Shun Long was stunned after hearing Little Black ’s words, while his body even trembled for a moment.

No matter what had happened, he would definitely find out after going to the palace in the imperial city of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’.

At the same time, the rest of the bronze-armored cultivators inside the Shun estate were all shocked when they saw Shun Long killing the middle-aged man.

Finally, one of them could no longer suppress his fear, and hurriedly stood up, as he tried to escape back inside the main hall.

He knew that the formations inside the main hall could probably defend even against a Heaven grade expert for a while.

The rest of the men who were kneeling on the ground followed the bronze-armored man, as they all headed back inside the main hall as well.

If the blue-robed young man in front of them had already killed their leader who was a late-stage earth grade expert, then he had no reason to spare the rest of them!

Shun Long ’s eyes chilled when he saw this, and without any hesitation, he activated the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

The invisible figure of an hourglass expanded from his body, covering both himself and the bronze-armored earth grade cultivators who were running deeper inside the Shun estate.

The flow of time inside the Shun estate had been forcefully frozen! It was a stark difference compared to the outside world.

Perhaps a gust of wind or the sounds of crickets chirping on the trees may sound in the streets, but inside the estate itself, complete silence reigned supreme.

It was almost as if the Shun estate had now turned into an entirely different world.

Only the footsteps of a young man echoed, before even sound itself was suppressed inside this world.

An illusionary purple-colored blade had appeared in the blue-robed young man ’s right hand, as he stepped closer to the frozen bronze-armored men.

Without the slightest shred of hesitation, Shun Long waved his illusionary purple-colored blade a round, as blood spurted in the air.

To Liu Mei who was watching this scene from the distance, the purple blade in Shun Long ’s hand was like the scythe of death himself.

A hole had appeared on each of these men ’s chest, as their hearts were crushed before they died one by one inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

The invisible figure of an hourglass retracted itself back inside his body, as Shun Long stopped the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ and turned his gaze towards the bodies inside his house.

Using his qi flames, he burned the men ’s bodies as well as their bronze armors until nothing remained, before he turned his eyes towards Liu Mei and Little Silver in the sky.

Shun Long didn ’t have the slightest sense of guilt when he killed these people.

Not only was it normal for cultivators who didn ’t have grudges to kill each other if there was a reason, but these people had attacked the ’Blue Forest city ’ probably killing thousands if not tens of thousands of people in the process, before they occupied the Shun estate.

Although Shun Long didn ’t know if they had anything to do with his father and mother as well, he wasn ’t planning on letting any one of them live.

The black panther instantly appeared in front of Shun Long, before Shun Long and Liu Mei both sat on its back.

Spreading its silver wings, the panther shot towards the imperial city like a bolt of silver-colored lightning that was tearing through the sky.

It took less than 20 breaths of time until Shun Long and Liu Mei arrived outside the imperial city of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’.

Standing the sky for a moment, Shun Long was stunned.

The situation outside the city was even worse than he had expected.

Just like the ’Blue Forest city ’, the corpses of soldiers had littered the imperial city ’s surroundings, but the situation was even worse than the ’Blue Forest city ’s ’.

The corpses in the imperial city seemed to have numbered in the hundreds of thousands, while blood had dyed the previously brown soil into a reddish-brown color.

The scent of copper filled the air, while the nauseating smell of some rotting corpses had already attracted animals and magic beasts alike.

The citizens inside the imperial city seemed to have been huddled inside their homes, unwilling to come out no matter what they heard, while corpses of the imperial soldiers had also filled the city ’s streets.

It was a bloodbath filled with the fresh blood from the army of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’.

Shun Long however calmly walked towards the imperial palace ’s direction, despite the corpses around him that had filled the streets.

A few moments later, the outline of the imperial palace had already appeared in the distance, until Shun Long finally heard shouts from the palace walls

’ ’STOP! ’ ’


Turning his eyes, Shun Long was surprised to see a pair of guards wearing the armor of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’.

He had already assumed that the imperial palace had already been conquered by the people in the bronze-armors, but it seemed that this wasn ’t the case.

Despite being surprised, Shun Long didn ’t stop to question the guards.

He knew that they wouldn ’t be able to explain anything anyway, and activating the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ once again, he completely froze time around him as he kept walking towards the palace ’s entrance.

As soon as he arrived in front of the palace gates however, Shun Long finally stopped walking and raised his head.

Right above the palace gates, 2 n.a.k.e.d bodies were hanging, obviously having struggled before they were humiliated.

It was the corpse of a middle-aged woman with a good body figure who seemed to have died only recently, as well as a handsome young man ’s with long black hair who had a terrified expression on his face.

Although Shun Long had never seen the middle-aged woman before, he had seen the young man once in the past, during the ’Floating Cloud sect ’s ’ test in the imperial palace 2 years ago, and immediately recognized him.

He was the crown prince of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’, Dong Lingxin.

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