Surprisingly, inside the royal dungeons, there were no guards.

Instead, it looked more like a big prison, that seemed to have no end, expanding infinitely into the darkness.

Unlike other prisons however, this one was without any cells.

Instead, there were iron chains on the walls, that were restraining the most heinous criminals of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’.

Although Shun Long wasn ’t too interested in the criminals of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’, he still knew that there were people that wouldn ’t be executed right away, and would instead be kept as prisoners in the royal dungeons until they died.

This was either because some criminals had powerful identities that even the royal family didn ’t want to clash with directly, or for other private reasons that the king, Dong Weifeng didn ’t want exposed.

As he and Zeng Cui headed deeper inside the dungeon, Shun Long noticed that most chains were only restraining skeletons instead of living humans.

Of course, Shun Long also noticed men, women, and even children trapped as he walked deeper inside.

All of them seemed malnourished, as if they weren ’t even being fed once every 3 days, and yet, despite their bony limbs, they were still alive and suffering in this inhuman prison.

The smell of feces attacked Shun Long ’s senses as he headed in deeper inside, while some people even opened their eyes and begged for help.

Shun Long however didn ’t stop to help any of them, and instead, he kept walking deeper inside the dungeons, while the bad premonition in his heart was slowly becoming even more intense.

Finally, after 10 more minutes of walking, Shun Long arrived at the end of a corridor and stood in front of a large metallic door.

Looking at the door in front of her Zeng Cui had an expressionless look on her face before she spoke in an uncaring tone

’ ’Enter inside if you want to see your parents. ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t hesitate in the slightest, and despite the uncomfortable feeling in his heart that was becoming even more intense as he approached the metallic door in front of him, under Zeng Cui ’s shocked eyes, Shun Long forcefully tore the door open with his left hand before he entered inside.

The 3m(10ft) metallic door had turned into an unrecognizable lump of metal that fell on the ground with a thump, instantly waking up the people behind it.

It was a small room around 50 square meters, but more than 20 people were chained on the wall.

Shun Long ’s body had suddenly started to tremble as his eyes fell on a middle-aged man and a woman who were shackled by the black chains, while his grip on Zeng Cui ’s neck involuntarily loosened up.

Little Black ’s eyes inside the ’Stone of Time ’ also chilled, and understood that his conjecture before they entered this place was actually right.

The middle-aged man had a haggard expression on his face, and yet his body was still standing tall with his back straight, despite the countless wounds on his body.

Whip marks filled his body and even his face seemed to have been hurt, but the most serious one was a wound that hadn ’t stop bleeding even until now.

It was a wound on his abdomen that seemed to have come from a punch or kick, completely dying his clothes red with his blood.

Next to this man was a beautiful middle-aged woman, whose body was also filled with blood from head to toe.

Although her body wasn ’t as badly hurt as the middle-aged man ’s next to her, she was also filled with whip marks as well, while in her abdomen was a similar wound that was still flowing with blood.

Shun Long ’s eyes had already turned red when he saw his parents ’ conditions before he hurriedly stepped forward.

The grip he had on Zeng Cui ’s neck instantly hardened, as he violently crushed her throat before he angrily threw her body to the side.

Destroying the chains that were binding Shun Fang and Shun An, he grabbed both of their bodies and supported them from falling on the ground.

At the same time that the chains that were shackling his body disappeared, Shun Fang seemed to have opened his eyes while an expression of disbelief filled his face when he saw his son supporting him.

’ ’Father…
don ’t worry, it will be alright! ’ ’

For the first time in his life, Shun Fang actually cried when he heard these words.

The emotions that had been suppressed in his heart for the past few days finally burst out when he heard his son ’s comforting words, as warm tears flowed through his eyes without stop, wetting Shun Long ’s robes.

The dignified formation master, a man who had cultivated all the way to the Heaven grade after so many years…
had his cultivation destroyed and suffered endless torture and humiliation in the last few days.

Despite having his cultivation destroyed and essentially being crippled, the only sound that he made during the time of his imprisonment was only when Shun An was about to be tortured.

He would taunt the guards and accept most of the torture in her stead, losing his flesh and blood in the process.

And yet, during this time, Shun Fang didn ’t make a single sound of protest, neither did he plead nor beg.


At the same time, Shun Long let out a powerful roar filled with limitless anger, indignation and killing intent, when he saw his parents ’ condition.

Shun An was still unconscious and just like Shun Fang ’s her cultivation was also destroyed.

The rest of the prisoners inside the room were shocked when they heard Shun Long ’s angry roar and felt his terrifying aura, but seeing him rescue Shun Fang and Shun An, their eyes lit up with the flames of hope.

Shun Long ’s roar was so powerful, that it didn ’t just shake the royal dungeon, but the entire royal palace itself had started to tremble.

Endless killing intent was coming from his body, and he even regretted killing Zeng Cui that quickly.

Ignoring the begging gazes of the prisoners around him, Shun Long slashed the air in front of him with his right hand, opening a space tear, before his body, as well as Shun Fang ’s and Shun An ’s disappeared in a flash, as they appeared back at the entrance of the royal dungeons.

Looking at the 2 guards that he had previously trapped inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ to enter the dungeon, this time, Shun Long didn ’t hesitate to destroy them, exploding their heads with a single punch each, causing their now lifeless bodies to slump on the ground.

Looking around him, Shun Long soon found an empty room inside the palace and entered inside.

He gently placed Shun An on the large bed, before he fed his father and mother with a high-grade rank 1 healing pill each.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-and-shun-an's-situation_51651521347110692 for visiting.

Originally, Shun Long was planning to give them a top-grade ’Sun-healing pill ’, but with their cultivations destroyed, neither Shun Fang ’s body nor Shun An ’s would be able to handle the energy inside the rank 4 pill.

The external wounds on Shun Fang ’s and Shun An ’s body started to slowly disappear at a speed visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Despite his body still being full of injuries, Shun Fang had a gratified smile on his face as he looked at his son in front of him.

Looking at the wounds on Shun Fang ’s body, Shun Long tried to calm himself down, before he said a moment later

’ ’Father, tell me who did this to you! ’ ’

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