The red-dressed woman, Wei Yi shouted when she saw her father falling on the ground, while her eyes were filled with tears when she realized what had happened.

She first turned to look at Dong Lingyuan with a look of hate in her eyes, before she turned her attention to Shun Long.

Taking out a small bronze dagger from her waist, she rushed towards him and shouted 

’ ’DIEE! ’ ’

Shun Long had a cold look in his eyes as he looked at Wei Yi who had the aura of an early-stage earth grade cultivator and was running towards him.

The fact that she was a woman or that she was in love with Dong Lingyuan and most likely was being used, didn ’t change the fact that she was also the prime reason that had caused everything in the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’ to be ruined.

An entire kingdom was destroyed, villages and cities were pillaged, and even the ’Blue Forest city ’ had turned into a city of death, where only Wei Tai ’s soldiers were present, all because of this woman in front of him.

Only the imperial city still had some survivors hiding inside their houses, but the number of dead people inside the kingdom had already exceeded half the kingdom ’s original population.

Seeing Wei Yi running at Shun Long so angrily, anger had also appeared in Liu Mei ’s face, while an azure sword had also appeared in her hands.

Shun Long however simply shook his head in response.

This was something that he was going to take care of by himself.

This was justice for his parents that only he could personally enact in front of them, to soothe the aggrieved feeling in their hearts.

Taking a step forward, Shun Long clenched his right fist tightly, before he sent a full-powered punch towards the incoming Wei Yi.

Air crackled and even the space around Shun Long ’s fist was distorted, as his fist met with Wei Yi ’s dagger head-on.

Under Wei Yi ’s, Zhu Zan ’s and Zhu Heng ’s horrified eyes, the peak rank 3 bronze grade dagger shattered into pieces after meeting that terrifying punch, before Shun Long ’s full-powered fist continued to fly towards Wei Yi ’s head.

A shower of blood covered the 4 people who were standing behind Wei Yi, as her head exploded in an instant, dying Dong Lingyuan ’s and the rest ’s robes red.

Without the slightest hint of mercy or pity in his eyes, Shun Long had killed Wei Yi, before he turned his eyes towards Dong Lingyuan.

The fear in Dong Lingyuan ’s eyes couldn ’t be concealed when he saw Shun Long walking towards him, and stepping back hurriedly he said in an anxious tone

’ ’Brother Shun, what are you trying to do? ’ ’

Taking a look around him, Dong Lingyuan ’s eyes soon landed on Zhu Zan and Zhu Heng who were slowly backing away before he said hurriedly

’ ’Right! Brother Shun, those people also helped Wei Tai when he crippled your fathe- ’ ’

Before he could finish his words, Dong Lingyuan ’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets while a feeling of despair suddenly overcame him.

Shun Long ’s hand had instantly pierced through his chest, tightly holding Dong Lingyuan ’s beating heart with his right hand.

Ignoring the terrified expression that had appeared on the third prince ’s face, Shun Long clenched his hand tightly, and a loud popping sound resounded throughout the entire palace hall, bringing endless terror to everyone who heard it.

Retracting his arm, Shun Long wiped the dripping blood on Dong Lingyuan ’s robes, before he allowed him to fall on the ground.

An expression of horror had appeared on the third prince ’s face, as his body slowly fell backwards.

Shun Long was a monster! A heartless monster without any emotions!

Turning his eyes towards Dong Weifeng, Shun Long was surprised to see that the so-called dignified king of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’ didn ’t care about his son ’s death in the slightest.

Instead, he seemed to be somewhat relieved after seeing Dong Lingyuan dying.
However, the moment he felt Shun Long ’s gaze landing on him, fear that his turn was about to come instantly overcame him.

And yet, Shun Long seemed to have ignored Dong Weifeng, as he slowly walked towards Zhu Zan and Zhu Heng.

Despair filled the 2 Heaven grade experts ’ hearts when they saw this monster in blue robes walking towards them with a serious expression on his face.

It seemed as if the deaths of Wei Yi, Dong Lingyuan and Wei Tai hadn ’t pacified him in the least.

Zhu Zan was the first one to go down on his knees, hoping that he could still change this situation as he said seriously

’ ’Let me live! I will give you everything you want!

I have 3 kingdoms!

You can become king!

No, I can help you become the king of this island! Women, gold, fame, power, everything will be yours! ’ ’

Shaking his head, Shun Long then spoke in a voice that wouldn ’t compromise no matter what Zhu Zan was willing to offer

’ ’You should have helped yourself by not getting involved in this.
If it wasn ’t for you two helping Wei Tai, how could my father and mother be crippled today?

As for women, gold, fame and power? Do I need someone like you to help me get them? ’ ’

Zhu Zan felt anger and despair rising in his heart.

He wanted to argue that since they were stronger than Shun Fang, then it was only natural for him to suffer under their hands, but he knew that this argument was useless.

Zhu Heng looked at Zhu Zan, and nodding his head, they both lunged towards Shun Long at the same time.

If they were going to die, they were at least going to make sure that Shun Long would suffer as well.

With a cold look in his eyes, Shun Long first turned his head around to look at his parents and make sure that they were watching, before he punched forward with each arm.

The 2 peak rank 1 Heaven grade experts, Zhu Zan and Zhu Heng were both sent flying at the same time, until they crashed at the wall of the palace hall and fell on the ground.

Shun Long ’s terrifying punch had completely crushed the 2 Heaven grade experts ’ chests, who lifelessly slid down on the ground, arriving in front of Dong Weifeng.

The 2 Heaven grade experts who were similar to Wei Tai in strength and influence, the kings who ruled 3 kingdoms each in the mortal world, existences that Dong Weifeng could only look up to, ended up landed in front of his feet as they died.

Involuntarily raising his head, Dong Weifeng shivered when his gaze met with Shun Long ’s cold eyes that were staring back at him.

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