mood, Shun Long turned around to look at Liu Mei who was hugging his back, and staring at her deep black eyes he then asked

’ ’Mei ’er, are you ready? ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s body trembled for a moment when she heard Shun Long ’s words, but her eyes quickly became focused once again, and looking at Shun Long, she nodded her head and said seriously

’ ’Long-ge, don ’t worry! I have been waiting for this for so long. ’ ’

Liu Mei had immediately understood what Shun Long meant with his question. 

It was easy to say that you are ready to personally fight with your father, but once the time came, perhaps you wouldn ’t be ready mentally to face him head-on.

After all, this was the most powerful person that Liu Mei had met until she left the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ to go to the ’Vermilion realm ’, and although she and Shun Long had seen countless powerful experts, including even powerful Dao Kings like the hall master of the ’Demon Emperor Palace ’, Duan Zhu, Liu Jian ’s shadow inside Liu Mei ’s heart hadn ’t dissipated yet.

Shun Long ’s question was akin to him asking Liu Mei, whether she wanted Shun Long to personally take care of this or not.

Seeing that Liu Mei was determined to face Liu Jian head-on, Shun Long didn ’t say anything else, and simply nodded his head, when he once again felt Liu Mei resting her head on his back.

The ’mortal island ’ soon became a black dot in the endless sea below them, and a few moments later, Shun Long and Liu Mei had already arrived in front of the barrier that divided the ’Cultivation world ’ from the ’Mortal world ’.

Little Silver tore through the barrier in front of it and effortlessly passed through it once again, before it spread its majestic silver wings and continued to fly forward.

The black panther ’s speed was extremely quick as it flew through the sky, and a few minutes later the outline of a familiar city appeared in the distance.

Little Silver however didn ’t directly barge inside the city in front of it, and instead, it hid itself in the clouds above the city, completely hiding its aura in the process.

Looking at the ’Floating Cloud city ’ below them, Shun Long continued to sit on Little Silver ’s back high above the clouds, and watched Liu Mei who had a determined look in her eyes as she looked at the city below her.

After taking a few moments to calm down her emotions and gather her strength and courage, she slowly took a step forward and descended from the sky, like an otherworldly fairy appearing in the mortal world.

And yet, at the same time, the aura of death that was coming from her body, brought a terrifying sensation to anyone who laid their eyes on her.

It was as if the thick black threads of qi coming from Liu Mei ’s body would instantly kill anyone who came in contact with them, emanating an extreme sense of danger and death.

Liu Mei ’s eyes were now staring at the ’Floating Cloud city ’ below her, and after taking a deep breath, she finally allowed her aura at the middle rank 4 of the Spirit realm to spread and cover the entire city.

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