Shun Long ’s eyes landed on the trembling king of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’, who had now stood up and was slowly backing away, before Shun Long suddenly disappeared on the spot.

Wei Tai, Zhu Zan and the other middle-aged man next to him, all hurriedly stood up, before they turned their eyes towards their left, where Shun Long was now standing in front of the trembling Weifeng with an ice-cold look in his eyes.

Looking at the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’s ’ king in front of him, Shun Long then spoke in a voice that barely suppressed his killing intent from exploding out of his body

’ ’Where is my father and mother? ’ ’

Dong Weifeng ’s face visibly paled, but when he tried to take a step back, he suddenly felt that his neck was being grabbed by an iron grip.

Shun Long ’s left hand that was still fresh with the blood of the bronze-armored guards that he had killed on the way to the main hall, was now holding the king ’s neck and was just a step away from snapping it.

Looking at Shun Long ’s ice-cold eyes, Dong Weifeng felt like he was looking at the abyss of death itself, as a feeling of terror had already permeated his heart.

Shun Long saw that Dong Weifeng wanted to speak, but Dong Lingyuan ’s voice from his left sounded first, a voice filled with endless fury and indignation

’ ’HOW DARE YOU?? ’ ’

Seeing that Shun Long didn ’t even turn his head to the side to look at him, but was instead still staring at his father with his left hand still on the king ’s neck, anger, as well as the feeling of being ignored made the third prince, Dong Lingyuan take a step forward, and as he pointed Shun Long at his face the young man said arrogantly

’ ’Your name is Shun Long right? Shun Fang ’s previously crippled son…

I have already heard about you.
You think that being a member of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ allows you to treat my father with such disrespect? Who do you think you are? ’ ’

Shun Long tried to suppress the annoyance he was feeling, and turned his head to the side to look at the young man with blonde hair who had a mocking look in his eyes as he looked at him.

Seeing that he had finally attracted Shun Long ’s attention, Dong Lingyuan turned around to look at the old man behind him, before he said in a proud tone

’ ’This is senior Wei Tai, a powerful Heaven grade expert! Even in your ’Floating Cloud sect ’, Heaven grade experts are inner disciples or Elders, aren ’t they? Quickly pay your respects to senior and apologize! ’ ’

The third prince, Dong Lingyuan who was already an early earth grade expert had already noticed that Shun Long was much stronger than him by how easily he held the king, Dong Weifeng in the air by his neck.

By introducing both Wei Tai, as well as asking Shun Long to pay his respects to him, he was trying to have the old man deal with Shun Long personally.

After all, this was the ’Way of the King ’.
If you can ’t do something by yourself, have others do it for you!

Shun Long barely spared an indifferent glance at Wei Tai and the 2 middle-aged men next to him, before his eyes were once again focused on Dong Weifeng in front of him.

With a look that was about to kill him if he didn ’t answer truthfully, Shun Long tightened the grip on the king ’s neck before he spoke in a voice that no longer suppressed his anger and impatience


Shun Long ’s voice boomed throughout the main hall of the palace, causing everyone inside to immediately step away from him.

Even Wei Tai, Zhu Zan and the other middle-aged man next to him were shocked to realize that they were forced to step back as well!

This wasn ’t caused by Shun Long ’s cultivation, but by the natural aura that was coming from his body. 

Blood slowly trickled from Dong Weifeng ’s nose, and with a look of fear on his face, he trembled a few times, but he didn ’t dare to answer Shun Long ’s question.

Instead, his eyes fell on the old man Wei Tai behind Shun Long.

Dong Weifeng knew, that as long as he answered Shun Long ’s question, Shun Long wouldn ’t hesitate to clench his hand and snap his neck in an instant, robbing him of his life.

Seeing Dong Weifeng ’s line of sight, Shun Long ’s eyes finally fell on the old man Wei Tai who was looking at him with a smile on his face.

Wei Tai didn ’t seem angry that Shun Long hadn ’t let go of Dong Weifeng yet, as if the king ’s life had nothing to do with him.

Instead, Wei Tai looked back at the blue-robed young man who seemed to be anxious to know what had happened to his parents, and with a light-hearted tone he then spoke in a seemingly amiable tone

’ ’Young man, it ’s always good to be humble when you talk to your seniors.

as for that Heaven grade expert called Shun Fang and his wife, although they were my enemies, I can still compensate you personally for what has happened. ’ ’

As soon as Wei Tai finished speaking, his daughter, the red-dressed young woman named Wei Yi, Dong Weifeng, Dong Lingyuan, as well as Dong Lingyuan ’s mother, were all stunned when they heard his words.

Wei Tai was looking to compromise with Shun Long instead of killing him? The arrogant tyrant who had over 6 kingdoms under his rule was trying to compromise?

However, Zhu Zan and the other middle-aged man who were next to Wei Tai both had serious looks on their faces as they stared at Shun Long.

Although they didn ’t know how strong the young man in front of them was, since they couldn ’t feel the slightest bit of aura coming from his body, since they had already seen Shun Long ’s speed when he entered inside the hall and lifted up Dong Weifeng, solemn looks had appeared inside their eyes.

They knew that if they had to fight, even with Wei Tai and themselves teaming up against Shun Long, it was certainly going to be a difficult fight.

Additionally, there was also a gorgeous young woman at the entrance of the hall, whose aura was unfathomable as well.

Indeed, Wei Tai ’s decision to compensate Shun Long was the best choice.

As soon as he finished his words, Wei Tai didn ’t wait for Shun Long ’s answer, and waving his right hand, 1000 low-grade spirit stones appeared from the spatial ring in his hand before they landed on the floor in front of him.

Wei Tai looked at Shun Long and with a serious look he said

’ ’1000 spirit stones! This is my compensation to let bygones be bygones! ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes however didn ’t even look at the 1000 low-grade spirit stones on the floor in front of the old man.

Instead, his eyes were staring intently at the brown spatial ring on Wei Tai ’s hand while an explosion seemed to have sounded inside his head.

Little Black and Little Silver inside the ’Stone of Time ’ could all feel Shun Long ’s emotions turning turbulent, before a powerful aura erupted from his body.

Shun Long ’s aura was so dense and powerful, and yet filled with so much killing intent, that it suffocated everyone inside the main hall of the palace.

Even Liu Mei felt the pressure inside the hall, and she was a powerful middle rank 4 Spirit realm necromancer.

Shun Long ’s eyes had now turned golden, while his cultivation at the middle of rank 4 of the Spirit realm exploded from his body.

His left hand allowed Dong Weifeng to fall on the floor, before he immediately disappeared on the spot.

Not even a moment had passed, when everyone ’s eyes inside the hall were filled with incredulity and shock.

In Shun Long ’s left hand was now an old, wrinkled hand that was dripping with fresh blood, while a brown spatial ring adorned its ring finger.

Shun Long destroyed the old hand, before his aura that was filled with killing intent, made everyone inside the hall tremble.

This was the spatial ring that Shun Long had filled with top-grade rank 2 ’minor advancement pills ’, with his own barrels of wine, as well as a few low-grade spirit stones, before he had personally given to Shun Fang when he had returned home.

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